A Prophetic Vision Of Civil War And Unrest In America – Marvin Craion

Marvin Craion

While in prayer today (Nov.11 2016) I saw a picture of the Lincoln monument and President Lincoln from a distance.

In front of my view was, what I first thought were silhouettes of weeds like Johnson grass sticking up. But, as I move closer I could see that it was silhouettes of soldiers with bayonets.

Interpretation: The Monument and President Lincoln represented a time of great civil unrest that led to civil war.

The soldiers I saw were all silhouettes.. This is satan using shadowy figures those in the dark that will try to bring this about.

This ties with the Word I received on yesterday that I will release when prompted.

It’s also interesting that I would receive this on Veteran’s Day and today’s date being 11-11 The number eleven in the bible is important in that it can symbolize disorder, chaos and judgment.

Father, we thank you that you forever watching over us only with only our best interest in mind. Your love for us is beyond our comprehension. There is none like you! Full of Mercy, full of Grace, full of Love. We pray for and is thankful for all those that have served in the military selflessly. Amen

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