A Shocking Vision Of The Torments In Hell For Abortions, False Prophets And Pride – Pastor Kim Yong Doo’s Testimony

‘Taken to Hell’ by Pastor Kim Yong Doo, – Colorado Holy Fire Revival


It was a Friday night, my Mom and I had come in early to church for deliverance and it went really well. I was feeling invigorated and free; I was so excited to pray. I love feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit like that!

I had at first brought a scarf to tie around my waist when I was dancing and praying. When I was dancing I kept stumbling and having a hard time. Then once prayer started I couldn’t concentrate and everything was distracting me. I finally got up and went to pray by myself in the hallway; and I still couldn’t pray. I cried out to Jesus and begged Him to give me the strength or to reveal why I couldn’t pray. Then the scarf around my waist started to make me too hot, so I took it off. Immediately I could concentrate and pray!

The scarf was given to me by someone who was cursing my family and I, so I got up and threw it away.

Then when I came back into the prayer service I was able to concentrate and pray in tongues.

I prayed hard, and was feeling the holy fire and the presence of the Lord intensely. It was amazing, and so encouraging. Then suddenly I was taken to the gates of hell.

The vision started out much like the vision I had had before. I saw the terrible demons and creatures shaking the gates in excitement of the torture they are going to be able to inflict on the lost souls outside of the gates of hell.

I saw the endless sea of lost souls and I fell to my face and began weeping. I was weeping even harder than the time before I was taken to this same place. Then I saw the gates open and the lost souls flooded into hell, and the demons and nightmarish creatures attacked. The torture began immediately, and then I heard the screams. There is no possible way to describe the sound, it was so agonized, tormented, plagued with sorrow, besieged with hopelessness and endless pain. It was worse then a mother who has just lost her child wailing, worse then a widow’s anguished cries for the loss of her husband, nothing compares.

Torment and Misery of Hell

My view was from above hell. Hell stretched on forever, it was infinite. And I could see all sorts of different abuse and torture taking place; so many different people being punished. It was horrible; everywhere I looked there was suffering. I couldn’t even comprehend how much misery and affliction their souls were going through.

Then Jesus showed me the place where sexual predators, rapists, and sexual abusers of every kind go. It was so horrifying. The human souls were hung by their genitals and were being constantly stabbed by long, thin, and incredibly sharp spears. Their faces had such a pain plagued expression, that I tried to turn my face away. But, when I looked away what I saw was even more petrifying and tragic.

I saw young men being sliced over and over again all over their bodies. These weren’t just flesh slices, these gashes went as deep as, or through the bone. These young men were being tortured this way because they had killed some in a gang fight, or in a knife related way.

Then I saw women who had been prostitutes, they were continually having their genitals and womb torn apart by these creatures with 7 clawed fingers. The flesh was being shredded and torn apart until it looked like shredded meat. Their faces had a look of pure and indescribable pain. It made me dry heave and almost throw up.

After I saw this I opened my physical eyes and stumbled to the church bathroom. I was crying so hard but, I didn’t want to see anymore. But the whole time I wasn’t praying and was in the bathroom I could still smell and hear hell, I could hear the tortured screams and smell the blood, the burning, and the rot. When I got to the bathroom Laura asked me if I was ok, I couldn’t even talk. Then once I was done throwing up and I was stumbling down the hallway, Pastor met me half way to the sanctuary. She asked me what was wrong, and all I could say was that there were so many people in hell, and that it was so horrible. I don’t even know if I was forming full words, but she understood me. She told me to go pray some more, so I did.

Christians who Refused to Obey the Lord

When I knelt down to pray again, I collapsed into a prostate position before the Lord, and the vision started again.

The Lord showed me where Christians who refused to obey Him, and knowingly went; those who went against the will of the Lord. These people’s flesh was grey, and speckled with purple, black, yellow, and red bruises. Their flesh was rotting and falling off; their eyes were almost pure red from blood, because the blood vessels in their eyes were continually bursting. They were bleeding out of their eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. They were chained down and were being branded over and over again with the name of their particular sin or sins.

