How To Identify A Satanic Infiltrator In A Church

How To Identify A Satanic Infiltrator In A Church

Flipping through the various topics on God Like Productions, (A conspiracy forum) I came across an interesting topic entitled How To Identify A Satanic Infiltrator In A Church and I thought it would be an interesting read.  The thread had over 200 pages on God Like Productions…so it must have sparked some interest!

How To Identify A Satanic Infiltrator In A Church


Years before I got involved in spiritual warfare, I was a minister in a home church that ministered to hard core sinners. I wanted the worse of the worse to teach the deeper aspects of the Christian life to ; so that they too could find release from heavy bondage to sin. I did this under the belief that “sinners make the very best Christians”.

During my years of ministry, I ministered to homosexuals living with AIDS; Prostitutes, Drug addicts, and Generational Satanist that were trying to escape the abuse of the occult and of their covens.

This presented it’s own set of pecularities, like demon possession. I didn’t have anyone who could counsel me on how to counsel to others, so I had to get on my knees and get my answers to how to minister to such from the Lord Himself.

As I began to be proficiant in deliverance ministry, I then tried to “disciple” those who I helped to be delivered from the occult by taking them to my conservative Baptist Church that I attended. But one Sunday, I had this one young lady get aggitated during the service, then she became scared, finally she got up and ran out of the service never to return again.

After two weeks of trying to find this girl I finally was able to set up a meeting by a mutual friend who had oridinally invited her to our group. As I asked her why she ran out, she was shaking like a leaf, and what she told me ran through me like a cold steel sword to my heart.

“The most powerful Satanist in town are at your church…and they are running it.” “And they recognized me, and I them, and if I go back to Church with you I will be in danger and they will kill me.” This was the greatest shock of my life. I had no idea that the conservative Baptist church that was the flag ship of the bible fellowship that it represented had become infiltrated by a group of Satanist, let alone were running the thing. I had to do some research, and sure enough, the girl was correct. And, they weren’t just in my church, they were in every Church.

These are a few things that I discovered that one may use in identifying these infiltrators. They are crafty and they are able to hide very well but these things will help you in discovering what took my by surprise; but let me fore warn you, once your eyes are opened, you will never be the same again. So let us begin…

The scriptural prescedence for infiltration is found in Matthew 13:24-42. Also, the early church had to deal with infiltrators too, the descriptions of their activity can be found in the book of Jude and also in II Peter chapter 2.

Infiltrators do not infiltrate the general population, they were known in the early church as “false prophets and false teachers” They will infiltrate positions of authority and of teaching so they can spread their influence properly.

1.) Infiltrators take positions of authority: Pastors, teachers, choir directors, alter workers, deceans, etc. They come in with lots of money and lots of political influence and they throw this around like candy when first infiltrating a church. This money and influence buys them a position of authority and power in the church.

2.) Infiltrators identify themselves with symbols: This can be done mostly by jewelry or clothing. They do this to identify their position of power to other infiltrators who then get behind them and support them in their efforts to destroy the Church from within. The most common is that of the:

a. Ring worn on the middle finger: The middle finger is a finger that is associated with Saturn, which is anagram for Satan. A ring of any sort worn on the middle finger signals that they have magickal power in their bloodline. Occult practices are divided into two groups; left hand path, which is more of a satanistic type of occult, and the right hand path that is more religious and Luciferian in manner. Which hand they wear the ring on will identify which path of witchcraft they practice.
The plain gold wedding band is the most powerful symbol of all. It signifies that their bloodline can produce an anti-Christ, and it also signifies a “bride of Satan” position of power. A plain gold wedding band worn on the middle finger is a “bride of Satan” symbol that signifies their authority in Satan.

B.) Another symbol is the wearing of red:A red dress for the ladies and a red tie for the men. It is in homage to the “Beast” that is described in Revelation as being a red seven headed dragon. Also, Sunday is the high witch day for power. Notice when ever a state function is broadcast on TV, how many red ties and how many red dresses there are. These are symbols that Satanist use to identify themselves one to another.

