Bank Closures: A Government Move To Devalue The Dollar Rapidly – John Fenn Prophetic Word

(This content comes from the transcription on the youtube video. Some parts are edited out, to include just the two prophecies.  See the video above for all that was said. )
Sep 6, 2017

” I think I released to the public in around 2008.  I think he told to me about 10 or 15 years ago and it was that there were this is a prophetic word for the United States so my apologies to those living around the world elsewhere but what he said at the time is is this.

I was going to ask him about our nation where we were going and everything and he said there would be two hurricanes that would hit the United States and you know I first I thought okay maybe Katrina and Harvey were one. I’m recording this live here where hurricane Harvey hit Texas.  Hurricane Irma is turning in the Atlantic and we don’t know the exact direction she’s going to go.

People who have been with me for a while…… so they remember that word.  Some people have it off a little bit their memory you put words in my mouth and everything so let me just share……..

The Father told me was that there would be two hurricanes it would hit the US.  The impression was they would be back to back.  You know I’d wondered for a while of Katrina and Harvey you know 12 years apart were it, …. but nothing resonated with me.

But with Harvey and then Irma about to hit perhaps Florida……………… anyway He told me that there would be two hurricanes that would hit the United States and the first one would be very expensive as would the second one.  He said it would come at a time when the Congress had many decisions to make and determining the direction for this nation.

He said after those two hurricanes we would see an earthquake in California and and that would be that would be interesting and devastating and expensive as well.  He said that it would come at a time when the US was already dealing with the great expense of the Hurricanes.

You know how it is, Katrina there’s areas still you know 12 years later where they’re still dealing with. He said then will come another earthquake that will occur in an area not normally thought of as prone to earthquakes not normally thought of as having earthquakes and He didn’t specify the city he just said that there would be another earthquake would come and he talked about the the economy being affected by this and people being affected by this and that there would be many factors contributing.

I share that because so many people have asked “what you know….. what was it again that He said? and He said there’d be two earthquake or two hurricanes followed by
an earthquake in California followed by an earthquake in an area not normally that one would associate with having earthquakes.

I shared a little bit on my mailing list and all that that when I was having my 8th hub and I couldn’t breathe late at one night and it was before the you know realized how bad it had gotten that it was hindering my my heart flow and fluid was building up and I was sitting up in the recliner in the middle of the night they had and yet prescribed lasix or anything for a diuretic to get rid of it.  I hadn’t had my cardioversion procedure yet and I was just worshiping the Father.  I’ve been to heaven, I don’t have any fear about going home but it’s not the right timing.

Suddenly the Lord was there and He appeared to me put His left hand on me said you’ll live and not die and I’ve shared that before and then He shared some other things that would happen between that time in September of 2018 and a lot of it had to do with us and
our ministry the house church network around the world different things of that nature finances and things of that nature that were personal that for public consumption but one of the things He said about this fall in the US and He said this,….I asked him for
a comment, ……tell me what you see.
I said,…. I know the Father has asked me to pray for this Congress and pray for the
decision-making and everything else in the midst of difficult times but I said could you comment, you have anything to say.  He said this,…. He said…If the Congress does
not make right decisions in accordance with what they should be doing, He said the investors will lose faith in their ability to enact policy and He said there will be an economic collapse similar to 2008 but larger in scope.  He said because the one in 2008 was just bad policy and failing companies He said but this involves the president in the Congress and a lack of confidence in the ability for the Congress to get his agenda through and He said the effect will be worldwide.
“This was about 15 years ago when I was complaining to the Father about not having money. You know I’m trying not to get rich in the ministry and I’m succeeding.  It’s sometimes hurtful because people say I don’t have any money and and everything like that
we can’t do anything and then you hear them going out to eat and go into to movies and take him to vacation early and so I was having a pity party you know.  That just sets the stage to be real honest. I said father at least you know I’d love to have a savings account I’d like to have some money you know.  We struggled handicaps son and everything else all
their lives have been in ministry and and such and He responded.   I didn’t expect Him.  He said ….. why do you want to put your money in there?  and immediately there was a vision before me like a TV screen.
I saw a bank on like Thursday I knew in the vision.  I knew it was like a Thursday afternoon, …. it was a Thursday afternoon people were going about their business normally and then on Friday I saw the bank closing early and then on Saturday and the scene just shifted kind of like a movie shifts scenes. I saw people pounding at the door glass doors the banks were closed and they were pounding at the door and screaming I want my money,….. all of my
money and then when the banks reopened Monday morning the US dollar was worth fifty percent of its value.  Before it closed on Friday there was a government move to devalue the dollar. You know at the time 15 years ago………”

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