A Message To The Christian ChurchA Message From Rebecca Sterling 

For my beloved family, be grateful for every day you have a job or clean water. Give up all luxuries – now. Get rid of the TV, hobbies, and other diversions. Learn how to make a nice life with less. Find a way to enjoy studying the Word, or get a second job to accumulate some money. Start thinking “what if in the morning when I wake up, there is no electricity.” Because it is coming.

I don’t think this is an empty rant. I pray for you, and for the message to get out. I cry over every set-back. I don’t want ANYONE to ‘perish’. Yes, they and we will most likely all die before we expect, but I don’t want them to be shocked and turn away from Father’s Love.

There are miracles waiting. Why don’t the preachers tell us how to get ready? Why don’t the wealthy TV evangelists tell you the Truth that they already have their safe place? All of them have known this was coming and prepared! All the wealthy and powerful people have their bunkers and/or their 2nd homes outside the US. But they let you believe that this is just an inconvenient phase until we go to ‘heaven’ That is WRONG and a lie.

Each of us need to start practicing SPIRITUAL WARFARE. If you can’t cope today, when it is all just a hint of what is coming – how do you plan to be an overcomer when things are BAD?

No one has a reason to complain. If you are out of sugar, be thankful you have honey. Do you understand my clumsy words? Start imagining living without. Start imagining a life of LACK. Of course others will be angry; but we are to be examples to them.

And add to that most people get mean. Add to that the government is no longer your friend. Add to that the media tells us lies – purposefully – to control us. Add to that most jobs will stop. Study the ‘Great Depression’ this one will be worse and not end. Every day that goes by is one day closer to poverty, one day closer to Wormwood.

You (we) will not be just ‘normal broke’, but when the S.S. and welfare checks stop, and there are not more food stamps, violence will be everywhere. Imagine seeing people killed for a loaf of bread. Then imagine your life a month later – and if you think you can survive and praise our Maker, imagine someone you love has suffered and died and you are out of food and your car is repossessed. You are moving to a tent or a shopping cart. Are you still an overcomer?

This is precisely what was predicted throughout the Scriptures, people are acting like they have plenty of time to understand and prepare and cope. They don’t. You, my beloved family – don’t. For the next few years until it is over, you are going to live in a war zone – all the power players know and have prepared and they let you sleep – they hid the information about the ‘Wormwood/Nibiru’ and fluoride in the water and chemicals in the food, vaccinations and GMOs and chemtrails and the real reason we are at war all the time and 9/11 being an inside job and congress being on the same side – take the money and run…billions of bullets to use against you if you don’t die quietly enough, and BHO not being a citizen with a photo-shopped birth certificate and past.

I won’t go on with more examples. Even the smartest and best informed of us is in trouble. You are waking up late, in a foreign land, without directions, and being lulled with entertainment, so that you will die quietly in ignorance.

We are going in to the Spiritual Olympics where real people suffer and die – this is not neighborhood sand lot games. This is just the start of the ‘labor pains’. I want y’all prepared. Practiced. Ready. Strong. Having the ‘inside track’ and a Child of the King.

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  1. I’m very concerned about Rebecca Sterling. She came out of nowhere, appearing on the Rick Wiles program, and quickly gained a following of people who subscribe to nearly every word she says or posts on her facebook page or group. It appears to be cultish, with members of her group viciously defending and attacking any naysayers, when anyone questions or expresses any form of a dissenting opinion about who Rebecca is, or her vision.

    A few of the group members have now taken to teaching new people entering the group that they shouldn’t use the name of “Jesus”, and that Jesus “won’t hear you” because that is not his real name, and they are insisting that you call Him the Hebraic name “Yahshua”. The members are also stating that everyone else’s religions are wrong, and that their beliefs, which are steeped in Hebrew Roots is the correct belief system. Hebrew roots has not been around that long, and it is also believed to be a cult movement.

    One of the family members in Rebecca’s vision, “Mary Beth” has contacted Rebecca and asked her to stop using her real name and referring to her any way, but Rebecca saw this as rude and couldn’t understand why this woman was upset with her, and has had to continually ask Rebecca to cease and desist from using her real name in any interviews. To note, “Mary Beth” doesn’t know Rebecca and has never met with her before.

    Rebecca’s group and her followers, like many dangerous cults, subscribes to the end times apocalyptic doom scenario, informing it’s members that within two years everyone is going to be dead, or in camps subjected to torture or death by guillotine. The group subsists on pushing end times doom on it’s members, and seems to keep some of the people stirred up with anxiety and worry. Some people in the group state that they “can’t sleep” or that they “Can’t leave the group page” because they “feel afraid”.

    I think that further investigation is warranted here, into Rebecca’s background and what her intentions are. She has claimed to produce a diorama which displays models she says are of our president and his family, including other people or scenes from her vision. She will tell people that she doesn’t want any money for her documentary, but she continues to ask the people in her group to send her money so that she can complete her diorama and documentary.

