“I am going to remove their candlestick ” God’s Judgement On Believers – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Re-Published From WPA Apostolic Prophetic Company

From Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, God’s prophet from India

Delivered to the church in St. Louis, June of 2002

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is the founder of JESUS MINISTRIES

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This evening I greet every one of you in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please, kindly, everyone remove your shoes. Even the little children in our midst, please kindly remove your shoes. From this moment onward until this meeting finishes, please do not put your shoes on. Bow your heads, and please look up to the Lord Jesus Christ right now. The Bible says God is holy. And the people of God must worship him in the beauty of holiness. We are coming before a holy God. I stand before the presence of the holy God with fear and trembling right now, for what I was shown and what I was commanded to speak. The seraphim and the four living creatures around the throne of God cry day and night, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, who was, who is, and who is to come.” From the innermost of our hearts, let us worship the holiness of God right now.

Holy Father, we stand before you holy presence, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Open our hearts, open our ears, dear Holy Spirit that we may hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the churches in these days. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Please turn your Bibles with me to the book of Exodus, chapter thirty-four. I was supposed to speak with you about the crucified life, as I mentioned last night. But today, as I was here during the worship service, an angel of the Lord came and stood before me, and he told me to do something else. That is what is happening right now. Exodus, chapter thirty-four, verses five onward.

“The Lord descended in the cloud and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of the Lord. And the Lord passed by before Him and proclaimed, The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in goodness and truth. Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin. And that will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, to the third and to the fourth generation.”

Please observe the last part in verse seven, “visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children and upon the children’s children unto the third and fourth generation.”

I came well prepared to continue preaching on the crucified life. But as we were deeply worshiping the Lord, I saw the chief prince angel over the nation of the United States of America .

He came and stood before me. I first began seeing chief prince angels of nations when I went to South Africa . That was the first time that I ever saw a chief prince angel that is in charge of overlooking the affairs of an entire nation. And he gave me a word concerning the nation, concerning the will of God, and what God’s purpose is for the nation.

From then onwards, for the many, many nations that I would go to, the respective angels of those nations would come to me and give me a word for the nation: what is God’s word, what does God think about the nation, what has been happening in the nation, in the churches, and what is going to come to pass. Even sometimes, angels that are over churches will visit me, giving me a report about what is the state of affairs in each church, the good and the bad, and what is God’s word for that church.

So when the angel of the United States of America came and stood before me, …I tremble and quake every time I see an angel of a nation, I always tremble and quake in my heart, because of the awesome anointing and authority they have.

When he came and stood before me, he told me, “An awesome judgment is going to come upon America very soon.” An awesome judgment. When he spoke, I felt a fear, a Godly fear running through my bones and my spirit.

This is not a judgment that would destroy the entire nation, but something quite similar to what happened with the twin towers. But, it can all be prevented, IF…RIVERS OF INTERCESSION FLOW IN THE NATION. This is the word that he told me to speak. And I saw, that if you will take this seriously and pray, a huge river flowing all throughout the center of your country. If it flows –a river of tears, rivers of intercession (and as the angel was speaking, I saw this huge white river flowing from the east to the west)– only that would prevent this judgment that could come.

And then I saw this angel, where he was positioned and where he was standing, guarding over the United States of America . He was standing very near to where the Statue of Liberty is. A huge, gigantic angel! If you read in Revelation, chapter ten, it is written, John saw an angel so huge and mighty that one of his legs was on the earth, the other leg was on the sea, and he stretched out his hand and he reached to the sun. Can you imagine what a gigantic figure he must have been? Probably as tall as the Sears tower or the former World Trade Center. …such a huge, gigantic angel standing guard over the United States of America !

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, as he was speaking these words, he said “this is the word that you should preach tonight.” And then I saw the heavens open, and from the throne of God, this word came to me: “Visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children unto the third and to the fourth generation.” …the judgments of God.

Don’t you believe any of the false prophets who preach to you after 9/11 saying, it was not a judgment of God. I tell you, as a non-American, and as a holy prophet of God, what happened was a judgment from God. Two days before 9/11 happened, a dear friend of mine, a very saintly prophet of God, was taken up in the spirit to Heaven. And while he stood before the presence of the Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ called forth for a mighty, powerful angel. He came and stood before the Lord Jesus Christ. And a fiery torch was given to this angel. As soon as the angel held the torch, he became enflamed (engulfed) with fire from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet. And then, the command was given to the angel, “GO FORTH! And cast this fire down upon the nations of the world.”

