A Prophetic Word That Will Change The Way You Approach God In Those Desperate Seasons Ahead – Joanie Stahl

Word of the Lord – January 16, 2017

This is what the Lord has spoken to me this morning…

This year is not like the former years.  Your attention to My precise demands will ensure your stability and safety.  I speak firstly to those that have been praying for many decades, that have spent years alone listening to Me and know My voice.

Now is the time to listen to Me.  I am going to give precise commands in each of your respective territories.  This nation prides itself, along with all other nations that they have secret power and answer to nobody.  Your government is not going to tell you the truth about what they know.  But, I will tell you… I will tell you.  But, I cannot tell you unless you are listening to Me.

They boast about their power and authority in their secret places.  You need to keep in mind that the government is subject to My government, its power, and authority.  Therefore, I will tell you what they will not tell you and I will show you exactly what they will not show you.  I am going to disclose to you the very things spoken about and done in secret.

I will give you advance knowledge of their wicked plans in order for you to first stand in My courts of heaven, and subvert them.  I have a sacrifice to keep in Bosrah [Armageddon], and I intend to keep it.  Shall you not know it? You shall indeed know it from one end of heaven unto the other.

I say to you who have continued with Me long that even the way you have been coming to Me is strong, but now you are going to begin sensing a strong change by My Spirit. Many of you are already sensing it and have been for some time now.

You are going to notice that the free flow of prayer is not what I need from you right now.  Do not think this is of the devil.  It is from Me.  You are used to praying about so many things, but only one thing is needful – and that is right now. Until I change your position, it is to remain quiet.

I know each of you, and the different fields of prayer you have maintained.  I am the Lord, and those fields belong to Me, I gave them to you.  I am speaking directly to those that have been long with Me, and the things I will tell you, I will tell all in order that it creates connective power and better compact command.  If everyone is doing something different, how can I command all of you?

The posts and positions you have held for long were given to you and you have fared well in them.  Now I need all of you to stop and listen to Me.  This listening to Me will not be only for your benefit, or the benefit of your own families, but be prepared to receive commands and orders that you are not used to, or have done before because they will stretch out beyond your familiar limits.  Be careful to not rest upon your own historical ways, or memories of wars and victories.  Satan knows that this is the one sure-fire way to entrap you.  It borders on pride.

There are things I am going to tell you and command you that he has no knowledge of or experience of.  Do you understand the critical aspect of being quiet and listening?  He does not want you to hear from Me, but only to him and to get everyone doing their own thing, thinking they are doing what I need them to do thereby accomplishing nothing.

He is terrified of your listening to Me at this time as My mighty host on earth, because if he can keep everyone doing their own thing in prayer, he can divide and create confusion.  What he fears the most is that all of you will hear Me give the same commands to each of you, which will cause an all-powerful dynamic spiritual force he knows he cannot overtake or confuse.

Your way of serving Me MUST be in heavenly places and nowhere else.  Not from your own understanding.  I am calling each of you like I did with my disciples.  Remember how they dropped their nets and followed after Me?  I am expecting you drop what you are used to because of the nearness of My coming, there must be new orders I have to give, and not only for yourselves as I have just said, but your lives are now going to now be lived out for other lives until I return.

You are sealed and secured in Me.  I will take care of everything you need to fulfill what I need you to do without worrying about everything. Who goes into warfare at their own charges?

I know who are mine, and I know who knows how to receive strict commands without flinching.  Those of you who are well aged and do not have physical might, I will increase my government within you to supernaturally bombard the enemy. I will give you advance knowledge of what the devil is doing and will do.

This will infuriate him because he will not have anything to attack.  He will know where this is coming from and from who. But, know this… I will protect you.  I have to protect you in order for you to maintain my command.  Always know this.

I also want to speak about the younger ones who believe on My name and have served me even one day into their salvation.  Do not underestimate them or despise their youth.  Your long advanced service in Me has produced in you a toughness, tenderness, and a ready command.  However, these little ones who believe on Me have the physical strength that you do not have.  I will be able to use them in ways that only they can be used.  There are things I am going to need them to do.

I will in an instant, as I choose them, fill them with all wisdom and power in the degree of what I will choose them for.  They will know it instantly and so will you.  You will recognize Me in them.  They have natural courage due to being young, while you have built up courage from being old.  I will use both.

I have already begun to increase heaven’s drawing nearer than ever before in the hearts of many of you.  You no longer care about material things. They have lost all their value and flavor.  There is an increasing awareness of My presence around you, but you also know that it is different and this is what is also causing you to stop speaking so much to me, and are more ready to listen than to speak.  This is a command.

