An Near Death Encounter : Our Father will comfort, even in the black, dark times ahead. – Sonja Craighead

He showed me that I will see death around me, but that I am to stay calm, He is with me. I will have to face nothing without Him, and His great love and loyalty are eternal. It was the sweetest time that I’ve ever experienced with G-d.

12-14-21 “DARK NIGHT”


Sonja Craighead – On Facebook


It’s been a very long time since I last contacted you. It’s been a long time since G-d has given me a word for His American Remnant.

I have personally wondered if He was done using me. He has been having me in a time of separation from being with people. My husband and I have stayed to ourselves for much of the time during the Covid 19 pandemic.

G-d has had me for the past year forgiving others and asking for forgiveness from others when there has been ought between us. Even if all has been forgiven already, I was instructed to contact several people just to make sure that we had a clean slate between us, and that we could reconnect relationally.

On October 30, 2021 my husband and I got up in the morning and I felt really bad. I told him something was very wrong. I haven’t been to a hospital since 18 years ago when I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my leg. Before that the last time I had been to a hospital was nearly 41 years ago, to give birth to our daughter. I have been on no medications or prescriptions and I haven’t been on my pharmaceuticals of any kind for at least 30 years.

But I knew something was very wrong on the morning of 10-30-21. My husband and I prayed, and we knew I was supposed to go to the hospital. I was very short of breath and yet I didn’t want to go to the hospital, but I knew that I was supposed to. So my husband, Dave, and I ate brunch, we listened to a virtual Bible teaching on our iPad. Then I showered and got dressed. I was very short of breath. My husband drove and off we went to our local hospital. My husband dropped me off at the ER entry sidewalk. I didn’t even know where the ER was, as it’s been so long since I was there and the hospital has been renovated several times over the years. My husband walked me to the ER door, and an ER MD met me and asked me how she could help me. I said, “I’m pretty short of breath.” She asked me if I have had Covid and I answered her, “No.”. She tested me for Covid and I tested Negative. She put a pulse oximeter on me and my blood oxygen was at 75. At that time I was asked how I could walk, and I said, “I don’t know.” I was asked if I was confused and did I know where I was. I answered all of their questions correctly.

When my husband came in from parking our vehicle I was laying down and I had been put on 10 liters per minute of oxygen with a team of doctors working on me. But my breathing kept getting worse. I was then put on 14 liters of oxygen per minute. All sorts of heart monitors were attached to me, an EKG was run, and my clothes were coming off. An ER MD told me that they were admitting me to the hospital, but they didn’t know where to put me. He said I needed to be in Intensive Care, but the Intensive Care beds were all filled with Covid patients and since I’ve not had Covid they didn’t want to take the chance of me being in that close of proximity to patients being treated for the deadly virus. They ended up putting me on their Oncology floor where those patients were not Covid positive. They said that I was in critical condition.

The hospital staff continued to work on me from mid afternoon until nearly 11 pm. I had two ports placed on my arms and so many hoses and tubes running into my arms, I honestly don’t know what all I was given.

My husband left the hospital. I was told to get some rest. I was told my heart and lungs were being monitored on a machine by an RN who’s job it was just to watch monitors. I tried going to sleep. After some time I was able to drift off to sleep. During my first night in the hospital, I was told my breathing totally stopped three times. The alarms went off in the monitors with the RN watching my lung and heart function. Hospital staff on three different and separate times needed to hurry in my room to revive me and get me to breathing again. I was unaware of anything going on, any activity, any emergency, or anyone reviving me – any of the three times that my breathing totally stopped.

What I do remember is going into a very deep and peaceful state of sleep. In this deep state of sleep, I woke up to the blackest darkness I could ever imagine. I have always been afraid of the dark and slept with at least a couple of nightlights on. The deep blackness that I woke up to was so comfortable and peaceful. G-d’s hand was cupped around me like I was swinging softly in a very comfortable hammock. Nobody was present except I was with my Father. Everything in the darkness I was in that surrounded me was cozy, peaceful, calm. safe. I felt no fear at any time. I cannot put into words the overwhelming love that enveloped me. The only voice I heard was the loving voice of my Father. He was affirming me and my efforts to please him. He said he saw my try to follow and obey Him. He reassured me of his love for me. His pleasure of spending time with me He told me was precious to Him.

He told me to not think on the slights and hurtful comments from others in this life, but to think on His love and plans for me. He told me there would be more criticism of me in my future, but to know that He is pleased with me.

The black darkness enveloped me, but couldn’t separate me from His comfort, love, and peace that He was cradling me in. I had no pain, no shortness of breath, no restrictions. No hospital tubes running into my veins. I felt the most comforted and loved that I can ever remember. The black darkness held no fear for me, only comfort of feeling, and hearing my Father tell me of His great pleasure in loving me, mattered to me. I thought and wondered why I didn’t see His great light.

At this point I was assured that although we are coming into a great time of darkness and terror, on the entire earth, but for me to remember that He is in my dark times with me. He showed me that there will be dark, pure black times in my future, but I am to hold onto Him in my dark trials and He will continue to love and comfort me.

He showed me that extreme darkness cannot separate me from His love, His attention, His peace, and His protection. I understood not to fear death, but to embrace with joy the path that He has given me, and that every second He is with me in the dark times to come. He showed me that I will see death around me, but that I am to stay calm, He is with me. I will have to face nothing without Him, and His great love and loyalty are eternal. It was the sweetest time that I’ve ever experienced with G-d. The message still causes tears of great joy thinking of the love He told me that He has for me. I will treasure my “Dark Night” of being held and loved on in total darkness by my Abba. I’ve not heard of any other believers experiencing total darkness near death experiences of experiencing the pure love of G-d like my experience, but I can tell you it was a very precious time and one I will never forget.

For the American Remnant, darkness is beginning to come upon us. There will be no escaping it for any of us. Be not afraid, but run to your loving Father. Hold on to Him and His word in the dark times that are coming upon us. Hold onto His strength for whatever battle each of us will face. Great deception will try to separate us from His love, His word, His commands, but just reach for Him in the darkness as He surrounds each of us that love Him and His word and daily give up self to be more obedient to His commands. As our world falls away into darkness, we will all be tested and those who know their Father Will have His comfort even in the black, dark times ahead, The evil is here and the evil is looking to deceive the Remnant and separate us from His love for us. His love holds us in the darkest hours of our lives.

No matter how hard that we are tested, or how terrifying our experiences my, the darkness cannot separate us who hold onto Him from Him, no matter how dark the darkness around us becomes. Remember He is cradling us in His loving hands and always holding us in His love in great times when darkness surrounds us.

I’m home from my hospital recovering and gaining strength. It’s a slower recovery than I would chose, but each day there is improvement. I’m thanking Him each day for the love He continues to show me. I’m very appreciative of my I’ve been discouraged but He reminds me of how much He loves me. I no longer am afraid of the dark.Forever I will be grateful for the “Dark Night” that G-d spoke to me during the night hours of 10-30-21, and early morning hours of 10-31-21. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope all is good with you and your family.

Shalom, Sonja Craighead

( Notes from Sonja on Facebook – My diagnosis was Acute lung failure. Doesn’t sound fun, does it? I was in the hospital 13 1/2 days. 10 days in critical condition and 3 1/2 days in stable condition before I was released. It was the hardest time of my life! But also the sweetest time of my life with the Lord. Prophetically the darkness is here. G-d’s remnant is going to be tried and tested as never before since the beginning of time. We will all face darkness. We will all be surrounded by chaos and darkness. Only our clinging to G-d will allow us to endure. Horrific things are about to take place. Time is very short. Take heed Saints!)


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