America’s Three Major Transgressions – The Amos Earthquake Judgement Prophecy Given To Dr. Patricia Green

Newsletter November 2017 Volume 1 Issue 42
Radio Broadcasts and Descriptions for
October 30 – November 4, 2017
Stan Johnson, For Prophecy Club
Patricia Green on Youtube – DrPatricia Show

Here are some notes from the audio interview.  It does not include all the conversation, as it would be quite lengthy to type out. Please listen to the entire video here. 

SJ: How did you go from being Patricia Green to prophet Patricia Green?

PG: Well, that is a good question.  I am sure people like to hear how people have their beginnings so they can understand how that calling comes from the Lord.

When I got saved 20 years ago, I had been operating in spiritual gifts I had noticed that I began to receive words of knowledge that I would get up in the middle of the night generally around two o’clock in the morning was my quiet time and I had a designated space where we go. It was called my prayer chair and I would go out with my Bible and my journal and just start talking to the Lord as if you were sitting right next to me. And as I was communicating with the Lord.

I would begin to the third hearing things. Now this was not an audible voice. This was a hearing as if someone was speaking into my ear and the words were going into my mind.  I begin to start recording those words realizing that those were the words of Holy Spirit.  The Lord would show me at that time that there would be a specific hurricane that was going to happen on such and such a day and I would record it and sure enough the hurricane would happen.

And as time went on I was getting more words of knowledge about future events and then I went to see them happening but I wasn’t reporting them to anyone quietly keeping them to myself and realizing that yes, the Lord is truly speaking to me because I can’t possibly know these things in advance and yet I see them happening.

As time went on during one of my prayer times, the Lord said to me, not only now do I call you my evangelist,…… I now call you my prophet. At first I was a little taken back by that because it’s not something that I was seeking.

I was very excited about being an evangelist because an evangelist takes the gospel message and people were getting born again, we’re seeing people getting healed and I love that part of the ministry.

When the Lord called me to be a prophet. I was a little bit,…  I guess the word  would be gun shy.  At that time, the thing that you think of is ………what happens if I say something, but it’s from the Lord and then it doesn’t happen?  You know? …. and so you know you get those questions. As you know, …..can I really do this? If I miss, am I a false prophet?

Those types of questions began to like resonate in my mind and it became a real concern.  But when the Lord started showing me that specific people were going to be elected as president that’s 2007 and 2008 from that point forward. I was more embracing then the mantle of a prophet of the Lord. But yet, I didn’t call myself a prophet of the Lord….. or because you know when the Lord calls us into a into a ministry or into a mantle, it’s it’s not something that you go around bragging about and saying, …....I am a prophet.

I’m very aspect of people that announced that they’re a prophet.

….. hand out cards and say….. this is what I am ……because you know truly a true prophet of the Lord needs to remain very, very humble.  The Lord is trusting us with secrets and it says in Amos,…… you know that the Lord does nothing unless the first reveals to his servants the prophets.  The Lord trusts us to handle wisely those things, those secrets that He given us.

One of the things that I had to learn as a prophet was when to hold a prophecy and when to speak the prophecy.

When the Lord gives us a message as a prophetic message or as a word of knowledge ……you have to have the discernment to know what to do with that message.

And so what I do is …..  I ask Him. 

I say, okay, Lord, you’ve given me this now.

What do you want me to do with this?

Do you want me to report it?

Do you want me to pray about it?

or ….Do you want me to just hold it for now?

I hear the voice of the Lord, but over the years The Lord has trained me to hear his voice. He will speak to me and let me know what to do with that particular prophecy.

Now if you remember, Stan, I think it was last year, or maybe a year and a half ago you had emailed me and asked me about President Trump that you had heard a few prophecies saying that he would be the next president but I emailed you and said, I’ve gotten that word, but I’m not ready to release that  …………you remember that?

Yeah. And because it wasn’t the Lords timing yet…… for at least on my part for that to be released and then it was probably about a month later, I gave you permission to release that.

Being a prophet of the Lord….it certainly takes a great learning curve and I thank the Lord for His grace and His mercy towards me because when I’ve messed up and I believe me I have…………  He says to me ,…..because my heart is that I want to do what the Lord wants me to do and I’m not seeking a name and I’m not self-seeking the Lord is so gracious. Patricia , I’m going to pick you back up. I’m going to dust you off but you’re still my prophet.  So there’s been a great learning curve when it comes to prophecy and being a prophet of the Lord.


People will send me their dreams and they’ll say, what is this spiritual significance?

Not all dreams are spiritual that they can be spiritual when a dream is a fragmented when I like like where you’re jumping from one thing to another thing to another thing and it doesn’t really have a flow. A lot of times those are just dreams your subconscious dreaming and jumping.

When you have a spiritual dream,   I’ve noticed at least for myself that the dream as a continuity to it. It has a beginning and it has an end and it’s like in living color and it’s it’s as if you’ve been transported to that place and that time and you’re actually living it now.

Yeah, I’ve had visions.  My visions are….. what I call closed eyed visions. So, my eyes are closed and Holy Spirit will form other pictures or what I call video-like clips in the vision and so with my eyes closed. I see things on the folding I see things happening.

Now there are people that have opened-eyed visions, where with their eyes open, they they they actually see what is unfolding.

I have not had any open eyed visions just the closed eye vision.


SJ: You recently had the Lord speak to you about Amos tell us more about it.

