A Prophetic Vision Of Food Stamp Programs Being Removed Over Time – 2014 Marvin Craion

Marvin Craion

October 9, 2017 ·

In 2014 I was shown in a prophetic dream 3 single food stamp coupons in which the ink on the coupons was gradually fading until it was almost non existence.

Since then, there has been several cuts to the program and today this! But, also the economy is going to take a downward spiral. It will be as if someone turn a page to a new chapter in a book, we will go from bad to worst suddenly.

Food stamps

Marvin Craion

John paul JacksonJohn Paul Jackson came out with a series of prophetic newspaper headlines. In those headlines, he reveals that a 30 day martial law takes place, and on top of that, another 30 days are extended. He is another prophet that sees Chicago, a common city that is mentioned in many prophecies.

  • Washington DC Riots continue (John Paul Jackson)
  • Chicago up in Arms – Death Toll Mounts (John Paul Jackson)
  • Martial Law to be extended for 30 More Days

Perry StonePerry Stone -Economic Crash Riots In America

In May of 2008, Perry Stone said he received (a vision or a dream?) when he was at Pigeon Port Tennessee. He was standing at a river looking at 180 degrees. He counted at least 5 major cities. They were cities in the United States. There had been rioting and fighting inside certain sections of the poorer areas of the ethnic groups of these areas. He says they were burning the cities down. (This is NOT word for word, but summarized) www.youtube.com

David WilkersonDavid Wilkerson was known to be a man who heard from God. In a 2009 prophecy he saw thousands of fires roar across New York. He even makes a mention to government cut backs.

Thirty days of chastisement will fall on New York City( David Wilkerson 1992 Talks About Los Angeles And New York On Fire)

So he also noticed this period of time would be 30 days, and John Paul said another 30 days were added.

David Wilkerson Prophecy 2009- Riots Across America Accompanied With Fires :

For ten years I have been warning about a thousand fires coming to New York City. It will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities all across America will experience riots and blazing fires such as we saw in Watts, Los Angeles, years ago in August, 1965. There will be riots and fires in cities worldwide. There will be looting — including Times Square, New York City. What we are experiencing now is not a recession, not even a depression. We are under God’s wrath”

Here is another version of the prophecy From David Wilkerson’s Newsletter Oct. 8, 2001 “A Prophetic Warning to New York City”where he quoted a prophecy from his Sept. 7, 1992 Newsletter

“I have had recurring visions of over 1,000 fires burning at one time here in New York city. I am convinced RACE RIOTS WILL SOON EXPLODE! New York City is right now a powder keg-ready to blow!…federal and State Welfare cutbacks will be the spark that ignites the fuse. NEXT YEAR, New York City could have over 100,000 angry men on the streets, enraged because they have been cut off from benefits….Federal troops will have to move in to restore order. New York City will have tanks running down its avenues.…Churches will be closed for a season because it will be too dangerous to travel about. Fires will rage everywhere. “

David Wilkerson’s Racial Riots In NYC Resulting From Welfare Cut Backs

Perry makes a mention in the video above of David Wilkerson’s prophecy in Sept 7th 1992 recorded in “Set the trumpet to your mouth“. David Wilkerson saw in a vision of a thousand fires burning at one time in New York city. He was convinced race riots would explode. Federal and state welfare cut backs would be the spark to this. He mentions that these people who take the streets will be the ones who have been cut off from government benefits.

Martial Law

John Paul Jackson Says Riots Are Coming To The United States , Martial Law Declared In Six Cities – “riots in the streets are coming, and if we are not careful, shortly after the next election, the anger will mount so much that we will end up having martial law declared. There are six cities in the United States, and there may be more than 6, but I have seen 6 cities in the United States were martial law was declared. Lots of life (killing) was taking place. So you see Detroit, you see Los Angeles, you see New York, you see Atlanta, you see here in Dallas, surprisingly, and then there is one other mystery city that I saw but I don’t know the name of the citySee the video here

Often times when prophecies are given, if the person who saw the vision or dream mentions a date, I often ignore the date and look at the content. When John Paul Jackson mentioned “shortly after the election”, he could have very well saw “AN ELECTION” , not a specific election. Could it have been this election?