A big place where infiltrators thrive is in Pentecostal type of services where “signs and wonders” are promoted. This gives the infiltrator a prime platform to use their occult power and demon aliance to the maximum. They can do all manner of “lying signs and counterfeit wonders, but they must first get everyone worked up into a mental state or religious frenzy for the demons to be able to do their “magick”.

It all begins in the “praise and worship”: They will use repeated phrases, and a type of swaying back and forth is used to place the congregation into a post hypnotic trance. This is done by long hours of songs, repeated phrases, and swaying back and forth and music designed to place people into a state of hypnosis.

Once the congregation is hypnotised they are ready: For the demons to counterfeit all manner of signs and wonders. Even healings have occurred, but demonic healings do not last much longer than what the person is able to maintain a state of passive mind for the demons to work in.

The infiltrators are the ones working the alter: They want to “lay hands” on a person so that the demons can “knock them down” in the spirit and give them a altered state of uphoria. Once this occurs, the demons can gain entry into the life of the believer and do all manner of evil work. usually through sexual perversion since that type of sex magick is used to counterfeit the Holy Spirit.

This would be a good time to watch them in action on your TV. Watch as the congregation is placed in a post hypnotic trance, then is suseptable to all manner of manipulation.

The infiltrator who is working their magick on stage while singing a song about “how they love Jesus” and “how much they adore the Lord” will actually shake their head in a “NO” fashion to signal the other infiltrators that they really don’t believe the “crap they are singing about”.

Of course everybody probably know the occult hand gestures a Satanist infiltrator will use during a sermon to signal the others when to support them with their demonic magick. The common one is the “hook em horns” that is popular, but other occult signals can also be used. There are a few good books that you can get that will help one to identify these hand signals. Texx Mars book “Codex Magica” is one of these books. (see note at bottom) Study the hand signals, then just turn on the TV and watch any TV preacher and see what is going on right under your nose. It will open your eyes to the truth of what is going on and why Christianity has lost it’s savor.

One big sign of a satanic infiltrator:

They use a lot of new age “catch phrases”.

Guess what? The Gospel stands on its own as Truth. It doesn’t need to be dressed up to be made palatable and acceptable

1. Fellowship with fellow believers
2. Study The Word Of God
3. Go forth and spread The Gospel
 There will come a huge falling away of Christians and it will be do to those Satanic infiltrators who want to keep everyone in the dark as to whom they are and who they work for.
  • They will twist scripture as Christ taught us, and they will always muddy the waters and cause confusion.
  • They will most likely also to be sitting in the high seats in a church.
  • They slowly chip away the real truth and present lies as truths.
  • They will attack anyones character that goes against them and there are many other traits they have.
  • One, they can never put wine to their lips for communion.
  • Two, they can never get anything to grow, no flowers, trees, or fruits or veggies.
  • The list is isn’t that long to be able to spot them.
  • After all if you get a handle on 1 Chron. 2:55 and re-read the bible with the mindset of knowing their seed line, you can learn their actions and how they operate.

I have had to do a lot of “house cleaning” in my time of becoming a spiritual warrior. Chances are, everybody probably has some house cleaning to do also.

Infiltrators, like the tare, sucks the life out of the wheat as it gets close to it, and draws it’s nourishment from that wheat, in essence, a spiritual leach. I’m sure they prefere the term “spiritual vampire” but leach is closer to what they are.

Infiltrators are time stealers.They love to involve themselves with a Christian and take up all their spare time, they are pathelogical time stealers as they are liars too.

If you use these tips at uncovering them, they will know that you are discovering them, it’s kinda like when a light switch is turned on the cockroach knows it’s time to run and hide.

As I remember more I will post more. If anybody has anything they believe is suspicious and they want to ask, I should be able to answer your inquiry. Thanks for the support, I knew going in it would be rough waters.

When you begin to see who it is that is doing this occult work on us, it is sad that it is usually our closest friends who are responsible. Infiltrators love to get very close to Christians, the closer the better. I have seen good preachers who have great ministries and their closest friends are the Nephilim. They have literally Satan standing at their right hand to resist them. That is why the passage in Matthew 13 warns that “let them both grow together until the harvest lest while pulling them out you harm the wheat.” (Matt. 13:30)

Then once you have identified the source of the problem, then is the time to do house cleaning and ridding yourself of the gifts that have demons attached to them. The first step is to sever the soul ties connected to that item and to the person who sent it.