And the angel and this prophet came down, and they stood in the mid-heavens. And the angel told him, now see what happens. And the angel took the fiery torch in his hand and cast down fires in several parts of the earth. And when the fires were thrown, the angel told him, “From now onward, there will be bombings, fires and destructions in many, many nations around the world.”

That (vision) was (given to this prophet) on the seventh of September (of 2001). On the eighth of September, when he was conducting a fasting and prayer meeting in his church, the same angel came and stood by his side again, and repeated into his ear, audibly, word for word, every event that he saw the previous day. And the angel commanded him, “Now, declare to your church everything that you saw and you heard.” And with great fear and trembling, he shared what he saw and what he heard. And they all prayed. Several days later came the judgment upon America . It was not an ordinary terrorist attack.

If you read in the Old Testament, the five books of Moses, every time Israel would go away, go astray from the commandments and laws of God, the Bible says very clearly, “God will turn her enemies against her.” The hornets and the wild beasts will be let loose to come and create havoc in the land of Israel among the Israelites. If God can do that to the chosen nation, the chosen people, how much more YOU? God removed his protective cover, removed his protective hand, because you constantly turned your back against the Almighty God.

You know, when I first came to America , in 1991, on the fourth of July, your Independence Day, I was in a conference scheduled to speak. As I was worshiping the Lord, I saw the heavens open before me, and the Lord Jesus Christ stood there, and He told me, “Now I am going to give you a word for this nation.” Among the three things that He showed me, they all have come to pass, but I will tell you one thing that concerns you right now: I saw the flag of America . — you know, I have never seen a people like the Americans, who love their nation so much, and who are so patriotic about their great nation. That is good. When I traveled in your country, I use to see these huge, gigantic flags that fly so majestically in some parts of the country. I feel very proud, as if I myself was an American. The same American flag, I saw in the heavens. But instead of flying in the right direction, it was flying in the reverse direction. And the Lord Jesus Christ was standing at the flag and knocking …on the flag. And as He was knocking, I saw the words, “LAST CALL” flashing. Last Call was flashing and flashing. Then the word of the Lord came unto me, “This nation — the flag that you see flying in the reverse direction is the heart of this nation that has turned away from righteousness, and is walking toward unrighteousness. She has turned her back towards Me. Yet, I am still calling her. Last call, last call, last call.

And for the three months that I was in the U.S. during that period, every church and every conference that I went to, I was commanded to share this vision. And ask the American people to pray for your country. But you know, I was very aghast to notice that the Americans, especially American Christians, take very lightly such words, because you think that the non-Christian Americans deserve God’s judgment. You really don’t love your country. You think you love your country, but deep down in your heart, you don’t really love your country. You have such a self-righteous attitude, thinking that the non-Christians deserve the judgment of God, and you deserve Heaven. Don’t you think that when the twin towers came down, many Christians also perished? When the economy of New York City came to a standstill, how many Christians also suffered economic losses, job layoffs. Thirty-thousand Indians working in New York City were sent back home. Overnight, 30,000 Indians lost their jobs. They came back home, among them, many Christians. They wrote to me for prayer. When the judgment of God comes, remember: even the righteous may have to suffer.

When God’s judgments came upon Israel , and she was taken captive to Babylon , righteous Daniel was among them! He was a captive.

When Israel was under the captivity of another foreign nation, righteous Jeremiah was there!

Righteous Nehemiah was there. The righteous saints also go into the captivity! Don’t you forget that. Don’t forget that.

You have been duped by all the false teachers and false prophets in your country, deluding you and deceiving into thinking that no matter what happens, you will always be protected. As a result, you are suffering from spiritual lethargy, hearing only that which you want to hear and switching off when you don’t want to hear. You know, of you it is written in the Bible, “…those who have itching ears, only wanting to hear pleasant words.”

My dear brothers and sisters, the judgments of God are real. The countdown has begun. You know, India and Pakistan came this close to an all-out nuclear war. If the war took place, the whole of Pakistan would have been wiped out. Four northern states in India would have been wiped out. And the defense analysts predicted that Pakistan would have been uninhabitable for thirty years because of the nuclear dust that would be hanging over the country. The whole of north India would have been wiped out. Nepal would be wiped out. Tibet would be affected. They came this close to an all-out nuclear war. Somehow, God spared us.

