The Moon Is Hit Causing 2 Massive Impacts In The Atlantic Ocean – Love Is God 7 On Youtube

Dream of The Moon Falling to Earth– Uploaded Feb 7, 2010

(I do not know this dear brothers name)

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In his dream he witnessed the moon slowly cracking and breaking apart.  He believes something hit the moon.

He then heard this electrical cracking sound which caused people to be in utter terror at what they witnessed and heard.  Crashed cars were piling up in the road as people attempted to escape.

Next he describes how he and other believers were lead to safety.  He noticed the atmosphere was quite dark which he assumes may be from debris from the moon.

He then mentions in the dream that there will be two impacts in the Atlantic. 

Before he could finish the word “Atlantic”  to the left in the sky, he witnessed a huge chunk of the moon heading towards earth with a gigantic fire trail behind it.

He says that when he heard this moon hit the ocean it was a sound he heard in a previous dream…and one he would never forget.  He said it was a sound that was incredibly loud and terrifying.

After the impact, the ground began rippling like water.  Each ripple sound made a noise like thunder.   In the dream he understood this event took place in every town, in every city across the globe.

Notes From Efrain Rodriguez’s Asteriod Impact Warning Filmed At the Prophecy Club

  • Asteroid will approach from the east, heading west, and strike on west side of Puerto Rico in the sea.
  • 12.0 earthquake
  • Earth rotation will stop for 3 days and western hemisphere will be dark for 3 days. Eastern hemisphere will have opposite experience.
  • 1000 ft tsunami will hit west coast of Puerto Rico about 2am.
  • Large wave will travel to Miami by 5 am, and to New York by 8 am.
  • Wave could travel from 25 miles to 100 miles inland as it travels. (Terrain and elevation may be a factor)
  • Wave will go in all directions from point of impact, which is ground zero.
  • Height of wave could be from 500 ft high at Miami to other heights in other locations.

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A New York Flood, World Wide Tsunami – A Vision In 4/14/2012 Youtube

“It looked like years of accumulated sins of the people in New York, had formed these massive cloud things. They were pure evil what ever they were”

He describes a world wide flood that not only hit New York, but was also occurring other places as well. In this open vision he saw a spreading disease and an epidemic happening at the same time. Food was being rationed, and a drink that only cost $1 dollar, now cost $100 dollars.

He reveals the heart of the Father is for us to intercede for the people who will die in these tsunamis. Pray that they would find God before this tragic event happens. He further indicates that the cities will be destroyed, and that event is set, and cannot be changed.

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