A Powerful Vision Of Warning To The Remnant In America – Sonja Craighead


FEBRUARY 8, 2017 



Sonja Craighead

This morning I woke up at 3:30 am. I was restless and I knew that going back to sleep wasn’t going to be possible. I asked G-d if there was something specific that He wanted me to pray about. I didn’t get any answer from G-d, but I knew that He wanted me to pray. I just began thanking Him for loving me, for choosing me, and for saving me. I thought about how glorious heaven will be. The beauty will be unimaginable. The fragrances will be better than anything any of us have ever experienced. I was thinking as I was praying how thankful I am for Him and all that He is. I then prayed about several issues that have been on my heart concerning our family members and our friends with health issues. I prayed about financial stresses, about continuing to give up self, for the obtaining more of the Spirit of G-d. I prayed for loved ones and friends who have shared their burdens with me, etc. Before I knew it, it was 6:00 am and time for me to get up, start my day, and take my grandson, who had spent the night with me, to his school. We hurried, got up and ready, and we prayed together as I drove him to school, and I got him there by 7:00 am.

On the way home, I was preparing mentally, going over the many appointments that were booked in my schedule for the day, and I asked G-d to give me strength and endurance to get everything done that was scheduled for me today, and to help me give every client my best for their individual needs. My husband, Dave, called me on my drive home from our grandson’s school. Dave was calling me from the Dallas airport, as he was ready to board and fly a trip. We quickly told each other that we love each other and we prayed blessings over each other’s day.

As I arrived home, my phone began ringing. All of my scheduled morning appointments cancelled, and my day opened up until late afternoon. I slowed my pace from one of gearing up for a packed and busy day, to one of thinking I could now have a relaxing cup of organic coffee and actually enjoy sipping it slowly, rather than gulping it before finishing up some ever pressing bookwork. I wouldn’t have any clients to see until late afternoon, and I was thinking how quickly my day’s schedule had changed.

As I was filing my coffee pot with filtered water, without notice, I went into a vision from the Lord.

Here is what G-d showed me, and the interpretation of the vision that He gave me.

I saw the Titanic immediately after it hit the iceberg. I watched the people on board and how very different their reactions to feeling the jolt of the huge boat impacting the iceberg. Some laughed and made jokes, that at least the Titanic was unsinkable. Others were scared and their fear froze them.

A few immediately sprung into action and gathered warm clothing and their family members and went on deck to board the lifeboats. These people were not scared, but they were very focused and serious. They were assessing the situation and looking for G-d to direct and guide them with a way to escape a terrible fate. Somehow they knew the partying of the other passengers was to be short lived. Some people hassled them, and made fun of them, accusing them of being alarmists, fearful, and cowards. They didn’t heed these accusatory people. They didn’t even bother responding to these people.

As the crew lowered the life boats this group of people methodically and without chaos boarded and began rowing away from the Titanic. They were prepared to act, they were following G-d’s instruction, and they knew that there would be no safety being on or close to the doomed ship when it actually began to sink, as the suction of the huge vessel sinking would suck anything close to it, down under it.

I heard the words, “It’s time to separate.”

There were three lifeboats with this group of people aboard, and they rowed into the darkness away from the brilliantly lit Titanic. These three boats weren’t together, but they were all of the same mindset, and they were within sight of each other, ready and willing to aid and help each other. They rowed away, separating themselves from those who were remaining busy partying on the fatally crippled ship.

I could hear beautiful music playing coming from the Titanic. I saw and heard the musicians playing waltzes and great pieces of music, as if giving a concert, and as if nothing terrible had just happened. Some people were acting as if nothing was wrong or out of the ordinary. They were laughing and mocking those who had just rowed away on the three lifeboats. They kept reassuring each other that the Titanic was unsinkable.

Others were confused, nervous, and clearly they were aware that something was terribly wrong. But as they would approach the lifeboats, they would look back at the partying and dancing passengers. They were torn. They knew that the partying and dancing passengers were foolish, but they continued to pause and wait, not being able to leave the luxury of the gigantic Titanic for the small plain lifeboats.

They procrastinated, not wanting to leave comfort and luxury, hoping that everything would be ok, but in their hearts they knew they should be on a lifeboat separating themselves from the doomed ship.

Finally some of them did get on some of the lifeboats. But many were so slow to board, constantly looking back at the foolish partying passengers, longing to remain on the luxury ship.


Meranda’s notes -One of the Titanic lifeboats as seen from a rescuing liner-(Look how few are on board) –Wikimedia Commons

This group was confused and nervous, but didn’t want to leave, even though they knew that they should. A few finally boarded some lifeboats. Only a few of these lifeboats made it to safety. They had waited so long to make the decision to leave the Titanic, and they wasted precious time that even when boarding the lifeboats they weren’t focused on getting to safety, they were unhappy about leaving luxury.