    Another disturbing trend of hers is, she continues to withhold information from her vision and has promised to tell it repeatedly, keeping her followers on tenterhooks. When people ask her, she gives a canned response that she will tell when “Father tells her it’s time”. She riled up her base a week ago by stating she was going to “tell all” on John the Baptist’s blog talk radio show, but something happened where it didn’t work out and John pulled the entire show down, and Rebecca claimed she couldn’t do her “Tell all”. She changed her mind and told her followers that she will now “tell it in the documentary”. My concern is, how much longer is she going to string people along for this information? And, is she purposefully keeping it for the documentary in order to sell this vision to people who are starved for her information? In reading her page, you can see that various people are always asking her to tell them what the rest of her tale is, or who the anti Christ is…. but she continues to drag it on. Recently she told a questioner, to not worry about it what’s in her vision and to prepare for what is coming anyway. I now suspect that Rebecca is lying or playing a salesman’s game with innocent people.

    Over the decades, I have witnessed people like Rebecca who takes advantage of others in this manner, by elevating herself into a position of power by proclaiming she has special knowledge and information and strings people along and manipulates them. She continues to manipulate people by changing her stories and dates, she cannot keep up with what she tells people either. She will say one thing, then the next month the story will change. This is typical of a habitual liar and a person who is borderline personality disordered.

    She has been convincing some people that if they stay in the U.S. “Mystery Babylon”, then they will die. I find that this is starting to become dangerous, and Sterling needs to be investigated for fraud. Her living in another country makes it all too convenient for this woman to thrive off of the attention she receives, and continue this game.

  2. The Trunews interview, where Rick Wiles interrupts Rebecca repeatedly ,even if she had a clear message he side tracked her so much
    during the interview that made the entire thing see off. Rebecca might of well just stated, who the “anti- christ” is …like what is the big secret? If we are dying like what is the big deal! She is not the only out that is having dreams, visions, and many people can just sense we are on the verge of something historical.. I’ve heard many Christian Pastor’s stand up and say some of some of most shocking things lately! They are simply getting there congregations ready, and revealing to the congregation , what God has revealed to them. One Christian Pastor even went as far to say ” that the fear of death has got to go.” and he talked about how the majority of us have live out most of our lives! Have you ever heard that in church ever in your life?? And he isn’t the only one that is getting the people prepared for what is to come …. for, me when I see several known Christian pastor’s stand up and say get ready for God’s judgment and then go on to explain what that is going to look like, well they have my full attention I believe that they are doing their jobs and preparing people for what is to come. Even Billy Graham had warned us.

  3. Just want to share some facts that you can chose to ignore or believe, Not everyone is out to achieve notoriety-and believe me if God put on her heart to warn us it’s because he wants us to hear her message of his return and how to get prepared–She is not getting paid to share this message -what real good would it do her to show and explain all she’s uncovered just to be proven wrong-she is not the only one God chose to warn us -even i got a vision 6 years ago about America was no longer FREE- I saw myself being continually watched with rifles drawn on us at all times -we seemed to be like in a triage setting on the worlds largest tarmac-and after reviewing my vision i began to think all of what’s left of us American’s were being rounded up and placed at tarmac’s all over the world, till they decide to kill us -or hold us prisoner- I never shared that vision at the time– or would i ever believe that such a thing could happen in America–But i can tell you this now- -when there is a message that needs to reach us from God, he is depending on us to trust the messenger-and that’s what i chose to do-when scrolling up and down this page and reading these comments -you can surely tell the ones that Satan has roped in- just by the fear and the distrust -Rebecca is by far NOT the First messenger -And for a reason -God has placed his trust in many– so very many to get the word out -I can tell you this -1. Obama is America’s Last president 2. Obama’s never leave’s office 3.Obama’s Plan in order 1. provokes civil unrest 2. enact’s martial law 3. suspend’s constitution 4.suspend’s 2016 elections 5. extend’s term indefinitely.6. DHS Whistle blower will stage riots as justification for martial law 7.The Elite are trying to bankrupt Russia that will take a little over 6 months -and it will begin the start of WW 3 -Russian spies have found out where America’s most powerful nuclear plants are –then Cuba and more countries will bombard heavily on our nuclear plants leaving America like a 3rd world country-The war will last 5 years–8. Magnetic electric pulse EMP–over Kansas will take out electronics permanently 9. California-Florida-New York -Las Vegas will not be spared God said sin has made these states like Sodom and Gomorrah & many more will soon fall-and there is no where to hide –the finale message is this -saith the Lord- Be awake-and repent with all your heart -for dark days and days of trouble are coming -so get your house in order and above all repent -repent every day -cause we shall behold him –and every knee shall bow —face to face in all his Glory

    • Now who is from satan? You or anyone lose givin this false prophecies? Now we are in 2016 and Obama will go and you and your friend will finally will be put to shame!

    • She is getting paid and have asked money as contributions to get paid for these prophesy you moroon

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