A Christian Woman Finds Herself Translated Into Hell For Vanity As An Answer To Prayer Of Where She Was Standing With God

This is a testimony of a Christian who finds herself translated into hell after a prayer.  What she reveals about hell is right on point of other testimonies of hell.   From what I have read from different accounts there are different areas of hell, and they all vary by degrees of punishment.

I never have believed in the “one saved always saved”  doctrine out there that you can sin and still go to heaven even if you sin willingly for a long period of time.  Yet, if you talk to many Christians out there, they don’t believe that God sends believers who once knew the truth to hell, many don’t even believe in hell.

I do believe we do need to work out our salvation like the scriptures say….and we can be assured of our salvation if we are not in open sin.  This testimony is a wake up call for every one of us to examine our lives.

Is there something that we idolize?  Before its too late, we need to get ourselves back on track with God….because there is a point where it is too late to do so.  Below is the transcript of this video taken from the youtube video.

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Hello everybody my name is Janice and I’m coming to you today with an experience that I recently had a couple of days ago and it’s very important that I share it with you because I mean it was just an answer from God.

A little bit of background information about me. I had always believed in Jesus and I’ve always you know been a Christian called myself a Christian. I went to church I got baptized when I was 18 but I still lived a you know normal life as a backsliding Christian where I would you know still give in to the desires of the flesh.

I would still drink and smoke and curse and you know do lots of things that are considered ungodly but I always had you know this belief in this idea that many of the churches are preaching nowadays the once saved always saved gospel like oh if I just commit a sin that’s okay,…. I can just repent of it later and I’ll be forgiven.

You know recently prior to this experience that I had I had felt myself really sliding off and diverting in the wrong direction you know not reading my Bible not worshiping God the way that I should be and as often I should be spending my free time…..you know indulging in other things instead of spending time with God.

I had become a lover of myself I only cared about what I looked like and you know… I wanted to get my hair done all the time, my nails done do my makeup all the time, that’s the only thing that I cared about, was you know getting new furniture and new makeup and new clothes and new shoes and I mean really turning into a materialistic person full of vanity and I mean you know the bad thing about that is that that is normal nowadays you know it’s considered normal

The Bible is not wrong where it says that a woman should not adorn herself in pearls and fancy braided hairdos and things like that everything of this world is a distraction.

Let me get into what happened to me. So I have been praying out to God you know show me a way to love you because I knew deep down inside that my heart wasn’t right. So when I least expected it one night I fell asleep and my soul traveled to another place and I mean I was in a completely different reality okay like how I’m sitting down in my chair right now and you’re sitting down wherever you are watching this video you can feel the chair that you’re sitting on you could feel your hands you can feel your hair your skin your in your body you can see out of your eyes you can interact with people you can touch things and move things around like you’re in your body.

And this is your reality that’s what I was and the reality that I was in was in hell and life in your spirit is much more real than it is in your flesh like this reality that I’m in right now is nothing compared to the heightened amount of emotions and feeling that I had in hell and in this hell that I was in it was not you know a place where you would normally think when people say the world hell it wasn’t really there wasn’t fire and demons and things like that it was it was kind of just it was just a room that I was in I mean there were other places and you know things you know around and things to do but this particular hell was for Christians who did not do their job on earth or people who knew Jesus but were lukewarm and halfway chose him and halfway chose the world.

And so you know I’m there I appeared in this place you know there’s clearly nothing I can do about it and everything starts coming to me you know my whole life is kind of like revealed to me and you know the things that I could have done to spread the gospel opportunities that I missed out people that I could have told the truth about that would have been saved.

I mean every situation where I had done something evil had done something wrong to somebody I was understanding of why I was there in hell and you know it was literally an account of all of my actions and it was completely justifiable you know what I mean and just being there I had an overwhelming amount of regret stress despair depression I mean I completely regretted everything in my life. I felt like a complete and utter failure you know what I mean to be a Christian.

And to you know what I gathered from it was that every single person that I had met in my life or any person I even came in contact with even if it was just walking into a grocery store and I see somebody’s shoes and I say oh yeah those are nice shoes but I didn’t open up a conversation about Jesus that was blood on my hands and me knowing the truth as a believer and acknowledging who Christ is but not spreading the gospel the way that I
should be that was the price of my sin that is a huge sin is to know the truth and to not share it okay because the gospel is a free gift to everybody and God gave His only Son so that we did not have to take part in the fire and that we could inherit the kingdom of God as his children because that’s not something that we were given from our birth from our birth we were born into sin and our nature is sin but there is
good news we can turn away from sin.

