2021 – A Year Of Struggles For The Nations – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Prophesy of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj for 2021 received from God concerning many nations

Prophesy of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj for 2021 received at 8:30AM on Dec 12, 2020 as he was waiting upon the Lord

2020 – year of PREPARATION
2021 …….is the year of SANCTIFICATION

2021 – year of challenges, turmoil, struggles for the nations

1st, God will shake the nations because they will turn away from God and serve their gods. The gods of their inventions, imaginations, the works of their hands, money will be driving force for them to turn away from me. The love for money is the root of evil. In the last day, the rich will hoard money just for themselves.

2nd, apostasy will largely increase in the body of Christ. They will allow sodomy to be common in their midst. They will pollute the body of Christ because they do not know the sanctity of the broken body and the blood of Jesus.

3rd, In the last days, they will be a large falling away. Falling away from the faith that was once entrusted in our hands.

4th, the pope will continue to rise to prominence and will make earth suffering statements. Pope is the false prophet. He will be consulted on worldly leaders concerning world affairs.

5th, the currencies will tumble and economies of many nations will fail and fall.

6th, the rise of the kings (economy, power of the east) of the east will begin to take place. Their hands and feet will be strengthened. It will begin to stretch out and stamp down. But the Lord our God will crash our enemy under our feet.
Though he tarries, He will not fail.

Action Plan For Leaders, Pastors :


1. Lord God said, “Equip my army, the young and old with the knowledge of the ways of God.

a. Equip with the knowledge of the INSTRUMENTS of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

b. Equip with the knowledge of the ART of WARFARE in the heavenly realm and on the earthly realm.

c. My people should walk in love and stay united to be strong and formidable.

d. You are to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God. (Matt. 24:14, The Lord Jesus said that when the gospel of the kingdom of God is preach it is the final sign.)

This includes the acceptable year of the Lord and the vengeance of God has come. God will come swiftly and judge the nations. “Sound the trumpet in the mountain top …sound and alarm the nations to turn in repentance. Behold I am coming soon”, says the Lord God. 7th, FIRE in unprecedented manner will be found in many nations. High rise building will be on fire in a large scale. Fires in the seas where sea mining for petroleum and other things takes place. Fires in the land in the field. Large tracks of land will be burned. The angel in the sun will cause climate change. In #Rev. 19:17 we read that there’s an angel station on the sun. So when this angel on the sun causes climate change, temperature will soar in a record manner. Nations will debate on how to control this. Let them know the maker of the sun is judging them. Fear God and worship Him. Give Him the glory!

. . . . . . . .


Prophesy of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj concerning many nations received from God for 2021 at 10:05 PM on Dec 31, 2020

CHINA – missiles will fly from China with the aim upon Taiwan.

“Woe to that nation, Taiwan. Who will intercede for Taiwan? Who is there who will stand in My presence to plead for that nation”, says the Lord. The symbol of China is a dragon. The Lord said that the dragon shall step forth its leg upon the nations in Asia. Its target are the smaller and weaker ones. He that has ears to hear must be watchful. The dragon shall lift its right front leg towards the nations again smaller ones like the ones found in the middle east and in Africa. When it is going to lift its right front leg forward, it seems it’s going to bless but it’s a TRAP, to trap them into submission.

NEW ZEALAND-what will happen to this nation will have a ripple effect to the nations in Asia.

New Zealand will become a tipping point between the balances of righteousness and unrighteousness, between life and darkness/ right and wrong. Righteousness refers to the holy living and unrighteousness refers to an unholy lifestyle of HOMOSEXUALITY. Which tip will it side over, it will be a sign…what will happen to this nation will have a ripple effect to the nations in Asia.

India – A DROUGHT has been appointed for the land.

INDIA – The Lord Jesus said, “What shall I say concerning this nation that I love…” I was very surprised by the first statement of the Lord Jesus…”the nation that I love”. So what is the view of the Lord concerning this nation? “The cries of the poor, destitute, helpless shall be heard in the streets. He who has pity on them shall be moved with compassion to help and will deliver them. A DROUGHT has been appointed for the land. People shall go with buckets to fetch water but shall find none. Let Him who stands before Me plead with Me to stay (in) my hand. Let voices of intercession be raised all over the land that I may be moved with compassion for her,” says the Lord.

USA – Her economy shall slide (down)”.

USA – “Woe to the nation who turned her back against the God who came to show her grace. Now she will be stripped naked and made destitute more than her former state that the people may know that their gods of gold, silver and those who sit in ivory castles can not save or redeem them. Her economy shall slide (down)”.


Nations in EUROPE – “The anger I have reserved over the nations is not over yet. I have reserved strong winds to swift over the nations that will cause freezing state more than what they call normal.”

Middle East – Favor For Those Who Favor Israel

MIDDLE EAST Nations – “My grace shall rise over the region as they will favor My people Israel. Didn’t I say I will bless those who bless you?” This was a promise given to Abraham in Genesis 12:3


ISRAEL – “I will give her favor among the nations and open doors for her.” This I believe concerns more of Abraham accord that Israel is making peace with many Muslim nations.

“This is important for peace will first need to come in the region before my wrath manifest, ” says the Lord God.


“My favor will come upon my people to make them strong in their knowledge of Me. They shall be made fat and strong as they grow in the knowledge of the Lord their God. They shall learn to do exploits before the days of darkness come. They must learn to put on the armor of light to withstand against the evil day. I will raise up true teachers to teach them My ways as the priest taught the people concerning the laws during the days of Josiah.” You can find a reference to that in 2 Kings 22:8-10.

“I will wipe away false teachers and raise up true teachers.”

“Behold I will sharpened new swords to give to my young warriors. Those who have been trained and are waiting on Me, put on the shoes to announce that the King is coming, His kingdom is coming. I will raise up a new breed of leaders who will have a heart of obedience to My ways and they will model their lives like a lamb of God in sacrifice and in humility.”

“Amen. This is the Word of the Lord I bring unto you for 2021.” – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj.


( Good morning, I’m Jenny….I was just tasked to transcribed all these, these words are not from me. Honestly, I’m crying while transcribing this….His presence is so tangible in the room. The Holy Spirit moved me with compassion to intercede….speaking in tongues while doing so.I was reminded by God to search for Sadhu’s latest video through a dream days ago. In my dream, I saw Sadhu giving instructions. I was not able to do so since I was busy with other stuff. But today at dawn, I heard an audible voice of an angel talking to me calling me, “Teacher…..” Then in the morning I was reminded again by the Holy Spirit to search in YouTube about Sadhu’s latest video. So here it is, may your spirit also bear witness to what the Holy Spirit is saying concerning this last days.)

Source: Prophesy of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj for 2021 received from God concerning many nations – JESUS LOVES YOU (thedreamyactiveinertbrain)