“…..give us this day our daily bread ” – Contaminated Foods Will Cause Us To Rely On God Solely For Our Provision

To: G-d’s American Chosen Remnant – (June 8, 2019)

The Lord has been silent to me for quite a while. I’ve gone to Him in prayer for over two years asking for His continued direction and guidance. I’ve heard Him repeat instructions from the past to me, but nothing much new. Most of what I’ve heard the past couple of years, are things that He’s already shown and told me to warn His American remanent that is soon coming.

A few weeks ago, out of the blue, I started repeating to myself and out loud, “…..give us this day our daily bread.”

It still is continuing to be upmost on my heart and mind. I’ve gone to G-d asking for a deeper meaning and understanding than what I currently have to this partial scripture.

I’m understanding that we are soon coming into that time when for each of us, each day, we will need to go to our Father asking each day that our physical needs for SAFE food be met.

Regardless of if we have prepared or not, and to what level we have prepared, each of us will still need to go to our Father each day for SAFE food sustenance, or we will not make it.

The US food supply is contaminated. We are seeing more and more recalls in the food industry, in every category of food. Food that is tainted and unsafe to consume line our supermarkets, delis, convenience stores’ shelves, as well as they are being served in restaurants and school lunch programs across our nation. Genetically modified foods aren’t even legally being made to label their products that they are genetically modified and a food safety risk. Meanwhile many other countries ban genetically modified foods from even entering their countries, for being dangerous. As long as foods are pleasing to the eye, and tasteful and filled with delicious aromas, most Americans seem unconcerned with food safety.

Added to this huge problem is that due to chaotic and extreme weather, our American farm crop, veggies and fruits, and the USDA livestock industry has been devastated so far in 2019. Millions of cattle, hogs, lambs, and poultry have frozen and drown and 2019 still isn’t half over. Many US farmers are unable to plant their fields with crops in 2019 because their fields still are underwater due to unprecedented flooding. Few Americans seem to take to heart the seriousness of all of this. When the fall 2019 US harvest comes in, what will we do when food prices suddenly jump due to shortages?

Don’t wait until skyrocketing food prices hit, get on your knees now and pray to G-d, “….give us this day our daily bread…” Ask G-d NOW for discernment on which foods that you have access to are safe and which to avoid, regardless of how beautiful and delicious they look.

Consider prayerfully as a family whether to use family funds that have been set aside for this summer’s family vacations, to be used for possibly family time spent together buying and canning a few extra SAFE foods from your local organic, non genetically modified Farmer’s Markets this summer.

We are in a summer and season of change. All of us need to change in this summer season of 2019. The normalcy of our lifestyles as they are, are not enough for G-d to be able to effectively use us for the purposes that He has ordained for us. We need to slough off the dregs of the world that all of us still have within us, and as we give up living in our prideful, selfish, worldly ways, G-d becomes more a part of who we are. We cannot have both. We cannot mix the holy with the profane. Our choice to be spiritually obedient will be apparent in the fruit that we produce. Too many of us say we are living for G-d, but the truth is, we still are living our lives in worldly ways, while worshipping a watered down, profane, and inaccurate faith in a god that isn’t the true G-d of scripture. Only after we repent with a heart willing to live righteously for G-d’s will, not ours, can He use us for the purpose that He has placed us on the earth at this time in history for. Many families will split because most will not be willing to give up compromise. (Matt. 10:37) We must always love our family members, but never put our relationship with any family member above our own walk and relationship with G-d. Be careful of this very hidden and deceitfully hidden spiritual compromise.

In the national news since early March 2019 the weather has wreaked havoc throughout the US. It’s not over. I’ve asked G-d about hurricanes for 2019 and have gotten no answers. I’ve not asked about fires, but without asking I’ve been shown by
G-d fires that are going to be devastating again in 2019. Ask G-d to put a wedge of protection upon you and your family to keep them safe from fires in 2019 and on into 2020.

There has been released a blindness and deafness on all of G-d’s children to sleep through the time of both physical and spiritual preparation and obedience. Wake up and repent! Follow G-d’s word and scriptural teachings, not the American false religion of compromise.

Time is shorter than most realize.


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“It looked like the military personnel were handing out food and water to these people, and when my kids realized this they begged me to go down there too. I knew something was wrong about this though, and as I kept watching saw all the people drop dead after eating the food, which had been poisoned.”

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It was more like a vision, sort of an “out of body experience”. I was in the spirit, moving from place to place, unobserved (most of the time). The setting was a time of catastrophe here in the United States, a total “grid down” situation. No one had electricity, natural gas, or any other means of heating or illuminating their homes–and it was a very cold winter.

I went from house to house only to observe. I sensed immediately that I was visualizing an event in the future in this country.

The first home I visited was dark and cold; there was a bone chilling feeling there of complete and utter despair. I saw the family of the house huddled in a corner of the dining room with seemingly every piece of clothing, including coats, on themselves and still they were shivering.