There’s a lot of misconception out there that you know we’re not perfect or you know we have to repent daily guess you do need to repent daily however you can’t use that as a crutch and I mean you really need to be truthful with yourself because God can see the depths of your heart he can see if you say okay I’m just going to commit this sin and I’ll repent later and you know that’s that’s not something that’s okay okay that’s that’s a sin and then that’s also a lie you’re lying to God okay and you know that is something that’s punishable by death because we can’t take advantage of Jesus what Jesus did for us was full of so much love and compassion nobody can do what Jesus did nobody could bear the weight of sin like Jesus did and for us to acknowledge that but turn away and sin every day that’s going to land you in Hellfire and that’s the complete and utter truth and a lot of people are not going to like that reality but that’s what it is

Okay here I am somebody who always thought that I love Jesus I would say I love Jesus I spoke in tongues I you know prayed in the Holy Spirit I mean like there were times where I had been in the presence of God and you know wept to tears you know in church or in my house but that was my destiny because I did not do what I was supposed to do as a Christian we’re supposed to be the light of this world I mean worship and the salt of the earth is what the Bible says and you know we have to stop sugarcoating things and really I mean this is a matter of life or death you know for your soul where we are right now this earth that we’re in this is 10 right this is so temporary

I mean when I was out of my flesh and I was in my spirit and I was in hell not even you know to be disrespectful to my family but I wasn’t thinking about I wasn’t even thinking about my own son I wasn’t even thinking about my husband and that’s not a bad thing what I was concerned about the most was I was being tormented because I left Jesus on the cross I departed from him and I betrayed him that is the worst possible thing that you could ever do and that even goes as far as loving other things more than you love Jesus you have to love Jesus with your entire being and I was loving other things even I love my own family more than I love Jesus

Okay so we really need to examine ourselves truthfully deep down inside our hearts and say do we do I really love Jesus do I love Jesus more than I love my husband or my wife do I love Jesus even more than I love my children because that’s how much you have to love Jesus it even says it in the Bible that is true and that’s honest and that was another thing that was revealed to me okay is my whole life you know I how are how are you going to love the gift rather than the giver our families our children you know our house our clothes our food our shelter everything that’s all gifts of God that’s all things that he gives us so that we don’t have to worry and we can have comfort and carry out his mission but how how can we capitalize on those things and love those things more than we love the person that actually gave them to us that’s so wrong

and you know I just was really disappointed in myself and you know to have known and understood who Jesus was but yet be afraid of what somebody would think if I shared the gospel with them or being shy or timid or not wanting to approach somebody about Jesus the Bible says do not fear the one who can kill the body which is men but fear the one who can kill body and soul which is God and that rings so true because the worst possible thing that can happen to you if you’re preaching the Word of God is that you can get killed and then what if you really are dying for Jesus you’re going to end up with him but if you live out your life in pursuit of things for yourself for vanity for another person like your spouse or your family or your friend’s boyfriend girlfriend whatever I don’t care that’s idolatry you can’t love anything more than you love Jesus and if you feel right now in your heart that you don’t truly love Jesus with all your heart

I want to say a prayer with you right now because the last place that you want to end up in is hell because you loved something else more than you loved Jesus I don’t desire for anybody to go to hell it was the worst possible thing that I could have ever experienced the agony that I was in was just extreme I mean I knew that I was never going to escape you are completely cut off from God you can’t feel his presence you can’t feel the Holy Spirit you can’t cry out for help absolutely nothing and again it’s completely justifiable you understand why you’re there and you have to just accept it when you’re in your spirit you can’t can’t lie to God you can’t have that contact you can’t even cry out to him for help the whole entire time I was there in my mind I was just hoping if there’s just some way God please please let me have another chance at my life because I won’t screw up this time and I promised him that and so I just want everybody to just close their eyes and to just calm their soul in their spirit and I want to pray in the name of Jesus Christ the person who’s watching this video whatever they’re struggling with in the name of Jesus I ask you to deliver it deliver them from it Lord and I ask you to touch them and put your hand on them Lord and enter into their heart Lord forgive them of their sins and lead them towards you and true honest love let them repent Lord truthfully and honestly we know that you can see the depths of our heart would and if you find anything evil in and I ask you to rid us of it in the name of Jesus Christ I pray amen and so

That’s all that you have to pray sometimes things like that honest prayer is what God loves and God answers that because my cry out to him was that I don’t know how to love you more Jesus I don’t know how to because I couldn’t grasp the full concept of what he did for us and what my destiny was if I didn’t start loving him with my full being so hopefully this had helped somebody and you know hopefully you share this and let other people know about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth if we don’t start living our lives like Christians because we can be perfect there’s no such thing as being a Christian but still sinning every single day there is a way to stop sinning and as Jesus Christ and you have to believe that he can help you to stop and he will there are a couple of verses in the Bible that even talk about it like whenever Jesus was led up into the mount into the onto the hillside and Satan tempted him to fall down and worship Him and he would give him all the kingdoms Jesus said stay and get behind me and a lot of people miss that next verse where it says that God sent angels to accompany him and to protect him see if you resist the devil he will flee from you just because you’re human that doesn’t give you right to sin it makes us know no different from Satan what’s the difference between a Christian who knows who Jesus is but keep sinning and the devil who knows who the son of man is who addresses Jesus by the Son of Man many times throughout the Bible but Satan keep sinning and he’ll was created for Satan God desires that none of us shall perish so please take heed to this warning this is a serious warning your soul is in danger if your life is filled with sin I pray that you stop sinning in the name of Jesus Christ and I pray that you humble your heart and call out to him for help with truth and honesty thank you so much for watching this and please share this with other people it’s so important for people to know that there is a hell and that is where your destiny is if you’re not a disciple of Jesus the only way Jesus says I am the way the truth and the light he’s the only way into the kingdom of heaven there’s no other way but him please know and understand this thank you have a good night