Will Donald Trump really be a “King Cyrus” as many Christians are claiming? Benjamin Baruch On World War II, Trump And America’s Judgement – Tony Koretz


tony-koretz-jpgTony Koretz

Episode 075. Benjamin Baruch joins Tony in this interview and discuss how a wide range of Biblical Prophetic events are unfolding before us. We stand on the threshold of the World War III- a war that could kill more than a billion people. With this will come a certain collapse of the global financial system and a reset.

Benjamin explains how not only has this been the plan of the Elite globalists for a long time, but it also fits perfectly with many prophecies found in the scriptures. He explains how he believes that America IS found in the Bible more than any country other than Israel.

He also tells us what he believes will happen to the USA in World War III, as well as what will happen in Israel and other nations based on his interpretation of bible prophecy.

Did the cold war ever really end?

Where does climate change fit in with the global picture?

What are the Beasts spoken of in Daniel Chapter 7?

Will Donald Trump really be a “King Cyrus” as many Christians are claiming, or is that just a vain hope and fantasy of those looking for an escape from God’s judgement?

This interview covers these and other topics related to the times we are living in. You may want to have a pen and notepad handy as there is lots that can be learned from this episode of the A Minute to Midnite Show.

Benjamin Baruch -On The Threshold Of World War III




Published on Oct 28, 2016, of the A Minute To Midnite Show Pastor Steve Aiken tells Tony why he believes we may be sitting on the verge of a Huge false flag operation that will see a take down of the internet and other communications systems.

“The New World Order really cannot tolerate voices of dissent,” he says,”and the government is going to have to shut off access to the internet, or at least restrict it, and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later”.

Could it be that the elections will be used as the trigger by the globalists to cause mass chaos?

Will an economic collapse be masked by an internet take-down, with a blame shift focusing on Russia?

Find out what Pastor Steve Aiken believes we should be doing right now to prepare.


A solar or nuclear EMP?

Published on Oct 17, 2016-  Of A Minute To Midnite. Important Warning!- It is time to seriously prepare NOW for the imminent likelihood of a convergence of war…even nuclear war, global economic collapse, and some type of space weather event.

The all “Kiwi” contingent of Chris C., Matt S. & Tony K. discuss the apocalyptic events that appear to be very close to occurrence RIGHT NOW.

A number of concerning facts are brought out here to show what we may be facing in the very near future, as we watch the apparent unfolding of Biblical End Time signs happening before our eyes.

The very real threats of a nuclear war are examined here, along with the inevitable global financial collapse.

Also Obama’s latest Executive Order- Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events…what is that all about?

The approach of Niburu?

A solar or nuclear EMP?

Or could it be preparation for space and weather warfare?

These and other important topics are covered in this episode, along with helpful ideas on how to prepare for these events.


Jeff Berwick -The Collapse Of All Fiat Currencies Is Coming!

Published on Oct 8, 2016,  of The A Minute to Midnite Show sees Jeff Berwick join the host Tony to discuss the global economic situation, and the potential for catastrophic war as the Elites’ push for World Government and a global currency.

Jeff offers some great insights into what is currently happening on The World’s stage, and also gives some very useful advice on how he believes people can safeguard their money at this time.

Preparing ahead of time for what Jeff believes is a certainty ie. the collapse of fiat currencies is something he says we should be actively doing now.

This interview covers subjects such as the potential collapse of Deutsche Bank,The 1988 Economist Magazine’s prediction of a global currency around 2018, the end of the Shemitah and Jubilee years and the hyper-inflation in Venezuela.

America and other western nations could potentially face a similar scenario of hyper-inflation, as the criminal elites move their plans into high gear in their attempt to bring us into their New World Order.

Many other interesting topics around war and the global economy are covered in this interesting and thought-provoking interview.