PG: During the fair weather when I spent a lot of time outside, ….I spend my one on one time with the Lord is outside and outside altar made of stone that I go to.  One day I was sitting there on my bench right beside my alter and I was watching the squirrels and chipmunks gathering their knots and just really delighting in that.  It was so fun to watch and I said to the Lord, I said,

……Lord, you know, even the animals know to get ready for this change of seasons that the church is not recognizing what season we’re in,…. and the church was not prepared.  The body of Christ is not prepared for what is about to come.

So I said, …..

Lord, what do you want me to say to your people?  

Immediately Holy Spirit said, Amen.

So I got my Bible I opened it up to the book of Amos I read the nine chapters in Amos I said okay, Lord, I’m just not getting it.

I don’t understand what you’re speaking to me.

And the Lord said, read it again child.

So I did ,……I read it again. This time a little more slowly and you know we just started really focusing on what the words were saying, and Amos 1:1

The very first verse and Amos stuck out.

The words of Amos to is among the sheep breaders of Tekoa, which he saw concerning Israel and the days of Uzziah, king of Judah and the days of Jeroboam the sign of Joash king of Israel two years before the earthquake.

This message was given 2 years before an earthquake.

Now even though Amos didn’t realize at the time that he was prophesying about a great earthquake,  what he was doing as any good prophet would do,….. he was listening to what the Lord was speaking to him and he was recording it.  He was just writing it down, word for word.

When you go through the book of Amos, you can see that there were signs that this great shaking or this earthquake was coming, even though Amos didn’t say an earthquake is coming.

So you see an Amos 3: 14-15 that alter it says at Bethel will crack and fall to the ground and that these rich houses will be destroyed.

In Amos 6:11 you see that houses will be smashed and broken.

Amos 8-  It says the land will shake and tremble.

Amos 9: 1 says the threshold and the doorpost of the template will shake.

Amos didn’t realize he was emphasizing about an earthquake. The earthquake did happen- Two years later.

How do we know that this earthquake actually happened? Archaeological digs have proven that the Amos earthquake happened in 750 BC which is the same time that can King Uzziah and King Jeroboam reigned.

So we can see that the accounts of the Bible are real and they are backed up by science and archaeology.


They estimate from these archeological digs that this was a massive 8.0 earthquake and it’s the largest earthquake that was ever recorded on this dead sea transform fault line that runs north and south in Israel.

So this earthquake was so great that 230 years later, it is mentioned in the book of Zachariah and we see that in Zachariah 14:5, it says this:

Zechariah 14:5 King James Version (KJV)

And ye shall flee to the valley of the mountains; for the valley of the mountains shall reach unto Azal: yea, ye shall flee, like as ye fled from before the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah: and the Lord my God shall come, and all the saints with thee.

So even 230 years later, Zechariah mentioned that earthquakes, you know, it was a mighty, mighty earthquake for that time.

This message came in three parts.

He says my child…Let me tell you why I told you to go to Amos. Amos was my prophet, but he did not speak to be my prophet. I called him from an ordinary work to be my prophet.

Paticia Speaking – We know that because Amos was it says in Scripture. He was a sheep breeder and a tender of the sycamore fruit.

You did not seek to be a prophet. I called you when you were a housewife, and a mother doing ordinary things.  There are those who call themselves prophets because they seek fame notoriety and money. These are not my prophets. 

My prophets hear my voice, they hear what I am saying and speak when I tell them to speak.  A prophet is to herald my warnings and instructions.

Where do you see in scripture that a true prophet of the Lord gave soft messages? No, I say to you,  that my true prophets issue warning of what is to come to give people a chance to repent and turn from their wickedness and embrace righteousness.

He said, I am a God of mercy. I give ample time for people to repent and once I have given my warning through my prophet.  Amos was given my message 2 years before I sent a great earthquake.  The people had two years to repent, even when when they had already had three transgressions against them.  Yet, I was willing to allow them up to a fourth transgression before my fury was poured out on these nations.

He said…… child your nation has three major transgressions recorded in your law book and then He showed me which three.

He said, Number one, the laws that removed prayer and reading my word and the education of children.

Patricia speaking -(And that actually happened in 1962 and a 1963)

Number Two, He said the law that permitted the murder of babies in the womb.

Patricia speaking – (And that happened in 1973 with Roe vs. Wade)

And Number Three. He said the law that allows the same sex to marry and have the same covenant as a husband and wife.

Patricia speaking – (And we all know that happened in 2015.)

And the Lord said this, these three laws have been the downfall and moral decay of your nation.

I have sent many judgments to your nation to awaken your nation to their sin.  But most have not seen the connection.  These hurricanes are my judgment on your country.

They have struck at my instructions. These hurricanes are witness to my judgment on the United States of America.

Some will claim that these hurricanes are result of global global warming and they are wrong.

These hurricanes are result of my wrath against the sin and your nation.  Tell the people to repent, for if they do not repent, there will be a much greater judgment coming.

I send my judgment to turn people back to me. My judgments are just and merciful.

If I poured out my fury on sin, there would be no people left.  I am restraining my hand with these judgments, let it be known that I am a just God.  Rejoice in my judgments, for they are just.   Rejoice that my hand is restrained from my full fury.  Rejoice that those who have strayed will come back to me.  Rejoice that sinners will repent. 

End of broadcast 1.