The Prophetic Community Is In The Process Of Being Cleaned Up – The Failed Prophecies Of The Elections

Hi Meranda

I have been reading quite a few of the prophetic dreams,words and visions on your website. I have a question for you if you don’t mind please.

There are so many prophecies on the Web by so many Christians, and all the prophets claim that they hear from the Lord. They get visions and dreams and get taken to places in the Spirit. And it happens a lot of the time, like every week or month. But so many of the prophecies differ. And they differ so much. For example it seems like many of the well-known/popular prophets believe that Trump is going to turn everything around. Apparently Kim Clement said that Trump will be president for 2 terms. This is in direct contrast to what most of the Christians have to say about it on your website. They say that things are going to get worse like fairly soon and we need to prepare and be ready (especially spiritually). I tend to believe this.

What is a Christian to think about this ? How utterly confusing is this for people who are supposed to hear from the prophets and be warned about coming events that the Lord wants them to know about. What is the truth ? Obviously many, many of these prophets are false because they contradict each other.

It is really confusing. The answer is that one must hear from the Lord and I’m trying hard to do that. How are people to know the truth. The church is fast asleep like some of the prophecies say. But the problem is that ordinary Christians don’t want to hear about prophecies because so many are not from the Lord. There are like hundreds if not thousands of prophecies on the Web.

I would like to know what you think about this. I’m battling to hear the Lord wrt what is coming and I’m so frustrated because it seems that very few prophecies can actually be trusted. And as a Christian I cannot think how Christians can give prophesies/words/dreams/visions if it isn’t from the Lord. It is much worse than just being a liar. It is misleading God’s people.

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– K


 As an avid student of Bible prophecy, I follow both your and Michael’s sites with great enthusiasm, and have read his book “The Rapture Verdict.”  Was just watching him speak at Morningside a few minutes ago. Am really interested in your study a couple of months ago regarding “Election 2016 Prophecies- Which Are Correct?”  Do you plan to write an article or somehow print those “Thus saith the Lord” prophecies which did not come to pass? I would surely like to know which prophets/prophetesses to follow and which to refrain from listening to.  May God richly reward you and Michael, your ministries, and all that you endeavor to do for Him.
Like you all, I have an interest in the gift of prophecy and believe there are true men and women hearing from God out there, its a matter of finding them. 
What I have found along the way is that there are prophets who are hearing accurately but they are hidden away.  They don’t have a youtube channel or a voice on a major platform. 
My husband was telling me that he ran into a couple of ladies recently who spend a lot of time in their prayer closets.  They hear from God and on separate occasions they were talking to Michael about what was coming around the corner.  What they had to say from a prophetic standing point were strikingly similar.  Yet they don’t talk to one another.  There are those in the body who are hearing from God, and when you know the themes of what God is speaking on, they should match up with one another if they are from one source.  
We met a family where the dad has the gift of prophecy.  He told me that he has seen some of the major themes of judgement coming like the tsunami coming to the coastlines and the asteroid prophecies.  Would you believe that most of his children also have seen these things too?  Most of his children also have seen these same things in dreams.   I believe these prophetic gifts tend to run in the family line, because it seems like often times when the parent sees open visions and prophetic dreams, its almost certain their children have it too, and may have to develop it.  In my conversations with this friend he was desperate to come across others who also have these offices but feels alone in it. 
On the other hand, I have to wonder about those prophets who have a word of knowledge every day, and are tuned into the 800+ other prophets on facebook who also can give you a word of knowledge at a moments notice.  What ever happened to praying over a word?  Or fasting for a direction?  I joined a prophetic facebook group where people were asking for a word of knowledge and within 5 minutes in this group chat many believers chimed in with a special word from God for them.  I was shocked at what I saw because there wasn’t just one instance of this, but dozens of examples and I left the group. 
There are endless prophecies that talk about all-things-great coming for this nation.  I went to one website after Donald Trump got into office and counted a page of prophecies that talked about the glory coming for the United States.   
There is a segment of believers out there who are seeking prophecy that will tickle their ears, and they won’t listen to any prophecies that talk about judgement ahead.  They just want to believe what they want to believe. 
I have noticed that any prophecies that talk about America prospering have been picked up by the major Christian outlets,….but yet on the other hand,  those same outlets won’t touch those prophecies which talk about tremendous judgement around the corner. 
So there are those who have their fingers in their ears not wanting to hear that bad times are ahead…..yet, there are believers out there who know what is coming straight ahead and are watching the prophetic circles like you and I, and want to figure out who they can trust who are telling things accurately. 
These same people are serious about having a relationship with God and a holy walk set apart for Him.  These people keep the commandments of God, and have a fear of Elohim.  They are tuned into prayer and worship and presenting the gospel to others.  They also have a respect for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
Back to your question….
Last year I put together a list of prophecies about the election.  You can find many of them here. 
I write down what I found in my search for what the prophetic voices were saying.  With this election so many prophetic voices were given words and dreams about key figures that it gave us all an opportunity to test those prophecies.
There was quite a few prophecies that were completely wrong.   There were quite a few prophecies that were wrong again and again again.   I was called out on them, and decided to wait until the inauguration.
Right after the inauguration there was a lot of chatter in the prophetic circles about the prophecies that were wrong.  It turned out MANY people had their eyes on those same prophecies. 
There was a lot of name calling, and banter going back and forth.  I collected prophecies on my website which turned out to be inaccurate…..  but there is no way I would expose those voices, and point the finger in their face.  There might be a missing element in their prophecy and I know for certain I have a lot of room to grow in to understanding this office to be the judge of these things.  They also could be completely wrong, and it is up to them to go to God and ask what went wrong.  Its not for me to publicly humiliate them.
I have a record of what people have said, so anyone can go back and see for themselves what was said. 
Those who heard Trump becoming president were:  Joanie Stahl, Kim Weir, Henry Gruver, Kat Kerr,  Vawser, Patricia Green, Rich Vera, Claire from A Still Small Voice On Youtube,  Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Veronika West,  Kevin Nugent, Sherry Gorslin, Jill Steele, BarryAllen7771 On Youtube, Pastor Saeed Abedini, Nathan Leal, Mark Taylor and TD Hale
Now here is the snag….
1.  Some of those prophetic voices above see judgement coming, and some of them see prosperity coming.  You need to test them individually to see what else they have seen, and make a judgement call on what you think is truth. 
2.   Not all the accurate prophets out there were given a prophetic word about the election.  Keep that in mind.  There are some prophets out there who have very good track records but weren’t given a word about the elections or those key figures. 
It takes a tremendous amount of work to gather up the prophecies that are out there, sift through them, and then judge what has been said with the rest of the persons ministry. 
I tell you, its a labor of love finding these people because often times those prophetic people keep a record of their words on facebook which is tremendously hard to search through. I wish more prophetic voices had a blog which anyone can look through.  With so many prophetic voices out there, those who hear from God should make it easy for people to look through their material.  Its not so easy.
Or what I have found most common is they have all their information in  youtube videos.  Who has hours to look through each and every single video?  It is very time consuming.