The work of spiritual light to expose the darkness is slow at first, but as it develops momentum then becomes like a flood of insight and the opening of the spiritual eyes. It’s like a dam, that has sprung a leak, at first it is slow and steady, then as it develops begins to pour out at a heavier stream, then as it goes on, then becomes a rush of water, then a flood that causes the entire dam to fall down. In like manner, the walls of deception many times have had years to build up, and it will take a while to tear them down, but knowledge is the first key to being released by this kind of blindness.

However, there is some truth to your statement, so how does one tell the difference because often the truth is stranger than fiction. When a person is mentally ill and suffering from delusions then everything is delusional not just those things of religious significance. Mentally ill people cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy. But when you find a conspiracy where there is a concentrated effort to cover up the truth, then you know that you are on to something.

This girl that had run out of the church had originally come to us wanting deliverance from demonic possession. At one time there was five people trying desperately to hold her down and she was throwing them off of her like they were rag dolls. She was cursing in toungues, she was highly demonic, yet when the demons were commanded to leave, she was immediately in her right mind. She was a generational Satanist connected to other generational Satanist that she was trying to escape from the cult. That is why she ran out of the church, she saw something that made her afraid and it took me a long time to regain her trust after the church incident.

As I began to investigate, I saw an immediate effort to cover up the truth and people trying desperately to do “damage control” and immediately trying to discredit her and then ask questions as to where this girl could be found. This told me that she was not lying, that people wanted to find her for what she had revealed and then having people continue to contact me to convinve me otherwise drew strong red flags. The diagnosis did not come quickly, but only came after careful investigation, and the more that I began to see, the more that I was able to see, and that is what it is like when recovering from strong witchcraft and spell binding blindness.

This will take the effort of you being wise and the Lord creating an opportunity for you to seperate yourself from them. This is a team effort with you as a soldier standing your ground and the Lord providing a window of opportunity for freedom from them.

Infiltrators are dedicated to Satan. They will not loose focus, they will always push ahead of what their assignment is, therefore you will have to depend upon the Lord to open a window of opportunity for you. Infiltrators are pathelogical liars, and if there is one thing that you will catch them at it will probably be a lie that they have told you. They do this to activate their magick, so this is their base, once you have uncovered this, then it is easy to seperate yourself from a person who is lying to you.

Infiltrators will not go down quietly. In most cases, they are on assignment, and to loose that assignment on many times could mean death for the infiltrator from their own coven, for Satanism has little tolerance for failure. They will do everything in their power to keep their hooks into you. You are going to have to insist that ties between you be severed. In most cases, these people are pretending to be your closest friends, and a friendship cannot be built if trust has been violated. I have had times where I have had to insist that the ties between them to be broken.

Note: I have had to work through a lot of things that do and some that do not work to be an effective soldier for the Lord. One mis-conception is this “pleading the Blood of Jesus over things”. This does not work! The Blood of Jesus is a personal thing to cover the sins of individuals, it does not protect “stuff” like homes, cars, televisions, ipods, etc. And it isn’t another form of magic to fight “fire with fire” so to speak. I have put oil on walls thinking that it would stop them from entering the home…that does not work either. This is going to have to be a combined effort of you and the Lord, and you are going to have to be able to receive instructions from the Lord to help you through areas that you are unfamiliar with. This Christianity is a symbiotic relationship where our God is real and becomes a real individual in the equasion of spiritual matters.

All this must take place after you have severed all soul ties with that individual and the things that have given you as gifts. To do one without the other (severing the ties with the person and not the things they have given you) can result in demons oppressing you after the tie has been severed. They will not go down quietly and they will always make it look as if you are the bad guy for doing this.

Do not allow them to “reason” with you or argue with you. These people are masters of deception. They will not leave unless you take your spiritual authority and use it against them. Demand that they leave, and never return. This is your home and livlihood you are defending from an attacker who wants nothing but to kill, steal, and to destroy everything that you are or hold dear.

