“I could see all of these flashing red lights all over the map” Courtney Morton’s Vision Of A Map Of The United States

prophetic-mapCould we see a terrorist attack coming to this nation?

Courtney Morton contacted me about a dream she had where she was shown a map of the United States.  On the map were flashing red, green and yellow lights.  When she woke up, and was wide awake she saw a vision of the map, and when she blinked it disappeared. 

Could she have been warned of an event that is going to take place in the future, and if so, what event do you suspect that would be? In this post, I link to some of the other prophetic words that also paint a picture of a terrorist attack. 

Hi Meranda,

My name is Courtney Morton and I am a 29 year old stay at home mom of three beautiful children. I live on a small farm in ******.

I am above all else am a child of the Most High GOD.

I want to thank your family for the work you are doing. Daily your blog and your husband’s bless me and my family. You are true encouragement to me. It is so wonderful to find a wife and mother putting God first. I want him as the cornerstone of everything I do.

I was saved as a small child and grew up knowing that Yeshua came to die for me. I was always the Christian girl in school and actually met my husband in Campus Ministries in collage.I have loved God always but I have a passion for him like never before. I try to spend every moment in praise and seeking him and telling anyone who will listen about the coming days. So thank you for what you do. Your family offers so many resources to see what is really happening around us.

I also want to share with you a dream I had last night. I have had many dreams throughout my life that I know were sent directly to me from the Lord but last night was like no dream I have ever had.

I woke up in my dream and I was laying on a bed with my husband beside me and my sister behind me. I asked my husband a question and he answered. Then my sister got up left the room and came back and laid down. I asked her where our parents were and she said my Dad couldn’t protect both homes because it was to hard. She told me she cast a spell to protect the home we were in (which was so crazy to me because she is a ordained minister and knows nothing about witchcraft) I told her she shouldn’t have done that and all we have to do is pray and we will be protected.

I began praying and when I finished I heard a noise in the hall outside the room. I asked my husband what it was. He said he didn’t know so I was worried it was one of our children. I got up and when I turned the corner there was my husband fully dressed standing in front of me.

In that instance I felt my body being pulled from that home. It was kind of like teleporting. I went through the house and could see the grass then a city I didn’t recognize. I kept going up higher until I was looking at the United States. It was like looking at a google earth map of the US. I could see all of these flashing red lights all over the map. Like when you search a location and the destinations point pop up. They were flashing all across the map. On closer inspection I noticed a few green dots flashing sporadically. I could also see a few yellow lights flashing, then it was like I was seeing those lights through the lens of a pilots helmet. I could see my reflection in the glass of the plane and the helmet was like what fighter pilots wear and I had the tube that I believe gives you oxygen at high and fast altitudes.

As the pilot I got the impression those red lights were the targets, the green ones were non-threats and the yellow were caution.

I awoke suddenly, but when I opened my eyes I could still see the map in my room. I closed my eyes and opened them once more and I couldn’t see the map anymore.  I felt lead to share this with you. I don’t know what the first half of the dream is supposed to mean, I am praying for clarification on it, but I know the second half is coming. Thank you so much for your time and reading this.

God Bless you,

Courtney Morton


My Email Correspondence With Courtney :


I have been busy finishing with these election prophecies….but the very next thing I hope to investigate…which I am seeing coming up in the last little while are these terrorist attack prophecies.

I wonder if that is what you saw,……

I vaguely recall about 3 or 4 prophecies that talk about this in the last week.

I wonder if it has to do with that….

So you had the dream, and then when you awoke, you saw a map in a vision.

Were the lights as you saw in your dream on the map in the vision?

I cannot say what the meaning of the first part is…. I wish I could interpret dreams… but the second part very well could be locations of possible attacks.

Do you recall any specific locations?



It definitely was an impacting dream for me.

I do think it is a terrorist attack that is coming.

I don’t mind if you post it to your website. I just want people to see what is happening around us and to be prepared!!!!

When I awoke I could still see the map in my room like a Vision with all of the dots still on it. I think God was letting me know how significant this really was.

I don’t really recall any specific locations. I know I saw a few green dots in the south. I even remember thinking I need to look longer and getting the impression that that was not for me to know but someone else.

I am still praying about the first half. I also heard after I awoke to read 1 Samuel 5.