3.  Another thing I have discovered along the way is that dreams and prophecy from the Lord are not always so straight forward.
A prophetic voice I trust is John Paul Jackson.  He had the office of a prophet, and much of what he saw for America is starting to come to pass right now.  I hope to go through every video I can find on youtube of his and devour his teachings on dreams, and interpretation of dreams.   I might even download many of his talks because youtube is notorious for removing videos. 
In one CD interview I listened to, JP relayed a conversation he had with a man that inspired him to teach others on dreams and visions.   JP was incredibly gifted in being able to take a dream and tell you what it means.  This man asked him how he did it, and John Paul couldn’t put his process into words.  The man he was talking to was let down, and said it was a shame because once he passed on, there would be no one to hand that torch off to. 
The conversation inspired John Paul to put out the knowledge he knew relating to this office in notes and videos.  Today we no longer have him with us, and I have to wonder what was not taught, or if he was able to teach enough of it to pass on. 

If you look at the above series, you will see that often times prophetic dreams are complex.  We can completely miss the meanings of symbols and colors and the sheer amount of layers that can be given in prophetic dreams.

I contemplated after the inauguration those dreams that had to do with Obama.  What confused me was many of them spoke about a very similar event.   What I had to wonder was if when THEY SAW President Obama, were they seeing an OFFICE? (The office of a president)  Or was it very specific to the man Obama?

That is something I am putting on the shelf to contemplate and investigate.   

It is a very very serious thing to say “thus says the Lord”  and what people don’t know is if they are unsure about a prophecy (whether or not it came from God, or details that were fuzzy) they need to keep it to themselves because they can curse themselves.  It really is a life and death situation.  Saying something that is supposed to come from the Almighty is a very serious matter, and the office of a prophet is not an easy task what so ever. 

It can take tremendous courage to speak something that Elohim gave you and to have faith to do so.  SO from my vantage point, I admire this office, and I am going to press forward with trying to find those who are hearing accurately, and reporting what they heard.  Along the way, I hope to learn a lot, and I hope that those who do sit in this office can teach me what they have learned as well. 

God has a plan for each and every one of us.  We need to discover what our mission is and walk in it with boldness

Huge blessings to you all.  Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 


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  What is your take on the election prophecies?  Who do you find in your research to be accurate in the office of prophecy? Share your take in the comment box below