Prophetic Dream -” I saw 4-6 nuclear warhead missiles coming out of the Atlantic ” Carla Smith

Carla Smith

Thirst For Power

Feb 26, 2019

Daughter, write these Words

Time goes by and all seems to be the same, but I tell you, it is not … They’re plans behind the scenes that would shock the peoples of the nations, if they knew what their leaders have agreed to do to bring down your nation and others … They care not what the circumstances or fallout would be from such destruction …  These leaders are more concerned about power, which has them blind to what satan is doing through them.

Many, many will perish because of their thirst for power … Your leader will struggle from the sheer force he will have to contend with, finding himself powerless and unprepared for such an attack.

My hand is held back from stopping this … The nations will watch in horror, knowing it can continue in other nations (Israel crossed my mind) America in all her strength and might is still vulnerable because of great sin,


No nation can stand without My hand of protection, not one! … It is by My mighty hand that nations rise up or they fall.

NOTE: At this time I had a flash vision … I saw 4-6 nuclear warhead missiles coming out of the Atlantic toward America … Submarines were undetectable 

WOE TO YOU AMERICA fore You have closed Your eyes and hearts to the killing of innocent children, You have allowed Your hearts to be hardened to the most vile of sins

PREPARE TO SEE MY HAND OF CORRECTION AND JUDGEMENT, PREPARE FOR DEEP SORROW AND MISERY ... You can NOT grasp the depth of such sorrow coming to Your nation, the scale of death and destruction is UNIMAGINABLE to such a proud and sinful people!

My children, My called out ones will walk according to My instructions during this time … They will lead the lost and broken to My Kingdom … My children will walk in My power and protection, fulfilling their assignments I have called them to do.

Stay in My Word … Stay humble in prayer … Repent of all sins … Pray for Wisdom for the days ahead … Pray you are counted worthy to escape what is coming on the earth in the final hours of judgement

No man could survive unless I intervene … This is My Mercy even in the end of time as you know it.

Thank you Abba for this Word, I love you … help me Lord in all my weaknesses.

Genesis 9:5-6    Deuteronomy 19:10     Psalm 82:8    Matthew 24:22  Luke 21:36

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