Confirming Prophetic Visions Of Deadly Open Fire Attacks In Christian Churches -Marty Breeden & Phyllis Cheslock

Written By Meranda Devan

We have seen waves of Islamic terror attacks around the world and it was only a matter of time that they would start attacking places of worship here in North America, just like they are doing overseas.

Marty Breeden and Phyllis Cheslock were both shown almost the same prophetic warning of deadly attacks to happen inside the American church.   They both saw black hooded men enter into the sanctuary, and close the doors behind them where they open fire on the congregation.

Here are just some of assaults on the church this past month:

Marty Breeden was shown that Christians and churches will be specifically targeted.

In my spirit, I know and have seen that coming to the U.S., during our church worship services, there will be attacks. I’ve seen the doors burst open and the black hooded men in camo coming through with guns and shooting indiscriminately. I’ve seen them lock the doors behind them to inflict maximum amount of casualties. I’ve seen the shock and fear on people’s faces as it takes a split second for them to actually realize that they are about to be face to face with the one they were just singing about.

I see these attacks as a coordinated effort. I believe that many of the attacks and the houses of worship that are attacked will be places where the attackers had frequented to get a feel for the layout of the facility. For those who are able to escape, there will be those waiting outside to inflict and deal the same punishment as those inside. When this first takes place, many Christians will do as was done in the early church and will meet in homes and secluded private places.

I’ve seen people taking their Bibles to these meetings and am also armed as well as to provide protection for their families and children. Just when it seems that there can be no more tragedy, these attacks will start again in rapid fashion it will be a common occurrence, here in the U.S., to hear of yet another Christian church, meeting or Jewish Synagogue attacked with deadly results.

Listen to Marty’s interview with Lyn Leahz here

Phyllis Cheslock's 1948 Prophetic Vision Of Authority Figures Dressed In Black Pointing Weapons At Believers

An almost identical warning was given to Phyllis Cheslock in a 1948 Vision.  Look at the pictures of what she saw above.  She saw men with guns in front of closed doors, much like what Marty saw.  The most interesting aspect of her dream is she saw this way back in 1948 before ISIS or Islamic Terror was so wide spread.  You can view additional notes of Phyllis Cheslock on this post

Shalom Sister,

Yes, but I did not know it was ISIS until they exposed themselves….. In the vision the men dressed the way they were, were not seen until this past year and that is when I realized and told Ronda it was ISIS.  I saw many terrorists but not until I saw the way ISIS was dressed did I know it was ISIS………… I knew they were not from this part of the world but when Ruach HaKodesh told me DO NOT DENY THAT JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD, that is what no one understood until after 911…and that is why He told me not to deny Him as the Son of God because I will be confronted by them about this…)

Additional Comments By Phyllis:

In 1948 none of what I saw in the vision had ever been seen by anyone anywhere, so it was not at all common until after 911. There was no such item as a ski hood or guns like the ones I saw. Although it may be a common sight now, it was Ruach HaKodesh letting us know that in the year of the rebirth of the Nation of Israel, that in the time of the end He gave us something that would be a sign to us as Christians to be aware of. He was also letting us know who they were by what He told me not to deny, “DO NOT DENY JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD”. As a child of 10 and knowing very very little about religion, I certainly would not have considered that statement important, but as it turns out, that is the statement that was telling us who those men were in black.

Thank you for all you are doing for The Lord and for His people through visions and dreams, but being aware that people can and will be deceived through any and all methods if they DO NOT KNOW THE WORD OF GOD.

With these terrorist attacks happening around the world more frequently, there is no doubt that many believers will start to gather in their homes for study instead of a public place to worship.

Almost anyone can join a church today and become unnoticed, especially in a large church. Those attending the door to greet new people often join the congregation leaving the doors unmanned.

In this article in July 2016 Michael Snyder was in contact with a couple who was on the ISIS kill list because apparently ISIS was pulling names off Church directories.  Is your name, your photo on your churches website?  If it is, its time to have a serious talk with your pastor.  See the article here  :How An Entire Church Ended Up On An ISIS Kill List

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