Prisha Brock’s Prophetic Vision Of A 200 Ft Tall Tsunami Wave Hitting America


Last night…2/2/2017 I had a dream about a tsunami wave that was at least 200 ft. tall… the dream started out with me and my grand babies at a pool and we in real life like to make waves in the pool and that is what we where doing, but then I said lets go to the other end of the pool where we will get better waves, but the waves that were coming in at that end of the pool were those like at the beach. All of a sudden I saw a huge military ship go by and then that 200 ft wave was coming. I look up and as far as I could see toward the sky was that wave and the only time I had was to grab the kids and tell them to hold on, at that time there were about 9 more kids with me, but I grabbed hands and was yelling for them to hang on don’t let go and braced for the wave to hit us but it never did it was roaring over us like you see the surfers in a wave, it seemed like it took forever but we were untouched 🙂 I believe that Is God telling us His Children will be protected by His Holy Spirit 🙂 P.S that was the first dream I had about a tsunami wave

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