2021 – US hit by 20 Separate BILLION DOLLAR Disasters

Can you see God trying to get our attention?

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  • This makes 2021 the third costliest extreme weather year ever on record
  • We saw flash floods and bomb cyclones in California
  • We saw Colorado’s most destructive ever wildfire, which tore through almost 1,100 homes and 6,000 acres (2,400 hectares), causing more than $10bn of damage.
  • 44% – 56% of the country was affected by drought during the course of 2021.
  • We saw the fourth-hottest year on record
  • A mid-February freeze in Texas which left more than 200 dead and thousands without power and running water. Damages are estimated at $24bn
  • 2021 saw tornadoes with a record-shattering 193 in December – nearly double the previous high of 97 in 2002.

This graphic comes from – US 2021 billion-dollar weather and climate disasters. NOAA