A Prophetic Map Of America With Judgement For The States Of California, NY, Texas, Florida and Georgia

Here is an interesting prophecy that I saved from last year.  It matches up with what Dumitru Duduman also saw coming for America.  He was a faithful pastor and Bible smuggler in his native land Romania.  This prophecy comes from a woman in Haiti, who also had a revelation for America.  This prophecy was 18 minutes but not translated word for word.  This message was not changed except for the yellow highlighting on my part.

When Dumitru moved to America, he received a vision from the Lord and Gabriel showed him all of California, Las Vegas, New York, Nevada, and Florida and was told that these cities were as Sodom and Gomorrah and that in one day it would burn.  He also stated the nations that will attack and destroy America are Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and 2 others that where forgotten but one may be China according to Henry Gruver’s vision of the destruction of America.


California, Las Vegas, New York, Nevada, and Florida Will Burn – Dumitru Duduman


Akeem Godson

3 month ago , my mom send me a audio of my cousin ( she live in Haiti ) where she had a revelation dream about what is about to come in America and i wanted to share with you his dream so you can know what is coming and be prepared , she speak Creole so i translate in English what she dreamed , the audio is 18 min long so I only share the most important in the dream….

She saw a man who she has already seen in her dreams many time and 2 time in real life , she say the man was a Angel ( Gabriel , the messenger of God ) because she saw wing in his back and the clothes he has etc , he say to her , * Everyone has a guardian angel ( protection etc ) who watch them * he say ‘ i see you trying to share a message to other people but had difficulty ( vision blurry ) but now i will make you see clearly ,

He show her a big screen , she saw the earth and Gabriel pointed the map of America and he say * This is here i want you to share your message * ,

in the map of America , he show her BOSTON and say * Gomorrah * ,
NEW YORK = Sodom and Gomorrah * ,
TEXAS = Gomorrah *,
FLORIDA * Sodom & Gomorrah ,
GEORGIA * Sodom & Gomorrah and other city she forget , he say to her , * you see all the States I shown you ? ‘ will burn REAL Soon ‘

After he show her a big clock and say * the States i show you will burned soon and there is not much time left * and she saw 11:55 and say * in 5 min ( Real quick ) , the states i show you WILL BURN AND turn to ash , the States i shown you , this is where they will attack..

He say , * RUSSIA , Syria , North Korea and many others country will be together to attack USA and the states i show you will be attacked first *

she say * but how the others nation will do this ? because the way America army is powerful and nobody can stand against this army ( beat them ) ? and the angel reply * this is what you believe ? you will see , they will all turn against America and will burn America ( destroy ) and She say ‘ Oh woww noo but many people pray in this country , these people will die too ? ‘

He say ‘ No no , many people will protected but these people who will be protected need to be clean ( repent , holiness righteous ) if you are not , you will perish ,many people who praying will be protected , they will be protected like the 3 hebrews when they have been thrown into a blazing furnace but didn’t burn ( Daniel 3 ) because God protect them it will be the same thing for those who have faith in him and the angel of God told her to read Revelation 18 , he told her also continue to read his bible and she will see what God is gonna do with the rest…


2 week after i hear this audio , i had a dream where i was in sitting in my bed and hear a voice ( God ) say to me * Sodom & gomorrah AMERICA * and i see in my clock the ’11:55 ‘ ….

MANY PEOPLES HAve the same DREAM OF WAR IN AMERICA ,God is warning us before these things take place so people can repent , pray and be saved when this gonna happen…

PLEASE pray for mercy , pray for lost etc , pray pray your family ,friends and get very serious with God because time is running out…

Update : Hey guys , i just re-listen the audio again and forget mention some very important things what the Angel/God say to her , because the audio is 18 min long in creole so i could not all translate…

– The Angel say , Russia ,Syria ,Mexico ,Egypt , North Korea, Iran , Afghanistan , some in the central and other country will formed an alliance all together to eat ( Destroy ) America and Russia will be the first one to attack and the rest will follow ( invade etc )..

– if someone who remove things in the bible but put his own words ( like make a correction , change the scripture they don’t think what is written good and replace with other word ), they don’t belong to God , and he mentioned only one who done this , the Jehovah witness , he say like the way how they work etc but helas if someone change something in the bible , he already in the wrong road ( something like that )..

– The angel say to her pass this message and don’t keep to yourself and tell to all people in America , *do everything you can do, they need to pray , fast and stop sinning and prepared for their life because time is running out ( there is not much time ) ,he say he love America , he love them and while he was telling her this , his voice change and his face keep change ( Jesus ) but she could clearly not see his face and while he was telling he love America, the sound of his voice change like if someone who wanted to cry ( like if he was very sad ) he love America , he is a great nation and God told her go to read
jeremiah 50-51 , Daniel 9 to 11 ,and Rev 16 to 18 , Go read it

– God say alot of people who go in the church , don’t worship him , they don’t go in church to worship but men , many people go in church just to please them ( men ) , they worship men and not him and say some of them , the materialistic took over their heads and say some are here but not here , they don’t really seek his face and those who truly seek him or worship him are very few and he told to tell to people to stop sinning and so they can be prepared and he show her a clock , there is not much time left and say stop worship men but him only, the only one master ,who have the power to save them from this terrible day coming , time is running out ,go tell people this… ( end )

and she finish the audio saying * prepare for your life , be prepare , don’t go to church for men , don’t go to church for make the people see you have beautiful clothing etc , do not go to find a pastor who know how talking good things ( sugar coated doctrine i think ) who know this or have many people in their church , this is not what God need , God do not count the quantity but the quality , he don’t seek the quantity of people but the quality , quality of people who truly seek him and worship him , this is what God seek so when this day will come in america ( the attack ,bomb ) , you will be like the 3 hebrews when they enter in furnace and didn’t burn , if you are not like one of them , seek God because this is what he want , stop sin , seek God and stop go to church for people to see you and one last time God say to her the reason he love America because he is a nation who give him more people come to him , many missionary who go around the world to preach his word and bring more people to him , they are not afraid of nothing , sickness or get killed , go around the world to preach the gospel and in the whole world , America is the only one who bring more people to him but he say helas , all good things have an end and say this country one day will turned in ash ( burn ) say he is in the rev 18…. ( End message )

P:S THE SAME MESSAGE THE ANGEL OF GOD GIVE TO MY COUZ IS THE SAME ONE WHO GIVE THE SAME MESSAGE TO Dumitru Duduman IN 1983 : https://www.facebook.com/100010643831220/videos/284940695204056/?hc_location=ufi

* Please share this warning to everybody and for those who don’t believe this revelation , take this in prayers for more confirmations and God will confirm it *