“Donald Trump Will be Instrumental in the Building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem”

  • MotivatedinOhio

    I don’t think this will be a lasting temple. I think in Zechariah it says that Yeshua will build the final temple. Also, there will be a great earthquake in Jerusalem, so that will get rid of the Temple desecrated by the evil one. The Bible talks about what I think is a nuclear weapon in Shinar (Babylon).

    Zechariah 5
    6 I asked, “What is it?”

    He replied, “This is the measuring basket[a] that goes out.” He continued, “This is their eye in all the land.” 7 Then behold, a lead cover was lifted and a woman was sitting in the middle of the measuring basket. 8 The angel exclaimed, ‘This is Wickedness!’ Then he shoved her back inside the measuring basket, throwing the lead weight over its mouth.

    9 After this I lifted up my eyes and behold, I saw two women emerging with the wind in their wings (they had wings like the wings of a stork) and they raised the measuring basket between the earth and the heaven.

    10 I asked the angel who was speaking with me, “Where are they taking the measuring basket?”

    11 He said, “To build a temple for her in the land of Shinar. When it is prepared, she will live there in her own place.”