A Lesson In Roles- How We Share The Gospel, And How God Is Responsible To Move In People’s Hearts

1 CorintiansFrom The JESUS Film Project

Jan Schlebusch, a wonderful man of God from South Africa, is one of the tens of thousands of volunteers who have shown “JESUS,” using either 16 mm or on video.

Jan had taken a most risky step. He was about to show “JESUS” to a small group of hardened criminals in a maximum security prison in South Africa. He was alone in a room with the “toughest of the tough” – robbers, rapists and murderers. Several of them were “lifers.” Jan knew that any one of the prisoners could easily slit his throat with a knife when he dimmed the lights to show “JESUS.”

However, despite the pressure he felt, Jan was obedient. As the story unfolded many of the prisoners mocked and swore at the screen. Their language was foul and offensive. Gradually, they quieted down and became more interested in the story. Then an astounding thing happened.

During the crucifixion, several began to weep. By the time the prayer of invitation was completed, hardened criminals – EVERY ONE OF THEM – were on their knees, sobbing, asking God to forgive them, praying to invite Christ into their lives.

Shocked and amazed, Jan wasn’t sure what has just happened. He turned his head to the corner of the room…startled by the sight. Standing before him was an awesome being, 10-feet tall, robed in brilliant white…an angel. Jan said the angel’s face was obscured. He could see nothing above the angel’s shoulders. This messenger of God lifted up his hand and pointed a finger directly toward Jan: “You see, Jan, all you must do is be available and do the work.”

Instantly, the angel vanished –but not the sense of awe that was engulfing Jan. He had seen the Living God at work, pouring out His love upon those for whom He died to save. And he had witnessed the greatest miracle of all. He had seen the vilest of sinners being born from above, becoming righteous in Jesus.

“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable” Psalm 145:3