When the Titanic sank, some of these late leaving lifeboats were sucked under the Titanic and were doomed. Some were capsized and overturned by the massive waves of Titanic’s breaking up and sinking. But a few did make it to safety and rowed out away from the Titanic far enough to be safe. They joined the three original life boats.

Then this vision from G-d abruptly stopped. I was still standing in my kitchen at my coffee pot filling filtered water. Not a drop had spilled. I was a little shaken. I sat down and immediately asked G-d to give me the interpretation of this bizarre and very troubling vision.

Here is what G-d told and showed me is the interpretation of this vision.

This is NOT a reenactment of the sinking of the historical Titanic. G-d chose to use the Titanic in this vision to me – to give me a warning to share with those with ears to hear.

In the vision, the Titanic is the United States of America. Like the Titanic ship, we are a luxury nation, with wealth, waste, and excess and we too see ourselves as “unsinkable.”

But just like the Titanic ship, the United States has ALREADY hit the iceberg, and although our nation’s lights are still on, and our nation is still beautiful, and our luxurious standard of living compared to other nations is higher than any country in the world, and we look strong and intact, we are sinking just as surely as the Titanic sank.

In the vision ALL of the people were saved, or at least they thought that they were saved. There were NO people in the vision who didn’t at least think that they were saved. ALL of the people in the vision thought of themselves as serving G-d.

In the vision the first three lifeboats are: His remnant living in the United States. They have repented of their sins, and have been washed in the blood of the Lamb, saved by grace, and are obeying His ways, His statutes, His ordinances and His commandments.

In the vision the people who are laughing and making jokes, harassing His remnant and accusing His remnant of being fearful and cowards are those who say they are saved, but they are following doctrines of demons. They do what they want, and how they want. They are disobedient to His word and very prideful. They pray to get. They give to get. They are selfish and covetous. They are the apostate church. They have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof.

In the vision the people who are scared and fearful and are frozen in their fear are those who haven’t taken the time to spend with G-d alone to get to know Him. They haven’t been with Him in deep prayer and personal scripture study. They haven’t renewed their mind in His word. They have not put Him first in their lives. Their priorities have caused them to not hear His instruction to repent and prepare for the judgment coming on the United States.

In the vision the beautiful music playing is the deception that everything is ok. This is a deception that many pastors, preachers, and lay people are saying that President Trump has “saved” American from G-d’s judgement and wrath. It’s all a beautiful sound, but America’s judgement by G-d has been set. This beautiful deception keeps people distracted from obedience to G-d.

The group of people in the vision who were confused and knew they should leave the Titanic and separate and go with those who were in the lifeboats are those who are double minded. They know G-d’s word, but they put the love of their lifestyle above obedience to G-d. (Remember Lot’s wife.) The people on the boats that are sucked under the Titanic and those on the boats that capsize and overturn are those who waited too long to be obedient to G-d. They refused to repent and get ready – spirit-soul-and body for the soon coming judgement of G-d on America.

Remember the parable of the ten virgins. These are those who slumbered and did not seek G-d when called and warned. The people in the few last life boats that made it away from the Titanic as it sank and joined with the other life boats, are those who G-d mercifully spared and delivered. At the last possible moment they finally repented and G-d heard their repentance and delivered them.

There is an urgency to this vision. G-d specifically told and showed me that America has already hit its iceberg, and even though it doesn’t yet show on the outside, the inside of America has been ripped open and America’s fate is sealed.

No politician or leader will be able to avert what G-d has ordained. G-d will choose the time of His judgements, regardless of pastors, preachers, and leaders who tell and teach others it can be prayed away.

The message, “to separate” is for G-d’s true remnant to separate from America’s apostate churches.

Remember Matthew 7:21-23. Be careful to separate and remove yourself from congregations who teach, “another Jesus…” The gospel of prosperity and comfort is not the biblical gospel. Rev. 18:4 explains that we are to live in this world, but not to be a part of this world. G-d has chosen us to be a holy people unto Himself. Time is very short. American has hit the iceberg and is sinking. G-d’s judgement is coming to America.


Meranda’s Notes – Just like they thought the Titanic could never sink… Much of America feels the same way about this country. Look at the Titanic’s propellers in this image, and how massive boat this was.


Titanic’s lifeboats in New York 

How much of the remnant are in those boats today?

“Titanic”: survivors, April 15, 1912 -Kids Britannica

Norman Wilkinson – Wikipedia


Are the headlines the same today?


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Personal Confirmation

Update*  Thursday March 2nd, – After reading and posting these two prophetic words last night, this morning in my daily reading time, as I opened the scriptures, I was taken to Jer 50:8, and then after pondering it today, and reading the passages, I took a few moments to think about what I was reading.  I looked down and was taken to Jer  51 :6.  This was confirmation to me.