40 Confirmation Dreams Of War Coming To American Soil

Tanya W Macias recorded a word that was given to her in her prayer time that was very loud and clear about a coming war in America.  She says in the video that she quit her full time job just to pray full time for her family’s safety in the days ahead.

She states that war drums are sounding on our soil, and that the Lord has not spared anyone around the world for persecution.  She says that it is up to us as Christians to PLEAD to Yahweh for the sake of our brothers and sisters in this nation.  You can find her live video here on facebook

There are several posts where I have been collecting visions and dreams of a coming invasion to the United States.  All the dreams have several themes within them.  One of the themes has to do with Russia, and the other has to do with china.  Some of the dreams are combined with a coming tsunami wave.

(12+) Dreams Of China And Russia

Russia Is Producing “Next-Generation” Weapons

Chuck Youngbrandt

Here is another map detailed by Chuck Youngbrandt which was found on his facebook page. 

What he sees lines up with the safe zones which many say are in Washington, Idaho and the Ozark Mountains.  I am not sure about Northern Florida.  I haven’t heard yet about a safe zone there.   The invasion mentions are always through Washington state, and California.  It is interesting to see the routes here on this map. 

2009 Hand map upgraded by PLP.jpg  upload full size version of above picture

2009_PDF_Hand_Map_InvasionUSA.pdf  pdf version  – under four megs

Maps have copyright notice, and permission to use as you will, just leaving the copyright notice.

 I do not want people selling my version of the hand map on the internet, but I do want them to be able to find me.  Paul.

US_Interstates_300percent_withFightingZones.jpg   upload larger version of above picture, same as one above it, but only interstate routes shown

Red lines are to indicate interstate routes.  Actual routes are near the lines I have added.  Areas about fifty miles each side of the interstate will be in a bad way from invaders.

Again, don’t set your life choices by these words, or papers, or pictures.   You need to know from the Lord.

If these are never needed, you have my permission to laugh. 

I will not mind. (Found here http://www.survivalprimer.com)


More Dreams and Visions From Facebook

Wesley Kennedy This isn’t about California or tsunami but I dreamed of an invasion. In my dream I looked into the heavens. I saw Kim Jun Un’s face (dictator of North Korea) , like a huge picture of him, coming toward earth. I saw the word Russia under his name. Idk really what it meant but I think, that North Korea is being backed by Russia against the United States.

Lindsey Marceau In 2013 I had a dream of Asian (Chinese) military invasion. I remembered they were Asian and had a red arm band around their uniformed arms.

Theresa Bulmer that’s what I saw as well last year, they were Asian military and they meant business!
Lindsey Marceau Theresa Bulmer Yes they were not nice. They held me and my family hostage while they rummaged through our stuff trying to find something. I screamed at them I was so upset…asking them why they were so mean. And one turned to me and said “if you think we’re bad, the Russians are next.”

Tiffany Powell Boal  I had a similar dream several years ago. There was an invasion by an asian army (I could only see uniforms and soldiers but didn’t know who at the time) and they were walking down streets with explosions in the big city behind them and into the church we attended at the time. I saw members of the church hiding under the floors and the army was walking above them on the floor looking for people and trying to figure out where they all were. Many of the parents were screaming and running to the nurseries for their kids, and several families who had all come together were gathered to a separate area being held. There were other details but after the dream when I woke up I looked up the uniform I saw and it was Korean. I fully believe N. Korea is part of a massive attack on the US, on our soil, and on Believers.

Vision: I saw the Empire State building fall and NYC in all effect leveled. A great shock wave from nukes. The tsunami will blast it and Manhattan Island. All our symbols Will be leveled. And the stock exchange. With Russian warships and nuclear subs, paratroopers and a full scale attack. Oh Babylon how you have fallen. In one hour You will be destroyed.! by Elijahfire Milton Wildermann

Rhoda Helene Weber 4 years ago I dreamt of a huge tsunami hitting the west coast, similar to yours. I was taken to a higher place and placed in a glass house where I watched the water raise and NO ONE was alarmed. Then about 3 years ago I saw ships on the ocean all coming to the West coast. On the ships aliens… not a single American concerned about this I called the alert and no one listened.. I knew if they were allowed to land it was because judgement had come.… I have had tsunami dreams over the past 10 years along with others.