Those Who Had Abortions

Then I saw what happened to women who had purposely terminated their pregnancies, and had killed their unborn babies. The women were chained down to a bed of nails that pierced their bodies continually, and they were going through the pains of giving birth over and over again. But the pains were magnified by an unlimited amount, and their wombs where being torn open from the inside out. And their bones where being torn out of socket over and over again.

False Teachers and False Prophets

Then I saw what happens to false teachers and prophets when they end up in hell. They are chained up and their joints and bones are being pulled out of socket. Their bodies looked like a limp rag dolls, but bloodied and grossly disfigured. Their tongues were being pulled out of their mouths and pierced over and over again.

Those with the Sin of Pride

And the last thing I saw in hell was the place where people who had the sin of pride go. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. These souls, they barely even looked human anymore. Their eyes were torn out, and maggots and huge worms devoured their flesh. Their ears were being bitten off by some kind of demonic creature with three rows of unbelievably sharp teeth.

The souls were being hung on a large fish like hook, by their tongues. Their genitals were being torn off and there were scorpions and all sorts of creatures and bugs crawling out of their mouth and underneath their skin. The peoples skin was almost see through, and you could see snakes eating them from the inside out from their stomachs.

But the worst part was that the whole time, these people were being horribly beaten and whipped. The whips were barbed and ripped flesh off with every strike; there are 39 strings on each whip. The creatures who were wielding the whips were being splattered in the soul’s blood and flesh, and the souls were being whipped front and back. The Lord told me that the reason prides punishment was so severe was because no one, especially unsaved humans, have the right to be proud, only the Lord is deserving of praise.

Everyone in hell is naked and bleeding somehow. Endless pain and tortures of every kind are everywhere, there is no escape. The smell is beyond putrid; it smells like rotting flesh, burning hair, and death. Every one of our senses is intensified by millions, touch is extremely sensitive, sounds are incredibly loud and piercing, smells are multiplied in intensity by innumerable amounts. You can almost taste the smoke and the pain, the rancid and decaying smells made me throw up. It was the most disgusting and the saddest thing I have ever experienced.

“Spread the Word of How Much their Disobedience and Sin Hurts Me”.

I cried out to the Lord and begged Him to take me out of hell. And all of a sudden I was no longer in hell. I was weeping so hard though, my body was shaking and I was still wailing out in heart break and sorrow. I had never been so humbled and broken hearted, nothing compares to the horror of hell, except for the sadness of a soul going to hell.

I couldn’t comprehend how the loving and kind, and merciful Jesus I knew could condemn the people He loves so much that He died for them, to an eternity of torture, pain, and hopelessness.

Then the most amazing thing happened, Jesus picked me up and set me on His knee. He cradled me, held me, and stroked my hair. Immediately I started to have peace, and I calmed down enough to be able to breathe almost normally. I knew it was the Lord because He was radiant, and He was stunningly beautiful, even though I didn’t see His face and I barely could see any of Him, it was more than enough to take my breath away. He said,

“My little one I am showing you this because this is the fate of every person who walks through their life without Me. This is their fate if they don’t repent and trust in Me. I love them; I shed my blood for them. They do not have to go to hell! I am the all mighty and powerful God, I can save them! But they must choose Me; they must choose to follow Me. I walked the path of perfection on the Earth and gave my life so they could live for eternity. Spread the word of how much their disobedience and sin hurts me. Tell them of how much I reach out for them. Tell them that I love them, but it is their choice. Tell them, and reach out to them, for you have seen their eternal punishment if they do not turn from their sin and repent. Tell them!”

Then my vision ended, and I wept even harder.

The Lord loved all of the people in hell, but it was their choice to love Him back while they could during their lives on earth.

The Lord only showed me a minuscule amount of hell, but I will never be the same. I will never look at another person the same, every soul is precious in the eyes of the Lord and He doesn’t want anyone to go to hell. Even though I had heard that hell was a horrible place before, I had no idea. You can hear it over and over again, but you just can’t comprehend it until you actually see it. Hell is the worst place, and there is no hope for those who are in or are going to be in hell. There is no mercy, no kindness, no love, and no hope. Please, I am begging you, repent and turn to the Lord for mercy, He loves you so much. Hell is real, and it is beyond horrible, beyond terrifying, nothing compares to hell.