!! A Planned Attack – Submarine Fires And Sinks An Aircraft Carrier – 2012 Prophetic Dream Robert L. Williams

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Aircraft Carrier Sinking Warning Dream

Published on Dec 18, 2012

Robert L. Williams

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Aircraft Carrier Sinking Warning Dream, I got this dream on 12-10-12. Today is 12-18-12. I felt that God wanted me to get this warning dream out. So we can pray that this will not happen. This could cause a war we don’t want that. Keep our Military personal lifted up in prayer.

Today is December the 18th 2012. I have a prophetic warning for you. I got a dream back on December the 10th, of 2012. I’ve been holding on to this dream for a while and praying about it. The Lord keeps bringing this dream back up to me to get this warning out. When I saw this dream, I saw myself on a submarine. It was sitting on the ocean floor. There was an aircraft carrier that was approaching. It was very close, it was in firing range. I saw that other personnel like other officers was talking to the captain to fire at this submarine.

They were setting there to sink this aircraft carrier. The captain said “no, we will longer wait till it turns and goes down this narrow canal”. The captain said if we fire now, they will see us possibly on radar, and they would destroy the submarine. So the aircraft carrier made a right turn down this narrow canal. Then the submarine made its move. But before it fired, I woke up from the dream. I do not know what country the submarine belongs to, or the aircraft carrier. But the submarine was waiting for this aircraft carrier to approach and to go down this canal. This was a planned attack.

This is something for all of us to pray against. Because if that ever happened or occurred as possible that could bring on world war three or major conflict in whatever region this is in. There’s a lot of conflicts in the Middle East right now. So we all need to pray against this attack on this aircraft carrier.

This is just a prophetic dream. So pray against it. And if anyone else has had any kind of dreams like this in the last week or two, please put a comment on the comment section. And let me know what dreams you also had. If anything, if anybody is picking anything up on this, please let me know.


“I heard the word “Lincoln”, I saw and felt it sinking…

” Then the word “submarines” came to me. I knew they were Russian subs.”

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I could see that it was starting to sink; it was sinking. And I go a word of the name of the ship; It was a military ship and it was named after a United States President.


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“I heard of mine, the Strait of Hormuz later I heard, Abraham Lincoln. Then when I asked the Lord about Abraham Lincoln. I thought it was had some do with the person, … that actually had something to do with the USS Abraham Lincoln. This morning I got USS Nimitz” 

See the full transcript of the word given below that video on youtube.

Fire comes soon to fall upon her greatness as an enemy plots to overtake her; to plunder and to  pillage her spoils; and to scatter her people while Babylon the great’s military forces and fleet push on to commander the Persian waters to plot and scheme.  Trouble arises out the Strait of Hormuz.  An attack will pursue as they get into positions.  The ships will come under heavy fire.  The USS Abraham Lincoln, a power ship of all manners of vessels, operations and arsenal and equipment for heavy warfare will be struck with fire and attempts to destroy it will prevail.  All other ships in the vicinity will be struck as well to no avail as to avert disaster if they enter the strait with ill intentions.  I will allow it.  There is no peace.  My hand is stretched out in judgement; this  judgement is set no turning back now.  This nation is a rebellious nation steadfast in unrepentance and complacency in sin and knows no bounds thereof.  While this attack is happening and underway with much diversion in the middle east and elsewhere, your nation in folly will be surprisingly hit on its eastern forefront from forces of the north and the alliance of nations to attack her will be encompassed round about her to follow pursuit and precede to smash Babylon into pieces on all sides something wicked comes your way.

(Note- “as they enter the strait with ill intentions” matches a prophetic dream from Robert L. WIlliams Dream  )

War Will Not be Turned Back Now for it is Time- Jeff Byerly

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“America, I no longer fight for you or protect your military endeavors and conquests. You have had your way with the weaker nations of the world but that is ending. The nations you seek to control now are backed by the ones who will unseat you from your throne, oh queen of nations! Your deceitful ways have been uncovered and you will be stripped naked for all to see. Your “false flags” only fool the blind and deaf of your own nation but your enemies see the truth and they will have their way with you.

America, there is no coincidence concerning the names of the ships Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan they will suffer the same fates as their namesakes. When you see this you will know that all that I have spoken is true and that the complete destruction is coming to the once greatest nation of all. You will become lowest of all because you have turned your back on Me your first love.”

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This came up searching under the google images.  Interesting that this is what they want to have happen. 

‘Sink two US aircraft carriers’ Chinese Admiral’s chilling recipe to dominate the South China Sea

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Published on Jan 1, 2019

‘Sink two US aircraft carriers’ Chinese Admiral’s chilling recipe to dominate the South China Sea – They’re the pride of the US fleet: enormous 100,000 tonne, 333m long nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. But Beijing thinks they’re Washington’s achilles heel. Rear Admiral Lou Yuan has told an audience in Shenzhen that the ongoing disputes over the ownership of the East and South China Seas could be resolved by sinking two US super carriers. Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports Admiral Lou gave a wide-ranging speech on the state of Sino-US relations. The high-profile, hawkish military commentator reportedly declared the current trade spat was “definitely not simply friction over economics and trade,” but was instead a “prime strategic issue”.
His speech, delivered on December 20 to the 2018 Military Industry List summit, declared that China’s new and highly capable anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles were more than capable of hitting US carriers, despite them being at the centre of a ‘bubble’ of defensive escorts.
“What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” Admiral Lou declared. He said the loss of one super carrier would cost the US the lives of 5000 service men and women. Sinking two would double that toll. “We’ll see how frightened America is.” Rear Admiral Lou Yuan is deputy head of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences.
In his speech, he said there were ‘five cornerstones of the United States’ open to exploitation: their military, their money, their talent, their voting system — and their fear of adversaries.
Admiral Lou, who holds an academic military rank — not a service role — said China should “use its strength to attack the enemy’s shortcomings. Attack wherever the enemy is afraid of being hit. Wherever the enemy is weak …” It’s not the controversial commentator’s first aggressive outburst. And its part of a steadily escalating war of words between the two nations.
The United States’ enormous aircraft carriers are considered the centrepieces of its navy and highly visible embodiments of that nation’s power. At $US8.5 billion ($A12 billion) each, they’re also a huge economic investment. And questions have been growing over their continued relevance to modern warfare. As with the ‘gunboat diplomacy’ of huge armoured and heavily gunned battleships before World War II, some military analysts technological advances have made these ships obsolete. Once, aircraft carriers were able to project military might (through their aircraft) while unseen and outside the reach of defences. Now, with modern satellite and over-the-horizon radar systems, they can no longer rely upon being unseen. And land-based missiles potentially out-reach their aircraft — forcing carriers to move into ‘danger zones’ before they can be effective. But heavily networked radars, decoys and antimissile systems aboard the aircraft carriers themselves and their escorts are believed capable of warding off attacks from current-generation missiles. However, both China and Russia have claimed they are rapidly bringing into service a new generation of hypersonic weapons which simply move too fast to counteract.