My dear brothers and sisters, if you read the Holy Bible, forget about church doctrines, forget about vain traditions and teachings of men who only want to bilk you out of your money. I am declaring to you the oracles of God right now. From Genesis to Revelation, if you read the Holy Bible, it shows very clearly two things: redemptive judgment. God judges! …because He is a good God. From the garden of Eden all the way up to the book of Revelation, you will see these two themes: love and judgment. Not just love and love, and bless me and bless me. This is how your prophets and teachers are teaching you today. And they have not only corrupted the American church, they are corrupting the Indian church. They are corrupting the Eastern church, they’re corrupting the African church and they’re corrupting the European church. It (unbalanced teaching) has been exported! As much as God loved His first creation, His first-born son, Adam, HIS HEART PAINED when He had to pronounce a judgment, “GET OUT!!!”

Couldn’t He have done something else to keep Adam there? NO! He said, “GET OUT!!” You can never stay in the garden of Eden. GET OUT! From the protective nest, like new-born babies, thrown out, how could they survive? Although the Lord judged Adam and Eve, that judgment had a redemptive aspect. At the same time, the Lord clothed them with coats of skin, and gave them access to forgiveness.

Now come to Genesis, chapter six. For a hundred and twenty years, this righteous and perfect man, Noah preached to the world. 120 years! He was a preacher of righteousness. For 120 years, God was long-suffering toward the people. He was patient for 120 years. Patiently, hoping and waiting, that they would repent. As much as he was preaching for 120 years, he was also building the ark at the same time. As the cross is the sign of redemption, so was the ark in that day. Even if they would not believe Noah, the people had a visible judgment, an evidence of judgment right before their eyes, …this huge ark that he was building. They could not deny the ark that they were seeing with their own eyes, yet they chose not to believe the safety, the redemption that was right before their eyes. They ridiculed, they insulted, they made fun of Noah. Not a single person believed him. For 120 years, the Lord gave them space for repentance. Even until the day when Noah entered into the ark, the Lord waited patiently for another seven days, hoping against all hope that the people would repent; that at least one would repent, that they would enter into the ark.

Finally, there is a time…when the door of grace will be SHUT. And the Bible says, God shut the door from the outside. Why? Why didn’t Noah shut the door from the inside? When the rain starting coming down, when the first drop of rain came, everybody’s eyes were opened, that Noah was right for 120 years! And guess what happened, they all went and battered the door of the ark! Noah, open the door! Noah, open the door! The cries of little children screaming, “Grandpa Noah, OPEN THE DOOR! OPEN THE DOOR!” How your heart would feel if you were Noah! Wouldn’t you run to open the door? Noah must have felt like that. When God closes the door, no man can open the door. That is the reason why God Himself shut the door. He never allowed Noah to shut the door, because Noah might have opened the door. Only one family was saved. Only one family from an entire generation.

My dear brothers and sisters, in the judgment that came upon the whole world, love and redemption preserved one family. Now come to the book of Jonah: an entire nation walking in gross sin… but before we go there, let’s go to Sodom and Gomorrah . Two great cities of gays and lesbians. An entire city dedicated to the gods of homosexuality, worshiping homosexuality as their god, with no other god beside that. They were so gross in their sin that they even wanted to have sex with the two angels that went to spy out the land. Can you imagine how grossly, indecently corrupted, everything within them was corrupted with lust, so much so Lot had to step in, and was willing to sacrifice his own daughters, to protect the two men (angels). The judgment of God came down — one family was spared. Redemption in judgment. But let me warn you right now, you can be so close to redemption and yet lose it in the end. Look at Lot ’s wife. She was spared from judgment, running toward redemption, and she missed the boat at the last moment.

