We Are At A Dangerous Point- One-on-One with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn – Greg Hunter



greg-hunterGreg Hunter

Greg Hunter goes One-on-One with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of the best-seller “The Book of Mysteries.”

Jonathan Cahn gives his opinions on the 2016 elections, and how they fit into the Isaiah 9: 10 judgements. He states that we are at a very dangerous juncture in America’s history to who we decide for our leaders going forward.  We could accelerate the collapse with the wrong leader in these upcoming elections.

Cahn says, “Every single nation that has blessed Israel has been blessed, and every single nation that has cursed Israel has been cursed. It’s not just that, but whatever you do to Jewish people gets done back to you. We are at a dangerous point, we have been blessed, but as we turn from Israel, watch out because it’s a perfect storm. . . . There is no peace for the Middle East. It is always a tinderbox. . . . Do I see peace? Absolutely not, until, as with America, the reconciliation comes with God. . . . If you don’t have peace with God, this is how you get it. This is the whole point of the book.”

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