I knew this was going to be a long involved list of things, I will continue later as the Lord brings things to my rememberence. Please ask questions, that will help in this process.

Those three main tactics are :
1. Intimidation: Just like the Mafia, those who are satanic and have been trained and programmed by satanist know that this is an important tool in their struggle, especially when they must do “damage control” and people are uncovering the truth about their activities. They use intimidation to assert their dominance over a person or group of people. They will use many different mind control devices to intimidate others against a target, the most used, is that of calling the target “Crazy or delusional”. This was done early when UFO’s were being spotted in the skies. To cover up the activites of TPTB, they would launch a campaign of intimidation that would include accusing the person a crazy individual who wasn’t right mentally. Because nobody wants to be associated with a delusional maniac, this became so effective at damage control it then became the primary means of damage control and trying to supress the truth. Even now, the truth movement must deal with this kind of Satanic activity to try to awaken people to the truth.

2. Manipulation: The second most predominant feature of Satanic training and programming is that of manipulation. This is done in the setting of a Church by using music, and swaying of members in front, to produce a post hypnotic state for which to “prepare” for the impartation of said spiritual meat, which then becomes a means of passivity that opens the doors to demonic activity and oppression. Targeted groups or people are often the victims of severe manipulation of facts and of circumstances to hide or suppress the truth in any given act of witchcraft or satanism. All forms of magick, whether black or white needs a lie to hold the person captive to their spells and incantations. One knows that the government continually lies to it’s people, the reason is that those in great power and leadership are in the business of setting up their NWO through the use of black magick. To effectively hold the target, which in this case is the world’s population in their spell, they need the public to believe their lies. As soon as the lie is uncovered, then the spell is broken and then “damage control” is assigned to their assets to use all forms of manipulation of facts to re-initialize the spell through covering up the facts. Truth is also manipulated by mis-direction. This is used in stage magic too, an audience is mis-directed, so that the real problem, which in this case could be the truth of a matter, so that the real issues are put on hold, while the target wastes all their time trying to defend themselves from the manipulation of facts.

3.Domination: The final stage of their tree tier plan is finallt to dominate the real facts and then take over the entire discussion, after the public is mis-directed, mind controlled and intimidated to their spell, then the final nail in the cofin is to dominate the situation for future “damage control”. This is done in Churches by taking over the leadership of the church. In the early church era when the power of God swept away all the lies of the Pagan stronghold on the public and the entire world was being turned upside down by Christianity, the Pagan priesthood devised a plan to dominate their target by infiltration and domination. The term “false Teacher, and False prophet” shows that it wasn’t enough just to infiltrate the general church body, they targeted the leadership that delegated the main teaching body of the Church. Prophets and Teachers were the main authority in the body of believers back when the actual pastor used most of their time dedicated to prayer and ministry of the Word.

When dealing with Satanic assets that are assigned to do “damage control” of the truth, such as has been given here, these three tactics will be employed without mercy. They are desperate so they will Intimidate, the general public with charges of being crazy, with accusation that don’t apply , with mis-direction, and with finally domination where they are dominating the entire conversation so that no truth can get in. But what they fail to see, is that the truth set’s people free, and by becoming aware of these tactics, you will effectively eliminate their ability to place a spell over you. Once the light has exposed the darkness, the darkness can never regain it’s foothold. Praise the Lord, We WIN.

(Note from Meranda- The author of this article points to “Codex Magica”, this is NOT an occult book.  This book goes over hand signs, celebrities who are involved in these circles, the New World order info.  We own this book.  It is quite thick,…and one of the largest texts on this subject.  I personally wouldn’t spend a lot of time researching into the occult, as it can really remove the spotlight which should be on God, and His goodness.  One can really get wrapped up in all these occult things, and it can SUCK all the joy out of your life.  Basic knowledge like this post suggests, is all that you need, unless you are wanting to go into deliverance.  Research Bill Schnoebelen, or Bree Keyton’s materials which can point you in the right direction…)

Comments From the thread

(This is right! If you go on to You Tube you can see some of the weirdest slaying of the spirit, that are not from God. For Christians if you have a check in your spirit when it comes to deliverance, or even strange things that happen during worship, pay attention to that check.

