Howard Storm’s Near Death Experience Where Angels Revealed To Him The Collapse Of America

Howard Storm’s NDE In Shortened Form

Howard Storm was an art professor at Northern Kentucky University, a position he held for 20 years, and at this stage of his life, he described himself as an atheist.

In June 1985, Storm took a group of his students on a field trip to Europe. After returning to his Paris hotel room with his wife around 11:00am, he experienced a sudden puncture to his duodenum caused by an ulcer or foreign object. He was transported to best hospital in Paris, had a diagnosis, and was told he needed surgery immediately, however, because the hospital was understaffed on weekends, the surgery was not scheduled to occur until 9:00 p.m., causing Storm to suffer severe debilitating pain for 10 hours, with no medical attention or medication. After laying waiting for the surgery, he gave up the will to live and mentally prepared himself to die. After saying goodbye to his wife, he eventually passed out and believed he was dying.

Storm opened his eyes again and found himself standing outside of his body, looking down at the hospital bed, with his wife crying at his bedside. Storm was then drawn by seemingly friendly voices calling his name outside the hospital room, and he followed them, assuming they were taking him to a doctor. The creatures, ended up being demons which lead him straight into hell.

He found himself in hell being tormented, when a memory of a little song he learned in nursery school came to mind, “Jesus loves me, yes I know …” and it kept repeating. Not having anything left, he screamed, “Jesus, please save me.”

Jesus did save him.  In heaven he saw a life review of his life, and it was there that he was also given by angels the future of America

You can listen to more of his testimony on Youtube.

The Future Of America Given To Howard Storm

Howard Storm says that angels told him that the world would go through a total economic collapse, and the effects on the world economy will be worse than the severe economic and social problems experienced by the United States during the Great Depression.

Here is what he was shown:

Increasing Number Of Earthquakes, Volcanic Activity– He was shown that in these last days we would see an increasing number of earthquakes, increased volcanic activity around the world and destructive changes in weather patterns.

Massive Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Food Shortages Around The World-These changes in the weather patterns were described in ways that are similar to today’s understanding of the more severe effects of global warming, such as massive floods hitting areas over time, increased hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones, drought-caused famines etc. This eventually resulted in massive food shortages around the world and the collapse of the world financial system.

Shortage of Gasoline -He was also apparently shown images of persons actually “killing for a cup of gasoline”. He described the world economic system as eventually being in total collapse, to the point that “the electricity was off and didn’t come back on”.

Starvation In America – He says that the images that he was shown included many terrible things, and that in the United States specifically, the population dropped to “just tens of thousands of people left alive” due to food shortages and the resulting violence caused by the starving population.   Many men who could not feed their families, used violence to take what they could no longer buy, in order for themselves and their own families to survive.