Prophetic Dream Reveals The Timing Of The End of Public Commercial Air Travel- Stan Johnson

Stan Johnson

The End of Public Commercial Air Travel

Dream given to Stan Johnson 3:35 AM, Thursday, October 12, 2006

I saw two people board a commercial jet. I heard a voice say, “Two people will get on a jet with a virus. Before the plane can land everyone will be dead, this will be the beginning of the end of public air transportation.”

I asked, “What does all this mean?”

The voice spoke again. “I told you. You weren’t listening. Two people will get on a plane with a virus and before the plane can land, everyone will be dead, this will be the beginning of the end of public air transportation.

I have prayed about this many times and the only thing I get is this is saying, “Stan, if you want to get out of the lower 48 states by air this will be your last opportunity. As for me, I will put everything up for sale and be out of the mainland within 48 hours telling them to mail me a check from the sale of the items.

Our End?

Dream given to Prophetess Leslie Johnson, March 22, 2006

Stan and I were on a beautiful island.  We were older (much older).  Stan was white haired and did the “old man shuffle.”  He could only shuffle his feet as he walked and my hair was solid gray.

Many of the local people were following us.  Stan kept telling them to keep up because we had to keep moving to get out of the city, out of the blast radius of missiles we knew were in the air.  He was preaching and leading souls to the Lord.  I was still spunky and rounding people up to listen to Stan.

As we walked toward a forest area, the trail became more narrow and the trees more dense.  We kept telling the people to hurry and come on; we had to move quickly.  Just as we entered the shelter of the trees, I looked up and saw a huge missile hit the city.  There was a cloud of sand almost like powder falling from the sky. (Fallout) There was a chemical smell in the air, which smelled similar to insecticide.  It may have been a biological weapon.  The smell was so strong I awoke from the dream.  The dream was so real I could even taste the chemical when I awoke!  And I can still smell it today when I think about it.


We were on this island for the very last days of the Earth.  We were still preaching, leading people to the Lord, bringing the warning message, and asking them to follow us as we tried to get them to safety.  Because Stan was telling the people to keep up, shows many of the people on these beautiful islands are not informed about bible prophecy.  Most islanders are very laid back with hardly a care in the world.  Because Stan and I were old, tells us we still have several years to warn others, and we will be warning people till the day we die.  I believe the missile was biological warfare.  It could have also been nuclear-biological combined because powder was falling from the sky after the explosion.  This was where Stan I go home to be with the Lord.

God bless,


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