Let her story be a warning to you. In fact, the Lord Jesus Himself said, “Remember Lot’s wife.” Why did He say that? Because many people teach, “If you are once saved, you are forever saved.” That is a teaching from the pit of hell. Once saved is not forever saved. (Technically, I do believe that, but not practically.) Not from the viewpoint of God, because it is written in Matthew 24:13, “He that endures until the end, only HE shall be saved.” …Enduring until the end! Lot ’s wife did not endure until the end. As she was on the road to redemption, she left behind her heart in Sodom and Gomorrah . Her heart pulled her back. And she turned and she saw, SAVED but then suddenly DESTROYED! Don’t be deceived! I tell you one more time with great love and all humility, don’t be deceived that once saved is always saved. Don’t be deceived that just because you are a tongue-talking Christian that you will be saved and caught up in the rapture. Don’t be deceived. He that endures until the end, only he shall be saved.

Look at the story of Nineveh . Jonah went there, preaching. It took three days to walk around the whole city. For three days, he was crying out, “REPENT! If not, then in forty days you will be destroyed!” From the king to the animals, they all fasted for forty days. They repented in sackcloth. God’s heart was moved with compassion. Judgment was delayed, but Nineveh was eventually destroyed because she only repented for a season, like you ( America ).

After 9/11, the whole nation appeared holy and repentant for a season. Now you are back to normal. You are back to your filth. You are back to your corruption, you are back to your sins. You have forgotten the repentance you did after 9/11. The vows you have made unto the living God after 9/11, you have forgotten! The altars that you had repaired after 9/11, you have forgotten! And they are back in ruins again! The Scriptures say, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever.” My spirit shall not strive with man forever.

Now come with me to the New Testament, in Luke, chapter nineteen. The Lord Jesus Christ looks at the city of Jerusalem , His beloved city, His own city, He has no other city except Jerusalem . He looked at the city, and He beat His face and He cried, and cried and cried. No one had ever seen the Lord Jesus crying like that before. This was even before He cried at Lazarus’s tomb. He was beating His face, beating his breast and crying bitterly. Why? Because the very people for whom He came, as the very personification of redemption, they were going to reject the Messiah. And what would result from that rejection? Judgment. The Lord Jesus predicted, “Oh Jerusalem, you are going to be destroyed! They are going to siege you around! You are going to be utterly destroyed! Your city will be burned, you will become ashes!” He cried, like a mother crying for her baby. Thirty-three and a half years after the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, Jerusalem was burned to ashes. Not one time, but three times, the city was burned to ashes.

My dear brothers and sisters, did she repent? Did the church repent? In the book of Acts, when the church was born, born in fire, born in the power of the Holy Spirit, the foundation of the church was the power of the Holy Spirit and the purity of God. While the church was growing, just as pride entered into the heart of Lucifer in Heaven, sin came into the church in the form of one couple, named Ananias and Sephira. In trying to win good favor in the eyes of their senior pastor, Peter, they sold their property, kept half the money, and brought the other half of the money and lied to Peter, that this is all the money, the entire proceeds from the sale of our estate. We are bringing it and laying it down at your holy feet. If you read Acts, chapter five very carefully, you will find that before Peter pronounced judgment upon them, upon him firstly, there was a space for him to repent. Peter asked him, “are you sure it sold for this amount of money?” He said, “absolutely, yes, Peter.” ONLY THEN, the judgment of God came down, and Peter said, “HOW DARE you lie against the Holy Ghost.” Peter did not even say, how dare you lie against me. He said, how dare you lie against the Holy Spirit. Peter said, “DROP DEAD!” Ananias dropped dead immediately.

After three hours, his wife came around. Mercy and redemption were stretched out toward her. Peter asked her, “Tell me the truth, did you sell your property for this amount of money?” What could she have said? “No.” An opportunity was given to her to repent. Please take note of that. An opportunity was given to her to repent. Did she make use of it? No. She continued in the delusion. She continued walking in the lie. She continued believing in the lie that she and her husband invented. And she dropped dead next.

My dear brothers and sisters, let me lovingly tell you with great love, God never judges before giving space for repentance. Even when He judges, it is toward redemption. Judgment is redemptive, not destructive.

Now come to Acts, chapter twelve. King Herod proudly poses upon his great might (and power). And an angel of the Lord came and stood by his side, drew out his sword, and (smote him). In the natural, he dropped dead on the floor. The doctors would have classified that as a heart attack.

But what happened in the spiritual realm? An angel of the Lord struck him dead. How many of your preachers have died suddenly? If they die suddenly for some medical reason, you may think it happened that way. But I tell you today, Acts chapter twelve was repeated many times: angels of the Lord standing there, striking them dead.