The most revealing of their plight was the expressions on their faces, one of utter hopelessness. There wasn’t any food in the house, and it looked like they hadn’t eaten in days. Their facial features were sunken-in and almost colorless. They did not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The second home I visited was the exact same situation, and so was the third, and fourth, and so on down the block, total and complete despair, house after house, even entire neighborhoods.

Then suddenly I came to a house that was dimly lit, as with a single candle. As I entered, I felt an overwhelming peace; a real presence of the Lord there, saturating every cubic foot of space in the entire house. I knew this place to be home of a Christian family. There was an air of intense joy and peace. Everyone in the home was bubbling with exuberance, even though there was no food to offer the children or themselves, and no heat in the house, the parents gave thanks to God anyway.

It was very difficult to see anything, however, the mother preceded to place a fine table cloth on the table and set it with plates, bowls, silverware, and glasses. The rest of the family gathered at the table, seating themselves as always–even though there was no food. The father of the home gave thanks for the meal as everybody bowed their heads in reverence. Then suddenly, light appeared in the room–one could not tell where the light was coming from. The entire family opened their eyes, and to their delight (but not to their surprise), piping hot food of quite an assortment was there on their plates and in their bowls. They all gave thanks to God all the more.

As they did the room became radiant with heat; and for that matter the entire house. The light illuminating the room was also becoming brighter and brighter. The more they praised God, the warmer and brighter it became.

God miraculously blessed the people of this Christian home that exercised great faith in God’s ability, so they would not be cold and hungry. I saw other homes like this one, but they were few in number.

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Back in 2009 while praying with an intercessor in Atlanta I had a vision. I saw a silver ladle hanging in the sky. Then I saw a big large black kettle with white watery soup. Then I saw people standing in a bread line during winter. It was very cold and they were blowing on their fingers which were sticking out of gloves that did not cover the finger tips. I heard the Lord say….”I am breaking the staff of bread over America” I said, Lord you can’t leave me with that. What would you have me pray. He said,” Call forth the Josephs and the Houses of Bread. These houses would feed people with the word of God as well as bread to eat or sustenance“

A Russian Attack On America With A Nuclear Winter And No Food -Vincent Aquilino’s 1997 Dream

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Then I looked out the dining room window. It was snowing. Why was it snowing, I asked? It’s summer. It’s not supposed to be snowing. I then went over to the thermostat and noted that the heat was on and the furnace was running. Again I shook my head and said, it’s not supposed to be snowing; what’s going on? What has happened? Then I spoke with my wife and decided to go out and get some groceries. A friend, whom I did not recognize, came with me. We went outside, but instead of getting into the car, we walked pulling a wagon behind us. We got to the first corner, where there was a menacing crowd. We ran back into the house to get a rifle. We then were able to go down the street.  We came to the first store. There was nothing on the shelves. We continued down the street to the next store. There was nothing on the shelves. Then we came to the third store. There were just a very few items on the shelves. Again I wondered, what has happened? I didn’t understand.

(Notice the volcanic reference in the below table – summer winter??)

“American Famine” REVEALED in Bible Codes!- Kara Pickering

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(Meranda’s Note – The areas of concentrated codes may be different years.  Right now, Beef and Pork which seem to be circled in one area are happening right now.  )

We have never seen an animal disease outbreak like this before, and it is rapidly getting worse. African Swine Fever, also referred to as “pig Ebola”, has already wiped out millions upon millions of pigs and it continues to spread to even more countries. There is no vaccine and there is no cure, and so essentially we don’t have any way to stop this disease. At this point, the only solution is to kill all the pigs wherever the virus is found and desperately hope that it doesn’t spread anywhere else. But that approach clearly hasn’t been working, and according to a recent Fox News report this epidemic has now become the “biggest animal disease outbreak we’ve ever had on the planet”

“This is the biggest animal disease outbreak we’ve ever had on the planet,” Dirk Pfeiffer, a veterinary epidemiologist at City University of Hong Kong and swine fever expert, said. “It makes the foot and mouth disease and [mad cow disease] outbreaks pale in comparison to the damage that is being done. And we have no way to stop it from spreading.”

China is the epicenter for this outbreak, and it is also home to half of all the pigs in the world.

“There will be a meat shortage, plants will not produce ” A Great American Famine -A Prophetic Vision To Jessica L

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Angela Woodall ‘s Vision Of How To Prepare For The End Days

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We will see an escalation in evil all around, do not fear, these things have to come before the great day of the coming of the Lord. We must prepare! Great multitudes will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ because obedient servants will have been sent ahead to prepare a place for them. There will be a series of events that will unfold that will shake people to their very souls. They will flood into the churches and temples. Many will come with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their backs. They will have no home to go home to. They will be scared, grieving, and bewildered. The body of Christ must be prepared to minister, to guide, direct, feed, and clothe these people. These events will happen suddenly and without earthly warning. So there is no time to waste, and the first step deals with restoration within the church.