53 John Paul Jackson Prophecies Of Future Events



You can find his website here- Streams Ministries

John Paul Jackson was an accurate prophet, and I believe what he saw is going to be starting to come to pass soon. I believe watching through some videos, he did hold back on what God had shown him…. Although he did reveal a lot through interviews. The challenging aspect of finding these prophecies on youtube is the transcribing. Writing out word for word is labor intensive!

I scanned in of what I transcribed watching dozens of his videos. THANK God I printed this out. I hope to go through many more of his videos in the days to come and record what I find.

If you find something worth keeping online… SAVE IT!

There is a tip that I picked up along the way that I want to share with you. Print Friendly & PDF – Chrome Web Store is a chrome extension that seems to work really well in Google Chrome. It allows you to take a screen shot of web page, and it creates a saveable PDF file. If you come across something that you need to save, use this extension to do just that. It has come in handy so often as I surf the web. I have started to not embed videos on my website for the very reason that youtube has taken them down, or people have removed them and I have then lost the information. If you come across something you want to save….please save it by creating a PDF file.

Thank you for visiting my site- Lots of love! Meranda

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