ANOTHER Fingerprint Of The Judgement God  The Cornerstone Of The Holy of Holies May Be Connected To The New Madrid And Yellowstone

ANOTHER Fingerprint Of The Judgement God? 

The Cornerstone Of The Holy of Holies May Be Connected To The New Madrid And Yellowstone

Kara shared her first blog post, and wow, was it an interesting read!

She has investigated David Flynn’s work which inspired her to come up with this unique theory connecting the Yahweh’s temple to the United States fault zones.

Her discoveries show that if the land of Israel is divided this year, the most vulnerable areas of the United States could be the very punishment as a result of this nation dividing Gods land.  Did she discover yet another fingerprint of Yahweh?

She took the current year, 2016, which corresponds to 5776. She then took that number and calculated the nautical miles with 5776.  From there she drew a direct line to the United States and discovered it crosses the New Madrid Fault Line Area at Memphis, up to the north of Yellowstone, over the Cascadia Subduction Zone, and then wrapping down the western edge of the “Ring of Fire” in the Pacific Ocean.

(2016-Gregorian calendar = 5776-Hebrew calendar. 5776-(nautical miles) = 6646.902 (statute miles) (If (1) statute mi.= .868976 in naut. mi)

She draws the conclusion that when Israel is divided, the land here in the United States will be split in half as punishment.  There is talk of Israel, and Obama seems very determined to see these things come to pass before he leaves office.  So this could be a very real possibility

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