One woman was moving her head back and forth at lightening speed on You tube, and still managing to speak into the microphone. That is not from GOD.

Often, you are right, it takes place AFTER laying of hands on people. DON”T LET ANYONE Lay hands on you in a service that you do not know. Your better off, just respectfully saying you are not comfortable with it. I saw once on a You tube video where these weird occurrences were taking place when the pastor ran into the audience, and start running around placing his hands on people. THEN, people will find themselves in complete laughter. This is not from GOD!

One woman started uncontrollably rolling around on the floor, and started exposing herself. This was certainly not from God.)

The infiltrator who is working their magick on stage while singing a song about “how they love Jesus” and “how much they adore the Lord” will actually shake their head in a “NO” fashion to signal the other infiltrators that they really don’t believe the “crap they are singing about”.

Another Testimony Here:

As a former practicing witch I can tell you for a fact that Luciferians are in nearly all churches. They are encouraged to go as a cover and as a blasphemy.

They usually work their way in to becoming a trusted member of the church (they want to be involved, but in positions of authority or influence, not ministering). Commonly, they will steer a church in the wrong direction by befriending the pastor/minister or his wife. They then use “friendship” as a means to use psychology on the unsuspecting man or woman to slowly steer them off course. They also will try to buy their way into this by giving to the church often and graciously.

What you need to remember though, is that God uses their works against them. They will donate money and somehow it will help one of God’s chosen ones even though that money is probably also being influenced to be spent for worldly or wicked things.

A Luciferian in the church will usually cause a rift when they join a church and become influential to the church leadership. They will then work to get rid of the true believers in the church and remove them from positions of authority or influence. Commonly, one of the first things that occurs is that one who has the spiritual gift of discernment or a prophet exposes them and then they find themselves no longer welcome in the church shortly thereafter.

By their fruits you know them. You don’t need to look for rings or symbols… Just look at their fruits. If everything they do and say is “I”, “Me”, “You” (“you” used to place blame, guilt, or false righteousness) then they are not of the Holy Spirit, but of the world. Do you really need to know more than that?

The entire church is infested with these fleas. Many many Christians have left the churches, but not their faiths because their FAITH compelled them to leave a place the Spirit showed them was not godly. I believe this is all part of the falling away of the sinful church and also the revival of the true Body of Christ.

God will soon raise up great men who will truly understand His Word and follow it. They will not add doctrines, twist words, or lead others astray. They will simply let the Word do the talking. They will actually follow the Great Commission and also leave this world completely behind them, living all for God (I’d look to see them come up out of the homeless community – seriously, can you think of any greater denial of this world and its ways than to not even care for its money or possessions AT ALL – no house, no money, etc.), and relying completely on Him for their day-to-day needs and ministering needs.

They will truly live for God and go with nothing but the bear essentials for ministering (a few clothes, a bible, shoes, a napsack, a sleeping bag, etc.) and they will trust in God to provide the rest so that they can live freely from dependence on man or Lucifer’s kingdom. They will have to work for food or to find food and stuff most of the time (God isn’t going to make it magically appear all of the time, but sometimes He just might).

If shepherds like this came along the remnant would take notice. It would be their fruits that would make the remnant take notice (giving everything they gain to others as a ministry and keeping only what they absolutely need).

This is what I see coming in the future. This will be the future of true Christianity (one that can not be called hypocritical or wicked by any who look upon it without predetermined hatred).

Another Comment

They love to get close to genuine Christians and they like to give them things. I have had so many infiltrators give me things, that I would eventually have to burn or throw in the trash because of all that was attached to their “gifts”. I have had them give me very expensive things too. Things worth over a couple grand.
Once people begin to spot the signs that I outlined a work of spiritual light begins to pull off the blinders so to speak of the darkness that has held us all blind, then we can clearly see that life is not as simple as we once thought, that there are forces that wish to work within that darkness and seeks to blind the public of that work. The onoly thing that can combat this is the light of truth working in us the freedom of the release of bondage that they held in us.

