” … your theology is wrong ” A 90 Minute Encounter With Yeshua Jesus Reveals Error In The Timing Of The Rapture – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Can you imagine Yeshua Jesus sitting at your bedside walking you through scripture because your theology is wrong? 

Can you imagine a teaching that lasts 90 minutes? 

Being taught by Yeshua Jesus himself? 

This is exactly what happened to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, when he got of all the topics out there wrong- the timing of the rapture!  The most contested, hot tempered topic in Christianity today.

At the USA Prophetic Convention 2019 held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, ( session 11 ), Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj tells of an encounter that he had with Yeshua Jesus that forever changed his outlook on the timing of the events in the days head. 

It all started in an encounter with the Lord Yeshua who proclaimed to him that the time for the “beginning of sorrows” Matthew chapter 24, verse 8, is about to be fulfilled. 

Sadhu was confused, as most of us are taught,… that the rapture takes place first and that we are to escape the coming persecution. 

Check out notes from the transcript:

Notes From The Video: Starting at 1:52


Nominal Christians, as well as all those who claim to be remnant Christians. You’re not prepared. The reason why we are not prepared is because we have been wrongly taught that before before all this persecution, martyrdom takes place, we will be raptured.

So, its all inside us, an escapees theology, a mentality, that not to worry about all this, ….before the mark of the beast comes will be rapture. (jokingly)

Before the persecution comes before the Antichrist comes, we’ll all be raptured. (jokingly) So we need not worry about all that.

You know, that theology is absolutely wrong.

I started my ministry in the 80s, under all the old Pentecostal teaching. The old Pentecostal teaches all of this.  I grew up under that. I was also preaching that: – the rapture, comes first and then followed by all the other things. 

In the year 2006, the last week of the month of May, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared before me. He said, – The time has come for some of our Matthew chapter 24, verse 8, to be fulfilled.

I looked at my Bible, and he says,

These are the beginnings of sorrows.

I wondered what that word literally meant, beginnings of sorrows?

I asked the Lord Jesus, then He explained to me – that all this persecution are going to come one after another.

I told the Lord Jesus, – but we need not worry about all this, because the rapture will come and will all be caught away. The most important factor,- isn’t it?  – that we should get ready for the Rapture?

The Lord Jesus looked at me, He said, all you guys are wrong, All your theology is wrong.

Then for the next 90 minutes, He sat by my bed, through the book of Revelation, explaining clearly how the events will take place, that before the Rapture, this persecution will begin, the mark of the beast will be introduced.

The whole world will be tried, the whole world will be forced to make a decision concerning their allegiance, – to who.   To the one true living God, Jehovah, or to – to so called self proclaimed God, antichrist.

This will be the challenge that will be before us.

A global persecution resulting in martyrdom is coming all over the world, not just in one nation, or two nation. So all over the world, including the United States of America. That includes everybody.

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