Pastor Preaching Outside Abortion Clinic Shuts Down Police With The Law


Pastor Shuts Down Unlawful Police Officer!

Officer L. Lenzen from Tempe Police Department refused to read the law Pastor Jeff was being accused of breaking. Instead of obeying an unlawful order Jeff stood his ground and fought back (using the law), forcing the police department to leave the scene.

Here’s the high quality audio and video of the abusive police officers trying to shut down our amplification. Please SHARE this video far and wide and let the Tempe Police Department know you will not allow this unconstitutional behavior from their officers. Here’s the YouTube version:



Jordan Fisher As a deputy sheriff I am so absolutely disappointed in this LEO. Our job is to uphold the constitution above all else. Keep up the amazing work Pastor Jeff you have this officer’s full support.

Jojo Alva According to this, you guys were legally in the wrong. I’d sure like to read the paper the police refused to read that you guys offered them.…/1721864412142017120004401.PDF

Apologia Studios We weren’t in a residential zone is one error.
Ilan Muallem Srulovicz Jojo Alva The premise of this is during non daylight hours… I think this was shot during the day… You can do what you want during the day…
Apologia Studios Jojo Alva Thank you. Yes. You haven’t understood our city code. Thankfully, we’ve also had about half a dozen police officers confirm with us that we were in the right. Thank you so much for your love and your concern.
Apologia Studios We have 1st amendment protected activities in public areas. We also have the city code that allows it. There are restrictions placed upon officers in order to cite us.
Mark Sara Cowperthwaite I recently went through the police department in Portland Maine because I was unlawfully threatened outside the murder mill. An officer told me that I had to stand at least arm’s reach away from a Planned Parenthood volunteer even though I was standing on a public sidewalk. When I asked the officer what law I was breaking he would not tell me a law only say that it was a lawful order. He told my father a minute later that it was disorderly conduct and said “I will absolutely enforce it whether you want me to use your child to do it or not.” I reported the incident with audio proof to the chief of police asking if the officer was justified in his actions and if he was not I wanted an apology from the officer for unlawful threatening of a 14 girl who was standing on a public sidewalk. The department started an internal investigation. It took a while but the officer got a week off work without pay and has to go for more training in fair and impartial policing. One thing that contributed to the investigation is that the same officer was there when our deathscorts were physically blocking me while I was standing up against the side of a building. The officer said nothing to them or said that they had to stand arm’s reach away from me but then told me that I had to stand away from them. Just last week another officer watched a man yell profanity at us while threatening indecent exposure on the sidewalk in front of minors and when we reported it to the chief with video evidence that the officer on duty did not confront the man about his actions, the chief said that it was fine and it was constitutional free speech. Unjust officers need to be told their duty to enforce the laws and to execute justice! Great job Jeff!