Pulling the “Crazy train” card is a satanic tactic of mis-direction. It is commonly used as a mind control device to thwart anyone from uncovering the truth.

It is giving other Christians who are not aware of the practices of darkness some discernment lessons of what to look out for. I am certainly enjoying this thread.

Once you are confident that you have an infiltrator that is involving themselves with your life they will want to dominate themselves with you. They will want to steal all your time, and they will want to be the number one focus of your time and life, and it is up to you to put your foot down and refuse them entrance into your life.

All Satanism and all forms of witchcraft are based upon three main characteristics that if learned, can allow you to uncover any manner of Satanic infiltration or activity.

Another is Bill Schnoebelen who is now a Christian and through Jesus he is now a minister of the Gospel. He was a Satanic and Voodoo High Priest, 2nd degree Church of Satan, New Age guru, occultist, channeler, 90th degree Mason, Knight Templar, and a member of the Illuminati.

His book Blood on the Doorposts,which is an advanced course in spiritual warfare I would recommend to anyone.

The best book I have read up to date….(and I would appreciate any Christians who can recommend some spiritual warfare books) is Bree Keytons Stripes, Nails and Thorns. It says on her site, it is an accredited College Course.,%20Nails,%20Thorns%20and%20The%20Blood.html

Why I love this book is her guide really picks apart the details against Spiritual Darkness making it easy to understand.

It is categorized into 4 easy Sections. 1.The thorns, 2. Nails 3. The Blood. 4. The Strips.

She has bout 40 chapters of identifying the darkness in Chapter 2, the Nails

Some of these such as “The Spirit of Python”, “The Jezebel Spirit”, The Spirit of Suicide and Death”, “The Controlling Spirit” and so forth. She really goes into detail of how to identify these spirits.

The 4th part of the manual talks about the Christian making life changes. How in the Name of Jesus we have the power to cast out any darkness out of our lives. The best thing about Our God… Jesus —-> Is that it doesn’t take days to be free. If you want them out of your life, ask Jesus to cast them out.

Her last set, the Stripes lists from Chapter 57- to 91 of how to remain healed, and how to walk in freedom from darkness.

This book is excellent. It is the best book I have read so far on Spiritual Warfare, Healing and Deliverance.

One Testimony Here:

I have another question about something that is going on in our church. I am the song leader and when I get up to lead the songs, something will cause me to choke. It’s not like choking though because you can’t just clear your throat or cough and go on. It literally stops you from singing (for a minute or so) because its like I can’t catch my breath. This will happen about every other time that I lead the songs, especially when I feel the spirit beginning to move.

Of course, the devil has tried to convince me that it is me, but I know better. I was talking to the songleader before me tonight and she told me that the same thing happened to her. But, she and I both go and sing for an hour at the nursing home three times a month and it doesn’t happen there. Also, she and I both will get up and sing solos and it doesn’t happen then either. It also happened to my sister once when she was on stage with me and she refuses to ever go up there again. I’ve told this to our ex pastor and he doesn’t seem to believe that it is something to be concerned about. The new pastor knows about it too, but he hasn’t suggested that we do anything either.

I, myself, as well as my husband will pray before I go sing and bind the choking spirit, as well as rebuke it, and sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t. When I’m leading the songs I have 4-6 other people up there with me as well as the band and the pastor. Could it be one of them causing this?

I just need some help from someone that has experience dealing with this type of warfare.

He answers her question here

One Story Here:

“I like this thread and I’d like to hear more from OP.
As said here, the greater the HOOPLA in some Pentecostal churches, the greater your spirituality is perceived to be; Brother Jone had the gift of HOOPLA… so Brother Jones was made the Youth Pastor.
Many times during the several weeks Jonesy had been in that church, I’d seen some sort of convulsive fit when folks were “slain”; but this one was SLITHERING!
A few years later I was on my own and I again saw Jonesy in another church. He was the SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT! I told my little wife, “I don’t know if we’ll continue to come here.

This story should back up OPs assertions.

