Snippets For February 2017- 12 Prophetic Dreams – War Invasion And Multiple Moon Prophecies

Information worth saving!

Lee Strobel was an atheist. Then his wife began going to a bible study with a friend. One day she comes in and tells him she’s a Christian. Strobel is an investigative reporter in Chicago. He sets out to disprove her new found belief system…..he does his job very well, but not the results he intended to find.

Dreams Of Earthquakes in Washington State / Oregon

Multiple Moons – Jonathan Theiben

Prophecies- Several Moons Seen In The Sky

Melisa Peggs- Prophetic Confirmation

Curt Vinson, America On Fire and At War,  Mexico/ America Border burning Louisiana Into Kansas

Mike Stephani-

  • A major earthquake in New York where large building topple, and water rushes in from the bay.
  • Chinese War Invasion
  • East Coast Tsunami
  • EMP Attack


Emergency Candles For Just One Dollar

New Madrid Dreams

American planes being shot down by Russian planes

David E Taylor Russian Prophecies

China Attacking America- Prophetic Dream

 Asteroid Dream- Melisa Peggs

Fireball Dream

Meteor Hitting America

Fireballs Hitting America

Huge Meteor Hitting America

A Remnant Will Speak The Truth

Michael Boldea Prophecy “Queen”

There seems to be a lot of prophecies talking about a “Queen” 

While it may not be Hillary, it may be someone that comes from Government who possibly shows up in the years ahead. 

Kim Wier sees a woman called “the queen” closely associated with Bloody Mary, who heavily persecutes Christians at some point in days ahead.  Benjamin Faircloth also sees a queen (or ruler) being given to our nation in one of his prophecies. 

The Reach Of An Emp Weapon

How Civil War Could Come About…  A possible scenario- Matt Smith

Neville Johnson Prophecy

Israel Compared To Surrounding Muslim Nations

Fema Train Lines

Pioneers are “Breakers.”


Brandon Cornelius Sr. to REVIVALIST

– The word apostle and pioneer are synonymous
– Pioneers are ones who take the lead and become examples of what they have pioneered into
– They also open up or prepare a way for others to follow
– Pioneers have to walk in strong perseverance
– Pioneers are not subject to persecution but they endure and outlast them
-Pioneers have to walk in extraordinary character
-Pioneers are standard setters
-Pioneers are models and examples of what can be done. They make what seems impossible attainable
-Pioneers are usually at the forefront of what the Lord is doing
-Pioneers present new and different, even at the cost of being ridiculed and slandered
– Pioneers are territory takers. When they take over new territories, they establish a greater and new culture within an old and dying culture
– Pioneers have to pick up where others have quit, got settled, and/or died
– Many pioneers go through suffering before they are ever celebrated
– Many pioneers were never celebrated while they were living, but celebration came after their death
– Pioneers are visionaries
– Pioneers must think generationally
– Pioneers present breakthrough revelations ahead of time
– Pioneers carry wisdom beyond their earthly years
– Pioneers are strategists
– Pioneers are full of creativity because they have to think outside of the box and against the norm
– Pioneers have to walk in supernatural boldness to take on the frontiers and new territories that they were sent to take over

To achieve great destiny in 2017 you will have to say no to some presumptuous people!
Presumptuous people-
*Demand what they have not earned.
*Assume they have access when it has not been granted.
*Fail to recognize healthy boundaries & authority.
*Freely prophesy with no regard for authority, culture or order.
*Lay hands on you without any invitation! (This one gets me!!!!)
*Consider their objective more valuable than yours.
*Place greater emphasis on their own goals, & responsibilities than yours.
*Often want the benefit of authentic relationship without the sacrifices & investment.

Be Bold—respect the boundaries that God has established in your life—don’t be manipulated into doing what you are not graced to do! If you do not set healthy goals and boundaries you will not rise in 2017. Do not let the presumptuous people push you around—stand your ground.

Prov. 18:21- The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion

24 week Baby

Be Bold, Speak Up

Signs Following….

Police Officers Praying Together…..

We ALL have fallen short

Invasion Dream From Steven Berkey

In rare cases, you can see a rainbow at 360 from the plane

VIDEO: Perfect Rainbow Circle Forms Over Niagara Falls