Rebecca Sterling Encourages Us To Start Living On Less NOW

A Message To The Christian ChurchA Message From Rebecca Sterling 

For my beloved family, be grateful for every day you have a job or clean water. Give up all luxuries – now. Get rid of the TV, hobbies, and other diversions. Learn how to make a nice life with less. Find a way to enjoy studying the Word, or get a second job to accumulate some money. Start thinking “what if in the morning when I wake up, there is no electricity.” Because it is coming.

I don’t think this is an empty rant. I pray for you, and for the message to get out. I cry over every set-back. I don’t want ANYONE to ‘perish’. Yes, they and we will most likely all die before we expect, but I don’t want them to be shocked and turn away from Father’s Love.

There are miracles waiting. Why don’t the preachers tell us how to get ready? Why don’t the wealthy TV evangelists tell you the Truth that they already have their safe place? All of them have known this was coming and prepared! All the wealthy and powerful people have their bunkers and/or their 2nd homes outside the US. But they let you believe that this is just an inconvenient phase until we go to ‘heaven’ That is WRONG and a lie.

Each of us need to start practicing SPIRITUAL WARFARE. If you can’t cope today, when it is all just a hint of what is coming – how do you plan to be an overcomer when things are BAD?

No one has a reason to complain. If you are out of sugar, be thankful you have honey. Do you understand my clumsy words? Start imagining living without. Start imagining a life of LACK. Of course others will be angry; but we are to be examples to them.

And add to that most people get mean. Add to that the government is no longer your friend. Add to that the media tells us lies – purposefully – to control us. Add to that most jobs will stop. Study the ‘Great Depression’ this one will be worse and not end. Every day that goes by is one day closer to poverty, one day closer to Wormwood.

You (we) will not be just ‘normal broke’, but when the S.S. and welfare checks stop, and there are not more food stamps, violence will be everywhere. Imagine seeing people killed for a loaf of bread. Then imagine your life a month later – and if you think you can survive and praise our Maker, imagine someone you love has suffered and died and you are out of food and your car is repossessed. You are moving to a tent or a shopping cart. Are you still an overcomer?

This is precisely what was predicted throughout the Scriptures, people are acting like they have plenty of time to understand and prepare and cope. They don’t. You, my beloved family – don’t. For the next few years until it is over, you are going to live in a war zone – all the power players know and have prepared and they let you sleep – they hid the information about the ‘Wormwood/Nibiru’ and fluoride in the water and chemicals in the food, vaccinations and GMOs and chemtrails and the real reason we are at war all the time and 9/11 being an inside job and congress being on the same side – take the money and run…billions of bullets to use against you if you don’t die quietly enough, and BHO not being a citizen with a photo-shopped birth certificate and past.

I won’t go on with more examples. Even the smartest and best informed of us is in trouble. You are waking up late, in a foreign land, without directions, and being lulled with entertainment, so that you will die quietly in ignorance.

We are going in to the Spiritual Olympics where real people suffer and die – this is not neighborhood sand lot games. This is just the start of the ‘labor pains’. I want y’all prepared. Practiced. Ready. Strong. Having the ‘inside track’ and a Child of the King.

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