Do not be afraid of what is coming.  Your safety is completely dependent upon Me as long as you stay conversant with Me.  You are also noticing the end is coming, but not because of your carnal minds telling you, but because My Spirit within you is notifying you.  It is certain.  You cannot enjoy the things you have done before though they were pleasant.  Nothing tastes the same, or smells the same.  Everything within you has altered.  You are well aware of a change in the spiritual charge.

This is from Me.

Do not second-guess this.  Do not let the devil deceive you.  He is already trying to distract you from listening by trying to ensnare you into your ways of praying, and your own ways of service you have been used to for so long.  This is not a comfortable place or position for you I know.  Satan knows that as well, so be aware that he is going to accuse you to Me that you are out of the way, lazy and not hearing right.  You are hearing right. If you have any of the slightest doubt, bring that to Me.

The truth is he knows you; otherwise, he would not be trying so hard to distract you.  Do not doubt the time alone and in quiet with Me. Meaning, do not set a time upon Me.  Please also know that your heart that has need of prayer for healing and other necessities I will not turn away.

Your attention to Me does not shut the door on prayers that are needed.  But My words to you are specific and those that know Me will understand what I have said to them.  My Spirit will bear witness to their spirit.

Lana Dixon This is a great message. One thing that really stood out to me was the need to draw closer to him and hear what HE is saying. I believe that many believers (including myself) search for direction from others believer instead of hearing and fine tuning our ears to hear God. If we do not fine tune our spiritual ears we will not be able to hear clearly, even in these times ahead.

Kay ZeehThis speaks to me! I have noticed a change in the past few days and told the Lord I felt like I was just throwing out random prayers. Last night I kept waking up, over and over, with the image of Ivanka Trump in my mind, so I’ve been praying for her specifically. Angela Georgantas I like your catch phrase! It’s a good way to focus on His voice. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Lorrie RoeYes this word is a confirmation for me to, as the Lord has spoken to me about some things about changes that are coming and changes that he will be making in my life and my family’s life and also dreams that he has given me that has confirmed the words that he has spoken to me yes indeed it is a time for us to standstill and to see the salvation of our God.

Judy MunnewaabangiThanks Joanie, this is confirmation. A couple of days ago, I was told 3 words by Holy Spirit: Humility, Selflessness, Obedience … Then today I I received the instruction to put aside my will a nd the word I heard was: Surrender to His Will and He will Protect, Provide and Empower. Praise God!

In light of the Word posted early morning from the Lord, “Being still” before Him doesn’t necessarily mean to be QUIET as in total silence the entire time. It means getting QUIET FROM ALL THE NOISE of the world & clearing your mind of SELF & WORRIES to focus on HIM ALONE & His greatness & holiness…..It means to REFRAIN FROM ALL THE WORRIES & not pray by focusing your prayer ON THOSE WORRIES OR PROBLEMS…. it’s trusting He is in control & to talk to Him by thanking, worshiping & praising. The power of our worship will DESTROY the yolk of burden & give BACK the burdens to where they belong- on the back of JESUS instead of US trying to always CARRY THEM. It’s about TRUST. Trusting He is in CONTROL. So “BE STILL & know that I am God” is to listen to the voice of God INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO THE VOICE OF OUR WORRIES”! It allows JOY & PEACE to fill you which you are then able to turn your ear to being able to HEAR when He speaks as your focus is only on Him & not any circumstance going on in your life! He will honor this! He LONGS for our worship!

Place on some soft worship music or instrumental worship (Christopher Georges has an EXCELLENT YouTube channel w/ such anointed worship instrumental) & get alone & use it to take ALL YOUR FOCUS OFF SELF & this world & the voices & chaos OF this world & worship Him alone. Bow before Him & let JOY & PEACE overflow. In that worship in thanks & praise is how we ENTER into His gates then His courts where we are not only closer to Him but CAN HEAR HIM.

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” Ps 100:4

I challenged you today to get before Him in worship & even for FIVE minutes (try to increase THIS by a minute each day), speak out your praises & thanks unto Him by NOT USING THE WORD “I” !! Nothing related to SELF AT ALL! It’s a lot harder to do for 5 min than you THINK BC we tend to want to say “I love you” or “I worship you” or many “I’s”!! I’m not saying telling Him “I love you is BAD”! I’m simply giving an exercise to turn all focus OFF OF “I”!! Instead say, “You are loved Jesus”, “You are the Great I Am, Father”, “YOU ARE worthy of all praise, honor, & glory”!! Call out to Him WHO HE IS for FIVE SIMPLE MINUTES with NOTHING RELATED TO SELF! Only focusing on HIM! Watch how this changes your worship & thinking & focus! Because this worship strictly unto Him is like sweet perfume within His nostrils, watch & see how He draws nigh to you & opens the floodgates of heaven to pour His love upon you today!!