Around 1969 I was a teen in a Pentecostal church when “Brother Jones” came into the church. Strangely brother Jones drove an hour and a half to come to this modest little church with his side kick Eddie… and sometimes their wives.
Eddie was a simple man.. and simply possessed.
Brother Jones was more intelligent and had REAL power.

I was telling my son last nite that discernment of spirits is perhaps the most needed and least valued gift for a pastor. Our pastor in ’69 did not
have the Gift of Discernment.

My mother was a bit strange herself, a past and current sufferer of PTSD, but she spotted ole Jonesy right off. She told the pastor but he was more impressed with the hoopla. My mother’s discernment is why I sat away from the others. ONE nite Jonesy walked around praying for each of the young people and came up behind me at one point. I was praying to beat the band and strangely the only one he did not actually lay hands on that nite. My prayer was varying forms of “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus”, “I plead the blood”.

One nite I saw Jonesy perform a miracle. The pews were simple, made of
1 1/2″ slats with 1″ spaces to accomidate for the body’s curves so you could look right through the pews of to the floor.

This nite Jonesy was right in among the teens laying on hands, speaking in tounges and “slaying them in the spirit”. I and others were standing around in a loose circle. I’ll never forget seeing this fully physically grown 13 year old girl first begin to convulse, then fall to the floor all the while convulsing, continueing to convulse on the floor ….. then begin SLITHERING beneath the pews.

I am talking about curving snake like motions that were physically impossible for a human to make, and if they could, they would not produce FORWARD MOVEMENT beneath the pews! I of course did a double take, a triple take and looked around to see if anyone else saw what I was seeing.
I just could not believe what I was seeing.
It was a TRUE miracle.

We pretty much left the church after that.

A week later they had a revival and in mid service the evangelist stopped the service to pray against “hindering spirits”. I kept my eyes open and watched as Jonesy left the other “honored” on the platform and knelt down in a corner made by a floor cabinet and the wall. Jonesy started sweating like crazy and shivering like a wet dog while the church prayed. He sat down in the congregation at the end of the prayer time, and after about 10 minutes Jonesy got up and left. Brother Jones never came back.
On Sunday morning, 2 weeks later, his LETTER was read:
“…..God has called me to another work, therefore I must resign as Sunday School Superintendent.”

Another testimony here:

First, know real Satanists look and dress normal not always like Bikers, or Gothic dress or hippies. The ones that look like trouble say with tattoos, green hair, body piercings you do not have to worry about. Unless you’re into their drug culture, then watch your back. A long time Satanist is serious about hiding who they are. The new ones will brag, and flaunt it like it’s cool.

A Comment From An Identical Article On This Subject

They love to get close to genuine Christians and they like to give them things. I have had so many infiltrators give me things, that I would eventually have to burn or throw in the trash because of all that was attached to their “gifts”. I have had them give me very expensive things too. Things worth over a couple grand.

I have had to do a lot of “house cleaning” in my time of becoming a spiritual warrior. Chances are, everybody probably has some house cleaning to do also.

Infiltrators, like the tare, sucks the life out of the wheat as it gets close to it, and draws it’s nourishment from that wheat, in essence, a spiritual leach. I’m sure they prefer the term “spiritual vampire” but leach is closer to what they are.

Infiltrators are time stealers. They love to involve themselves with a Christian and take up all their spare time, they are pathological time stealers as they are liars too.

If you use these tips at uncovering them, they will know that you are discovering them, it’s kind of like when a light switch is turned on the cockroach knows it’s time to run and hide.

Be aware of ‘gifts’. Gifts come with attachments. By attachments, I mean demons. Quite simply: once you accept the ‘gift’, you accept the demon.
Because infiltrators like to pretend that they are your friends. And they like to get their hooks in you by showing what good friends they are by giving you nice things all the time. Things that are hard to throw away.

A Comment From An Identical Article On This Subject

A Luciferian in the church will usually cause a rift when they join a church and become influential to the church leadership. They will then work to get rid of the true believers in the church and remove them from positions of authority or influence. Commonly, one of the first things that occurs is that one who has the spiritual gift of discernment or a prophet exposes them and then they find themselves no longer welcome in the church shortly thereafter.