David Wilkerson Prophecy In 1992 Talks About Los Angeles And New York On Fire

Thirty days of chastisement will fall on New York City such as the world has never seen. God is going to let down the walls. There will be unimaginable violence and looting. The violence will be so ferocious, it will shock the whole world. Our streets will be lined, not just with the National Guard, but with militia. A thousand fires will burn at the same time throughout the city. The Los Angeles fires were confined to a few sections of that city, but New York will be ablaze in all its boroughs. Fire trucks will not be able to handle it all. Trains and busses will be shut down. Billions of dollars will be lost. Broadway shows will stop completely. Businesses will flee the city in an unstoppable hemorrhage. Such things are expected in Third World countries, but not in a civilized nation like the United States. Yet, in not too long a time afterwards, New York City will go completely bankrupt. The Queen City will be cast into the dirt, becoming a city of poverty. What I saw coming will be much more severe. Indeed, if America rejects God’s call to turn back to Him, we’ll face the same judgments Israel faced. And they will hit not only New York but also every region in the country. Even the heartland won’t be spared. The nation’s economy will collapse, and violence will erupt. Fires will consume our cities, and tanks will rumble through the streets. Pray that God would give our President the same spirit that Josiah had, to tremble at his Word

Stephen Hanson of In His Truth MinistriesStephen Hanson of In His Truth Ministries Word From The Lord reveals Riots Are Coming, And Just As We Are At Odds With Each Other, A Split Happens Down the Middle Of The Country (New Madrid?)

“I tell you that there are riots that are coming; more and more riots are coming [to the United States of America]. This land will be filled with so much rioting. People will hate each other from rich and poor and black and white. For the love of many will wax cold. Your differences will come to a great culmination. For at that time when your differences are at their greatest, at that time when you are at odds with each other, the split will occur along the middle portion of the United States.



Race Riots

Brian CarnBrian Carn Sees Chicago Race Riots That Spread To Indiana

  • Earthquake in NYC and Orlando
  • Race riots in Chicago and Indiana
  • Political figure is shot by bullet

Info gathered from news2morrow.com

On a recent “Brian Carn Live – After Show” (August 27, 2015), Carn made some startling prophecies.

These and many other prophecies were given during the program listed here.

When watching the video on that link, you can simply begin watching at 01:33:40. Below is a summary of the topics discussed.

01:33:40 Panel discusses ways to prepare for the coming economic collapse.

01:49:00 There is now a separation of the wheat and the tares in the churches, the true prophets from the false prophets.

01:51:00 Churches will lose attendance as small in-home groups will flourish. Many will complain to the pastors that they didn’t tell them what was coming. Also, he also speaks against affluent preachers.

01:18:15 “Those in high places are being brought low. “

01:18:30 Keep your eyes on New York City, for a major catastrophe will come out of that city, that will make the Towers falling look irrelevant. For I declare unto this people: Pay attention to the center of the earth. For from the center of the earth there shall be a great ground-breaking. And there shall be an earthquake that will hit that has never hit before. For even on the east coast shall she begin to see earthquakes. Earthquakes have always been a west coast thing, but now it shall be relevant on the east coast.”

01:19:05 “Pay attention to the state of Florida. There will come a day when the Florida keys will be a thing of the past, everything under and around Interstate-4, Orlando. There will be a massive earthquake that shall even hit that state” — yet many that call on the Lord will be working miracles.

01:20:00 “There shall be a shocking shooting of a major government official. And it will be a bullet to the heart.”

01:20:35 “And a massive earthquake shall hit the United States not long from now. But pay attention next month, for a riot shall arise out of Chicago, that shall spread to Indiana, and it’ll make Baltimore and Missouri riots look like nothing. And when you see this, look up, your redemption draweth nigh.”