Prophetic Dreams Visions

A Categorized List Of Prophecies

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Oldest Prophecies


MULTIPLE Or Collective Prophecies

Prophets Who Have Seen Multiple Events

Remnant End Days Christians Prophecies


new-madrid-propheciesProphecies With Israel’s Land Divide And The New Madrid Location



God’s Hand Seen In Judgement- Dividing Israel

Israel 2 State Solution Land Divide PROPHECIES

Israel 2 State Solution Articles


asteroid-propheciesasteroid-propheciesProphecies Asteroids / Comets / Meteors

Unique Connections With Asteroids


Prophecies- Several Moons Seen In The Sky


Russian Invasion Prophecies

Other Noteable Articles With Russia And China


West Coast Invasion




America’s Judgment

Concentration Camp Prophecies

( Prophetic ) America’s Judgment- Cannibalism/ Famine

( Prophetic ) America’s Judgment- Terrorist Attacks

( Prophetic ) Missiles Hitting America


( Prophetic ) America’s Judgement – Volcano Explosions

( Prophetic ) America’s Judgment- EMP Attacks Or Attacks In General

( Prophetic ) America’s Judgment-Round Ups

( Prophetic ) America’s Judgment- Martial Law

( Prophetic ) America’s Judgement – Famine



american-propheciesProphetic Judgement For New York City



Prophetic Judgement For California

Prophecies About Parts Of The West Coast Falling Into The Ocean

Additional North West Noteworthy News

Prophetic Judgement For Texas

Prophetic Judgement For The West Coast

Two Earthquakes To Hit America


american-propheciesProphetic Judgement From God -Blood Moons



americas-judgement( Prophetic ) America’s Judgment- Tsunami Dreams / Visions

Prophetic East Coast Visions

Prophetic West Coast Tsunami Visions and Dreams

Prophetic Tsunami Dreams From Florida

Jake Ruchotke’s Prophetic TSUNAMI Dream Interviews

Walmart Dreams and Visions

presidential-prophecies-2016-20172016 /2017 Election Prophecies

2016 /2017 Election Prophecies With Trump

2016 /2017 Election Prophecies With Obama

2016 /2017 Election Prophecies With Clinton

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