A Night Open Vision Shows A Warning Of Volcanic Activity Under Water – Brett Creamer

Brett Creamer

I was shown something weird last night on 11/18/2019.

I was lying in bed with my wife and we were talking before going to bed. I had my eyes closed and the lights were off in the room. I was listening to her, when I saw a strange small orange glow start to form. I was amazed at the color and I was wondering what I was seeing since my eyes were closed and it was dark in the room.

As I stared at it wondering what I was seeing, the orange glow began to get larger in diameter. It became blaze orange and it was so vivid. I felt like I was pulled back, away from the glow, but as I did, the glow continued to grow larger.

As I was pulled away, I took note that the orange shape did not have a defined edge; it seemed blurry. Also, the surface of the orange shape seemed to have things moving in front of it.

When I stopped being pulled away, everything became clear and I saw I was looking at the surface of water and there were fish, jellies, etc. in the water between the orange shape and the surface of the water.

The detail I was seeing amazed me and I thought this cannot be a dream as it looks so real! Then the image went away and I opened my eyes.

My initial thought was, this was some sort of volcanic activity taking place under the water and it was getting larger and about to blow. I have no other info to give, but I thought I should let you know as I was very troubled by it.

Other Notes By Brett-

I was also wondering if the vision I saw is related to the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the underwater volcanoes that are out there. I felt in my spirit that it was a volcano under water.


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