If you read the book of Obadiah, chapter one, verse three and four, you will read the prophet prophesying there, “Though you fly up and make your nest among the stars, oh you eagle, you will be brought down low.” Who do you think that is talking about? Though you make your nest among the stars… How is your flag? “Though you make your nest among the stars, you will be brought down low.” …because you have been deceived by the pride in your hearts. …the arrogance in your heart, not by anything else.

America is good. A good nation, a giving nation, a helpful nation. And at the same time, a prideful, arrogant nation. She thinks that she has become great by the power and strength of her own might. She has forgotten that it is the Lord God that has lifted you up, blessed you, made you strong and mighty, but you have forgotten your creator.

Look at the Book of Revelation, chapter two and three, the seven messages to the seven churches that were existing at the time. None of them, except the church in Smyrna , received a (good) word from the Lord Jesus Christ. The rest of the six churches were receiving conditional judgment. If they repented, it would be well and good. If not, I will even remove, the Lord said (to one particular church), “I will remove your candlestick and you will be destroyed.”

I was once preaching in a charismatic church in Singapore . The pastor invited me to his house for Christmas Day dinner. Together with me were his two church elders. After dinner, before I left, he said, please bless our family before you leave.

I stood to pray for his family. And the Lord Jesus Christ came and stood beside me and said, “For three years, I have been coming to his church and looking for fruits, and none are bearing. Right now, I am going to cut this tree.”

Then I fell on my knees, and I interceded for the church. For twenty-five minutes, I cried to the Lord. “No Lord, please don’t. Please don’t. Spare them Lord for one more year.” The Lord Jesus heard my prayer and He said, “Because you asked, I will spare them for one more year.” After the prayer, I called the pastor privately and I told him this word (from the Lord). And I totally forgot about this entire event. But, 365 days later, exactly to the day, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and He said, “The one year is up.” I totally forgot about it. He came and reminded me. “The one year is up. And during that one year, she did not bear any fruit. NOW, the reapers will go and will cut the tree.” From the moment the Lord Jesus spoke that word, I saw the tree of this church withering day by day, by day. Today, it does not exist. Even the pastor is no more the pastor of the church. The church totally closed up. This is just one example that I have told you. I could tell you examples of many other churches where the Lord came and removed the candlestick from the other churches.

(Another) church with whom I had a very close affiliation, it’s like I was a mother giving birth to the church (I gave birth to the church). But the very mother who gave birth to the church, -the very mother-, had to use a dagger to stab her, like Abraham did.

One day when I was in your church, the Lord Jesus appeared to me and He said, “I am going to remove their candlestick.” When I told this to the pastor, he laughed at me. He said, “Brother, we are in the New Testament. We are under grace. How would God ever do like (what you have just said)?”

I looked at him and I said, “If I am a true prophet of God, and if that word truly came from God, it will come to pass.” And I shook off the dust off my feet that day, and I never went back to that church again. But one year later, the candlestick was removed from the church. And that church is no more in existence.

My dear brothers and sisters, don’t take your salvation for granted. Don’t take your freedom for granted. Don’t take the mercy of God for granted. Don’t take the redemptive grace of God for granted.

Several years ago, I was preaching at a conference in Sydney , Australia . You know the city of Sydney is exactly like the city of San Francisco . The very sins in San Francisco are the very sins in Sydney . The very sins that you see in New York City are the very sins in Perth . Two identical cities, on the east and west coast in your nation are the same (in these spiritual respects) cities in Australia , east and west coast. They are always gateway cities. While I was there, one evening an awesome angel came and stood before me.

I am usually never fearful in the midst of angels, except when I started seeing the chief princes of nations. But that particular angel, when he stood before me, I trembled and quaked like a leaf. And he had like a bowl in his hand. And he looked at me with a fierce look in his eyes, and he said,

“I am one of the two angels that was sent out to spy Sodom and Gomorrah . And I have been sent here to spy out the city and pour this vial of judgment upon the city.”

Only then I understood why I was trembling. With fear, I fell on my face before God. I prayed and prayed for the city of Sydney . I said, “Lord, not now. There is still three more days for the conference, Lord. I will gather all the Christians to repent for Sydney , to pray for this nation.” For a long time I was lying on my face. Finally, the countenance on the angel’s face changed. He became calmer, and he said, “I am leaving now for a season.” And he left.