” I am Going To Turn Them Over ” A Heavy Warning To Believers Who Are Living In Sin- Victoria Segres Bates

Victoria Segres Bates gives a very stern warning from God to the church. There is within the body of Christ backsliders who have gone astray, indulging in all sorts of sin. God is getting ready to turn those believers who have not repented of their sin over to a state of devastating and horrid confusion.

She describes how God is going to give up those who have been in sin and unwilling to change.  These believers will start to believe evil is good, and good is evil.  They will start to believe truth is a lie.  God is a gentlemen.  He won’t continue to fight a person who is disobedient.  At some point He allows you to have what your heart really desires. 

Hell is real, and there are Christians in hell right now because they willingly choose sin.  Embrace the truth and get yourself right NOW. 

Church, listen CAREFULLY and take HEED.

Roman’s 1:18-32.

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“I don’t care what someone is telling you about the year of joy, this is the year of trembling, this is the year of sackcloth and ashes, this is the year of tribulation, and He will give you up if you don’t get back to the truth”

“Hes not playing, Judgement has started”