John Burton

In the midst of pacing and praying, one of the other leaders called me over. He said, “John, go walk through the baptismal.” I was perplexed and asked why. He encouraged me to just do it. The baptismal was empty and positioned behind the platform. While praying in the Spirit, I walked down into the vessel designed for introducing people into a life-altering eternity with Jesus. I gagged. I felt sick. The swirl of demons in that very spot was so overwhelming that I was shocked. Slowly, I walked through, praying and attempting to analyze what was happening in the invisible realm. I emerged on the other side and approached my friend. With my eyes wide open and shock on my face, I said, “What in the world was that?” He smiled (not a happy smile, but one that indicated bewilderment) and said, “I told you something was going on there.”

We didn’t share the experience with anybody there but simply prayed and took authority.

Shortly after that night, it was discovered that the worship leader of that church had been involved in homosexual relationships.

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  1. The church many times no longer preaches the word of God. If you don’t know the word of God, you don’t know what sin is. If you don’t know what sin is, you can’t repent.

    • Nathan just put up part 6 of the chronicles on his site. Haven’t read it yet ; going to now. .. Nevermind. Was a link to a Youtube vid he just put up.

        • I will have to check it out. It seems like so many churches are embracing Homosexuality… Many more churches are not talking about it, and just allowing it to happen. We tend to shine the spotlight on that sin…yet in the church we have people living and sleeping together before marriage. There are all sorts of sin that are just being ignored.

          • I don’t know why Churches are allowing things like that. If there is something like that at my Congregation the leaders take the person aside privately and talk to them.

          • Sadly in many of these churches it is the leadership that is compromised. Time and time again, its the leadership that is in sin….and then it is spread into the congregation.

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