End Time Vision From Maurice Sklar – The Mark Of The Beast, Concentration Camps, EMP Attacks


Adolf Hitler

Here are some of the comments that Maurice Sklar mentioned from a Youtube video, which was recorded from Tribulation Now Radio, dated 24 March 2014

UN Police In America “I saw what looked like riot police.  Like you see sometimes coming in, with helmets on.  Some of them had light blue hats or helmets, I am not sure.  It didn’t look American, it looked like it was more of a UN type of, or international type of thing, I don’t know.  They started entering into homes, and they gave the people a choice.  They came in heavily armed, with machine guns.  They said, ‘either you, come with us, …we have a place for you’ .  They dragged people out of their homes and brought them to these, they looked like concentration camps.  But they didn’t look like the world war II type.  They looked like they were made into that from schools, corporate buildings and warehouses.  There were a lot of them.  I knew this was happening, not just in America, but this was happening world wide”

UN Police Rounding Up People “The people who refused to go were just shot.  And that was awful, I was just shocked.  They just shot them and left them in their homes”

Famine, Concentration Camps Warnings  “I saw what looked like small….  I am not sure what to call them, they looked like kiosk.  It was a small building that was like a prefab type of building.  These little kiosks were set up in every little town……everywhere.  People were starving, they had no food, there was looting, and gangs were going about, ….it was just awful.  People were starving.  These things were sophisticated and well advertised.  ‘Food, water and shelter, just come in here and we will help you’  It was very inviting and a lot of people went ….’there’s food lets go’.  It was a trap, they went in, and it was just like in the bible, it talks about the mark of the beast.

Mark Of The Beast, Concentration Camps “There was this hologram movie kind of….where the antichrist was three dimensional, it was like he was in front of you, but he wasn’t.  I have never seen technology quite this advanced.  They said ………’ your going to be alright, we’ll take care of you, just bow down on your knees, and receive me’ Almost like he’s Lord, but he said it in such a way that it didn’t seem like a big deal, but it was.  They could not touch the person until they got down on their knees.  I didn’t put that in what I wrote, but when they got down on their knees, then there was this automatic thing that they got stamped.  It looked like an electronic tattoo or stamp.  I believe in some parts of the world, it was on their forehead, some parts was on their hand.  The right hand, but I saw a forehead.  And then they went into this room in the back, and they had food and they could eat, they slept, but when they came out, they were like zombies.  They had lost their mind, they were in a complete takeover, like “i robot” movie.  It was like a taking over of their whole being.  They lost their soul.  You could tell. Many of them, the ones that were young, the ones that were fit, were immediately brought into the military, this police force, and they were given weapons and they were like zombies, they went out and joined the police that were rounding everyone up”

Torture, Concentration Camps, Hunting Down Of Christians “Then there was some, that I watched, two or three…..”  It was horrifying.  There were some that didn’t.  They said ‘ no, I can’t do that.  I will not take that stamp, I will not bow to you, I will not bow to you….’  Then there was this terrible torture.  They were tortured, and yet nothing was happening on the outside, it was the pain centers of their brain.  They were screaming.  They would scream and scream and finally if they would still not yield, then there was like this light that went on, and then these lasers would just….  it was like a red laser, or orange-red and it shot right through their brain and their heart, and then it sliced their head right off.  Right after that, it was like they were just burned.  I don’t know if this was just a dream, but it was very very vivid”

The Process Of Killing Is Quick After Not Accepting The Anti-Christ  He talks later about those who didn’t bow down, their body was incinerated within seconds. Their bodies would be burned, resulting in a small pile of ashes from these lasers.  He said it happened so fast, and the efficiency was frightening.  He remembered back to the holocaust, this was so much quicker and more efficient.  He mentioned that this process was one happening globally, not just in America.   

The Image Of The Beast, A Holographic Image?  “This man that rose up, the antichrist, I didn’t see him, but I saw this movie thing, it was like he was there. I think that is what it means by “the image of the beast”, because it was an image, but it wasn’t the beast.  But, it was still very real”

New Madrid Fault Line, California, West Coast Fall Into The Sea – ” The first thing I saw was America split in two, just right down the middle.  It was just along the Mississippi, or just near there.   It just split, like it cracked.  I saw an earthquake, it looked like…it seemed to mirror the strokes of the sword.  Then I saw the west coast, it just cracked off like a saltine cracker.  It just broke off and it disappeared into the ocean, all the way from Mexico, all the way up to Alaska.  Most of the coastline was gone”

THREE Explosions – EMP Attack From Subs, On The West Coast  ” I saw three terrible nuclear explosions.  I believe they were, …..they didn’t hit the ground.  They talk about the EMP strike.  There were 2 of them that came out of the water, out of the ocean, ….must have been from submarines off the coast.  I believe it was the west coast.  I saw one that looked like an ICBM, a big, big rocket, that took off, and traveled some distance, almost out to space.  But these didn’t land on the ground, they exploded in the air, over America.  There was like,… 1, 2, and the last one was the biggest one.   They exploded in the outer atmosphere.  And then I saw everything go dark, just like they say about the electricity”

Bombs Going Off In Cities, New York, Seattle, and Dallas “I saw bombs that blown up, and abliderated different cities,…particularly on the west coast.  I saw Seattle, saw Dallas, saw different cities that I knew where their location was.  New York, big cities, they were targeted, they just weren’t there.  It looked like what would happen, if they tested the H Bombs.  I don’t know where they came from”

East Coast Tsunami, Florida Underwater “I saw a flood,  like the ocean, like the tsunami in Japan, except it was BIGGER.  It swept over a good portion of south east….Florida particularly.  I don’t know what caused it, but I saw a big giant wave just cover a portion of the south east under water.  I saw the same thing from the middle of America.  It was three different places that I saw this flooding, this water.  It made parts of America just go under the ocean.  You couldn’t see it anymore.  Also into Canada a little bit.  I didn’t see Canada for some reason.  I think this dream was focused on America”

Provisions For Christians In The End Days “I believe the last outpouring will not happen in a time of prosperity, but great horror.  People will cry out to God, and He will bring them to their knees.  I saw these big outdoor meetings, where God had risen up these end times prophets and apostles, and there was amazing miracles of food and water.  What struck me was there was NO FOOD AND WATER.  People were starving.  People would get to these refuge places …..big fields, and they would see awesome miracles, healings and creative things.  I just knew that millions would be pouring out all over the world. He was pouring out his Spirit, and harvest and people were crying out, and there was great martyrs and heroic things”