” Nineveh was spared the judgment for a season ” A Prophetic Word To Byron Searle

” Nineveh was spared the judgment for a season ”

Jonah 3:4-10

The Lord says: My son, there has been much confusion in my body. Some say America will be great again; some say America will be doomed and destroyed. I say to you, read my servant Jonah. Nineveh was a great city, deep in sin. Every man’s heart was continually evil. Corruption was bountiful, and the sins of the flesh were everywhere. Idolatry was rampant, and the worship of every creature was on the lips of all in the city. I had their wickedness come up before Me, and I pronounced judgment coming to overthrow the city in 40 days. The king heard the warning from Jonah and decreed a fast throughout the city. He made all, even the animals, to wear sackcloth and cover with ashes.

My son, the sins of America have come up before me, but I have many voices shouting the warning, not just one. The corruption of the land, the sins of the flesh, and worship to the idols of baal and molech have overcome not just a city, but a nation. I do not see the king calling a solemn fast, nor is he doing all to correct the sins of this nation. There are pockets of my remnant praying, but not all of my people and not the whole nation. The king is not humbling himself before Me to stop the judgments that are coming.

The things the King has changed are only superficial and have not gotten to the sin that comes before Me. Nineveh was spared the judgment for a season. America will not be spared, for America, my people, all my people will not repent!

Thus saith the Lord, If my people will humble themselves and repent, I will hear them and spare America for a season. But I say, America, you will not repent, for your pride and haughtiness are great. The judgments are coming! My people, you are not ready for what is about to come upon your land. I tell my remnant, stay on your knees and seek me, for I will be your only strong tower. My son, get this warning out, for there is no time left.
Messiah Jesus

” The Great Falling Away is happening now, but how many of my children even see it?”

Jeremiah 44:3-13

The Lord says: My son, there is apostasy in my body, and this abomination has spread like a disease throughout every part. My prophets and watchmen have been swept up into this disease, who once heard my voice but now hear a lie. Beware of men who give themselves titles, but I have not called them nor anointed them in the office. These false teachers and prophets only speak to tickle the ears of the lukewarm church. They promise good health, good wealth, and good times, but if they really heard my voice, they would be lamenting day and night for repentance of the lost.

My true prophets stay in the dark recesses of their prayer closets, praying and seeking my face for repentance of a godless nation. You may never know them, for they do not seek fame nor the spotlight. My prophets and watchmen speak only what they have heard to prepare my bride for my return. My son, many of my remnant are tucked away, praying for this nation. If it weren’t for them and their prayers, the judgments would have overwhelmed this nation. I am a merciful and gracious God and have delayed much to allow more people to know Me.

But prophecy must be fulfilled, and the times are now here. The Great Falling Away is happening now, but how many of my children even see it? They are too focused on a man making a country great again. I tell you now, as I said before, this nation will never be great again. No nation will be great again as all nations will crumble into war and destruction. Then the one who wants to be god will destroy delightfully and make all men, ALL MEN worship him! My son, the apostasy has begun and is likened unto a creature with many arms. Beware, beware, BEWARE! Seek me in prayer and stay in My Word.

” I will break all the idols that men worship”

Zachariah 12 & 13

The Lord says: My son, in that day, I will hear the cries of my people, for judgments wax heavy on them and many will perish. In that day, I will make all that worship at the altar of self wallow in the mire they have cleaved unto. In that day, I will break all the idols that men worship. Money will become as dirt, totally worthless. That is the strongest god that men worship and will do anything for. l will break the idol of carnal sex. People will see a new pestilence that will affect all who worship this god. There will be no cure or prevention methods, only abstention. In that day, I will cause to cease the false pastors and teachers. Their tongues will cleave to the roofs of their mouths, stopping all the deceiving lies that have led my children down the path to hell. In that day, food will become more valuable than gold, and water more valuable than silver. My people who have heard my voice and prepared will be blessed above the richest men.

My son, in that day when my judgments come upon this land, my children will cry out for mercy, and I will hear them. In that day, My Spirit will flow over this land called America. All who will kneel and repent will be saved and filled with My Spirit. In that day of total destruction, My Spirit will move mightily and totally throughout the land. Multitudes will be saved, more than any other time since time began. In that day, the end shall come. My son Jesus will return for his bride who will shine bright white and move with power and might, not since the first Christians. In that day, I will then turn my attention to Israel and save the House of My Covenant. In that day, all tears will be dried up, and all sorrows remembered no more.

My son, these days of judgment seem cruel and harsh, but the lives saved by my love will outnumber the judgments and torments. BE READY, for that day is coming and now is!
The Father