A Catalogue Of The Best Prophecy Club Videos

For more than 20 years Prophecy Club has hosted countless Christian speakers from around the country on pressing biblical topics happening to the church in our time.

Countless topics talk about false doctrine in the church, prophecy for our time, visions of the future, prayer, devotion, miracles and so much more.

Look through the catalogue which was sent in the mail this June of 2015, and visit the prophecy club to order some of the best presentations from the best Christian speakers around the country.

Visit the prophecy club at their website, Prophecy Club

Listen to their daily radio program, Audio – Prophecy Club

To get a sampling of what this ministry offers, many of the older presentations have been uploaded to Youtube.

You will find that each video presentation features speakers that present the very best information relating to the topic they have to speak on.  You will get experts that know how to operate in the gifts of the spirit, those who have seen tremendous miracles, and others who are experts in their field willing to expose things not talked about.

 Prophecy Club On Youtube:

How Jesus Sets Captives Free The Prophecy Club.

Bill Schnoebelen – The Medical Conspiracy

Chronological Order of Prophecies in the Jubilees – The Prophecy Club Full Length


Wake Up America! – Dumitru Duduman at The Prophecy Club

I Saw the Tribulation (Ken Peters, The Prophecy Club)

Former Satanist shows everyday occultism – Prophecy Club

The Secret of Solomon’s Key Revealed by Michael Hoggard – The Prophecy Club.avi

MAKE VIRAL The Destruction Of America SOON Prophecy Club 2014

Henry Gruver I Saw SUBS Attack America – The Prophecy Club

The Beast – Covenant, Mark Of The Beast Image and Abomination – David Eells – Prophecy Club

Crash of the Banks – Lindsey Williams at The Prophecy Club Radio (1 of 2)

METEOR: THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA – Stan Johnson at The Prophecy Club

Entertaining Dark Angels – Bill Schnoebelen

I Saw the Tribulation by Ken Peters at the Prophecy Club

MORE TRUTH ABOUT THE RAPTURE – Stan Johnson at The Prophecy Club

Prophecy Club Vampires and Werewolves fact or fiction – Full Length Bill Schnoebelen

Russia’s Secret Weapon To Defeat America – The Prophecy Club Full Length.avi