Prophetic Dream Shows A Coming Food Shortage Coupled With Power Outages – Chris Broussard

Jan 6, 2015, Chris Broussard

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Rough Transcript here:

June of 2013,  As I went to bed at 10 o’clock at night, I asked the Lord to show me something concerning what I was going through with the church. 10 minutes to 12, I woke up out of a dream. I went back to bed. I had another dream.  This one had to do with the church. Both of them had double emphasis, which means they’re both going to come to pass, very quickly.

When I say very quickly, it could be, you know, some, any time between now and seven to 10 years.


I’ll talk to you about the second dream but the first dream I had had to do with with food shortages that are coming to the world, especially the United States.

I was having a barbecue at my home.  All my dreams, always happen within a span of where I was raised. Normally, all of them took place in a matter of a three mile span, so I could relate to. It’s a natural presentation of a spiritual truth that God is trying to get across I can understand it really clear it’s not like I’m getting some crazy dream of something that’s in in science fiction. I understand everyone I’m I see just as clear as though I was there in the natural.

In this particular dream I was barbecuing and I had invited about eight people to come to to eat with us.

The people were showing up at different times and once I got to the fourth or fifth person I was running out of food. I began to look around looking for where am I going to find enough food to feed the next person. 

Well, that really was an eye opener to me.  I began to realize real quick with that dream that food shortages will come.   Seeing the food shortages coming in the first dream, but it was the second part of the first dream that really struck me. 

I went from seeing the, the food shortage to immediately seeing a massive electrical grid. ………………….

I’m fishing, and all of a sudden, this massive blue helicopter comes flying over the lake, right towards us.


I watch this massive helicopter fly right into the electrical grid, and in the dream I saw the electrical power being busted because of the helicopter hitting those lines. 

Then the dream was over.

I’m telling you, God was clearly telling me that food shortages are coming.

There will be massive grid outages…….


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