“The Davids” – Mighty Men Of Valor Will Now Begin To Rise And Come Out Of The Wilderness – David Compton

“…only those that have been through the fire of afflictions will be part of this end time ministry. They have been as gold tried and refined in the fire (and just when they thought that they may be ready for service, the Lord has placed them back in the “oven” for more refining). “



I have never experienced the leading of the HS like I have recently. He has led me to also send the attached word. This message is in essentially the same mode as my previous writing concerning the move by the HS on young people, remnant people detached from the world as exemplified by the “Mercy Rd.” vision of years ago, et al. When I first went on your site, I was surprised that many other individuals were conveying the same message that the Lord had told me years ago! This point reiterates the fact that these prophetic events are now going to come forth more rapidly.

I generally fight with myself at not sending these words since I am extremely cautious about the leading of the HS. I have to be sure, and releasing a word, dream or vision is a very serious issue with me. When I was anointed years ago, I was told that my work would not begin for many years. Indeed, after over 25 years of testing, that word has proven to be valid. Now, however, the Lord is dealing with me concerning exactly how I will complete the remaining years of my life, Much of His word is of a personal nature. Conversely, other aspects of His word would appear to encompass prophetic events coupled with the releasing of those that have been molded by the HS and hidden for various lengths of time.

I don’t like bothering you. After all, you have many family responsibilities. It is just that He has been speaking to me in a fashion that is, at times, overwhelming. I thank you so very much for your patience. The attached is for the remnant. Those to which this word applies will understand.


The Sauls and the Davids
The Manifestation of the Sons of God

By David Compton

Recently, the Lord has moved upon me to read Samuel I and to concentrate upon the historical implications discussed in the story of Samuel coupled with His function in the anointing of both Saul and David to become kings of Israel.

Saul was to be the man to lead the tribes of Israel after the people demanded a king thus rejecting the system of judges that had been in effect for many years. Of course, it was neither the system nor Samuel himself that was being rejected; rather, it was the Lord God himself (I Samuel: 8). Nonetheless, the Lord moved upon Samuel to anoint Saul as the leader of his people. However, Saul’s disobedience and obstinacy eventually necessitated a change in leadership (as dramatized in I Samuel: 13, 15 and 16).

Thus far, these “Sauls” and their self-serving attitude, characterized by the spirit of compromise, have been pervasive in the leadership of the church. As a consequence, leadership has been based solely upon personality and/or self-aggrandizement rather than in the furtherance of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ (which is the prerequisite for all of those who claim to be called by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ). Unfortunately, this lack of substantive leadership has been indicative of the church system for a rather long period of time. In other words, the real “Davids” (in the figurative sense) have been usurped in leadership by the spirit of “Saul.” Of course, the result has been a church that professes Christ as its leader; but, in actuality, accentuates a particular personality or the fleshy aspects of man (the Holy Spirit thus being relegated to a subordinate position). These “Davids”, however, have been thoroughly purged of the world as well as of “self” in order to serve the Master only (of course, the “self” being the most difficult to shed)!

Be assured! This situation is now going to change. These “Davids” that will now begin to rise during this transition period will be strong “mighty men of valor” who will refuse to compromise and will, in essence, call the church to “order.” These individuals will move with the unction of the Holy Spirit and will be the instruments used by the Lord himself to bring both blessings and judgment. Woe to those that hinder or mock these “Davids” for the old adage will be brought to full fruition which states, “touch not my anointed, do my prophets no harm.” In many cases, the spirit of Elijah will be an integral part of the message and ministry of these “mighty men of valor” who have been hidden for many years and bear the scars of their time in the wilderness. Moreover, many of these individuals are just now beginning to realize who and what they are as they emerge from the wilderness. These individuals (male, female “Deborah”, young, old as well as all ethnic and racial backgrounds) have been rejected, misunderstood, confused and completely unable to “fit in” in any capacity. Indeed, this rejection also includes family members, former friends as well as business or professional associates. Most of these souls have few or no meaningful friendships and are basically loners. Moreover, many have decided to “give up” in the organized church structure because they do not feel “fed” in a spiritual sense, or they have been ostracized due to their “radical” belief system predicated upon a strict interpretation of the word of God. Some are simply hated and considered to be out of touch with an enlightened societal structure based upon so called compassion and love, which, in reality, is essentially characterized by “mixture” or “compromise” with the world.

I shudder within my spirit as I contemplate these “Davids” (Sons of God) who will be placed in many diverse areas of the world and from many varied backgrounds and races. Yet, they will possess essentially the same supernatural strength and power as they are endued with the Holy Spirit after great testing and trials. Just as David, after his anointing by the prophet Samuel, endured the trials as Saul sought to kill him, so have these “Davids” been protected (yet tested) long before they will be permitted by the Lord to be elevated to leadership positions in the end time army of the Lord Jesus Christ (I Samuel:16-31). Only those that have been through the fire of afflictions will be part of this end time ministry. They have been as gold tried and refined in the fire (and just when they thought that they may be ready for service, the Lord has placed them back in the “oven” for more refining). BUT, the time for emerging from this hidden place of trial has come!!! Yes, there will be persecution (and perhaps eventual martyrdom); nonetheless, the preparation period for ministry is now rapidly closing, and assignments of rank are now being delivered by the Lord himself for service in His army.

I cannot be more forceful in declaring the authority of these “mighty men of valor” who will now come forth as the Lord opens the doors to these individuals. Their message will be trumpeted by the exemplification of great courage and strength (as was Stephen as he spoke under the unction of the Holy Ghost in Acts 7). Most definitely, it will not be their own words that are being spoken; rather, it will be the Lord himself speaking forth his voice utilizing the faculties of these Sons of God. Instruments shall they be, yielded totally and completely for the use of the Master himself. Quite honestly, as I contemplate these individuals, I pity those who will insist upon resisting and hindering their message. Woe to them! As I write this article, the Spirit bears witness to the truth of these words. I am adamant in that which I am attempting to convey—that is, the seriousness of this hour as these vessels now come forth. Indeed, the Holy Spirit is so heavy upon me at this particular time, that I am totally overwhelmed. I implore the people of God to listen to these “men of valor” (Gideons) as they are now to be released to do the “works and greater works.” Just as the people of Israel or early Christianity feared Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, John the Baptist, the Apostles, et al , so will the people of this day possess a reverential fear of these “Davids” (anointed Sons of God). These “Davids” have been anointed by the LORD HIMSELF! Indeed, the implications are overwhelming for both the church as well as society as a whole. Saints, prepare you for battle!!!!! Evil arises but a “standard” shall now arise as well!! “The Cup of His Indignation” begins to overflow! Pray earnestly! AMEN!

In Him, David


Note: One should be cognizant of the fact that the term “Sons” is of a generic nature.
God is no respecter of persons, and Scripture clearly speaks of Deborah, Ester, Ruth and other notable women who were mightily used of God and so will it be in this end-time army!