“We’re past the point of no return” A 2016 Prophetic Dream Of A Navy Ship Sinking – Joey Bon

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Hello brothers and sisters I had something I wanted to share with you.

For all my subscribers that have followed me for a while.

If you can remember I had a video that I uploaded back in September of 2016, I had a dream that I had was two dreams in the same night of the dollar collapse and a dream of a navy ship sinking.

I made a mistake.

This is the first dream and that I had of interpreting it.

I had a dream it showed me the dollar collapse. I know it was from the Lord. Towards the end of the dream, Jonathan Cahn was sitting next to me in a chair and we are face to face having a conversation.

I didn’t remember everything that he told me.

When I got up in the morning I looked on YouTube and started researching him. The first video I came across was Jonathan Cahn and it said, “the dollar would collapse on the 27th of September”.

So I thought that that was confirmation I thought that it was leading me to a date.

Because I was also asking, I’m praying about baptism, before I went to bed that night, there is a baptism video right under that. So I thought that was more confirmation.

The first video I made was 13 minutes and 14 seconds long. That came out the 27. I thought that that was more confirmation but I end the video I said that I wasn’t sure, but as a precaution, that I think that you should take your money out of the bank and have food and water on hand.

I want to apologize that was my mistake. I should have never, you know, I’ve felt that I misled everybody by putting that date out there. Even though I did not I never said that the Lord gave me a date or anything like that. I said I wasn’t sure, but I still took it really hard and felt that I misled, everyone. I made an apology video and I tried to upload it for three days and I could not get it uploaded.

I put an apology on that video and I left it up for around a month and a half or two months so that anyone who wanted to bash me or, you know, leave any comments and let me have it. You know that there are more than welcome to because I have felt that I had it coming.

I want to thank all my subscribers for being so kind, and, you know, taking it easy on me during that time and I had a lot of uplifting comments at the time and they were much appreciated. I only had one nasty comment and that wasn’t from any of my subscribers.

I just wanted to say I’m sorry and apologize for any of you that I may have misled.

But I came on here was because of this navy ship sinking dream that I had.

In this dream I was standing next to the captain of the ship, and we were being pulled by this current, and I said that we had to turn. We should turn around now, because I just knew we’re going to sink and the captain looked at me and he said “we’re past the point of no return”.

Then instantly, I just remember being over 100 feet underwater, where people dying and drowning all around me and screaming under the water. It was terrifying.

I swam as hard as I could and I finally made it to the surface. I ended up on a rescue boat.

There is only two or three other survivors with me. There were women singing like a Navy choir singing. Navy songs.

I’m not in the Navy or anything like that, but so that’s another reason I find it weird I had this dream but I’ve also had a few other dreams where I was on a navy ship.

But the reason that I’m saying this now so that we can all pray for our Navy ships that are headed headed towards North Korea right now because I just got done watching Paul Begley his video.

He uploaded a little over an hour ago. And I believe it was the video where we are, navy ship came in close contact with one of Iran ships, but he was talking about a conversation I guess China have with North Korea, where China said, Do not start fire, one of these missiles, or we will be past the point of no return. And when I heard those words, I just, it was like my ears perked up big time. It just brought back into remembrance of that dream that I had, where the captain on the, on the Navy ship said the exact same words that we were past the point of no return.

And China told North Korea, that we would be past the point of no return. If they tested that missile.


I should have left this these videos up.

I took it hard you know my son was calling me a false prophet and kicking me while I was down and really let me have it during that time.

I just, I ended up erasing the video, but the dreams were from the Lord, and it was my mistake that I thought that I was led to that day.

So I cannot hold it against the Lord for my mistakes and I feel that I need to put this out here so that everyone can pray right now for our Navy ships, because this was a terrifying dream that I had, and it was a very real experience.

So I just wanted to share this. Thank you for watching and God Bless.


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