“….Full of hypocrisy, self righteousness, judgmentalism, anger and arrogance ”- A Prophetic Dream About The Church -Joe Ouellette



Dream Sunday, November 15, 2015

I was with two other people sitting on a grassy knoll next to a lake. I couldn’t see the faces of the other people with me and they were just slightly out of site. The grass was really green almost surreal. We were higher up and looking down on the small lake. I got up and started to walk near the shore looking into the almost black water. I decided to go for a swim and kicked off my shoes. I was going to put my foot into the water and I heard a voice speak to me right away. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Those fish will tear your feet off”

Just then I noticed the dark water teaming with fish of all sizes. They were the ugliest fish I had ever seen. Some were at least 2 feet long and others were as little as 2 inches long. They were mean like piranhas’ and eating each other. I was relieved I was warned.

It was then that I noticed it was Jesus that I was walking with. We walked a little further and suddenly realized I had a huge ugly fish in my arms. It was about 2 feet long and looked like a catfish. It had huge scales on its body that were razor sharp. I held it like a football really tightly fearing it would jump out of my arms.

As we walked further Jesus again spoke to me “Throw it back it the water” so I did. It went in with a splash and swam away. Jesus again spoke to me “There is nothing you can do to save that fish. It will never change now. It spent it whole life being bitter and slanderous. It was full of hypocrisy, self righteousness, judgmentalism, anger and arrogance.”

I realized then the whole lake was filled with these kinds of fish.

Jesus spoke again “I am dredging this lake, none will escape my net. I will then fill it with new young fish, they will be pure hearted and I will not allow these evil fish to be part of the new”

I then awoke and realized He was talking about the church. I also realized the other person in my dream was body guard that I often see in my dreams.