Anita Merritt Greening I have had dreams of missiles hitting major US cities. The cities were completely blown away. Also, a dream of Russian MIGs flying over the continental US. That dream of the MIGs took place about 4 years ago. I had no idea what a MIG was, and had to look it up after I woke up. In another dream, I saw a giant book. It was unlike any I have ever seen. It was very old but in good condition. Soldiers were looking at it. I looked over their shoulders at the book. The title was Critical Events of the World. I have never seen such a huge book. They opened it, and I saw a couple of dates. I don’t remember the events that went with the dates or the year of the events. One of the dates was March 11th. I pray over the dates every year.

Bonita Roper In 2004 I had a dream where hundreds of people were hid in the basement of a church , we were helping people who were wounded. The small windows in the basement were boarded over and it seemed we were in hiding. I could here the sound of military men marching outside the window. And new in the Spirit that there had been a disaster or we had been attacked by an enemy. But when we would run out of supplies there would be a truck appear and supply us with what we needed without anyone being able to see. Our family in the Midwest is preparing for anything.

Joshua Shallenberger (May 29, 2016) I had a dream last night that someone detonated a small nuke downtown Chicago. I remember vividly seeing the small mushroom cloud from a distance.

Shannon Snyder Ive dreamed that the east coast of the US was being invaded and bombed. At the same time there was natural disaster going on

Mike Campbell About 3 years ago I was on a fast and one morning right before I woke up I saw a mushroom cloud from a nuclear bomb is what I believe it was and I heard December 15 and I woke up

AA Alen

Warning Vision: Convoy Of FEMA Vehicles Rushing In – East Coast Be Prepared!

I had a warning vision last night that was very clear. It was exactly like this photo. A Convoy of white FEMA vehicles rushing into an area on the East Coast that had been hit be destruction and lost power. I am sharing this warning so others can pray PSALM 91 and be prepared. It will happen.

Cecilia Carter I haven’t had that dream. I did have a vision January though. It was dark, stars were out,a symbol came before my eyes( it was North Korea ), red not yellow like its symbol. Following behind the symbol was a white, slightly glowing asteroid.

Linda Melton Shields Perry my dream was not of a tsunami, but I dreamed we were being bombed. People were trying to run and hide and was hiding under the underpass of bridges. They bombed the bridge beside us and I knew we were next. I remember thinking I know I am going to die but I said I may die but I am going out praising the Lord.

Rhonda Wilson-Price The most recent water dream I had was being on vacation at a beach and the waves were high and crashes close to the apartments, as I walked out the door I realized what was causing it was military ships carrying aircraft going by

Jane Jones I hope and pray that you read this and take it seriously. I am a just a housewife and do not claim to be anything at all…but I had a very brief vision of a missile coming up from out of the water. This happened this morning. I dont know if this is connected to what you have seen, but as soon as I read this, I felt the strong need to share this with you.

John Starcher I had a dream of looking down on a sea of people screaming up to a huge ship that looked like an air craft carrier.

Debbie Weissman Years ago I had a dream of a beast rising out of the sea and marching towards land just like in the movie Godzilla, except it wasn’t Godzilla. It was an Asian woman dressed in a red and white kimono. The waves were high around her but was stayed until she hit land. She Was massive, hundreds of feet tall, and was wearing wooden sandals. I hid and watched her devour people. I realized the blood was the red on her kimono. I was safe, because Jesus shielded me from her but she was frigjtening. Then the waves came and destroyed all the buildings.

Debra Stone I had a dream a few days ago that I was in a town at an event with strangers and family , and as I was walking towards the Family all these military helicopters were landing on our ground it was a invasion some that were green and some white. The green ones I looked right at the pilot and he looked to be from China and the white ones no one could tell what country,but as all of us that were there gathered were thinking it was Russia. There was more to the dream but that was the part that bothered me about my dream .I woke up and the first thought was about it is we were invaded by two other countries.

Kelly Sutton Woodard I just told my pastor last week about a dream and visions of humongous waves like tsunami or tidal wave. And a mushroom cloud from a bomb.

Kirk Adams  I’ve never had a West Coast tsunami dream, but in 2002 i saw a wave of water higher than the Statue of Liberty heading towards it & Manhattan. I was in worship at my mom’s house when i began to see the Statue of Liberty with fire around the base of her feet (liberty under fire) followed by a black President addressing people on the steps of the Capital building in ruins. Then a flaming meteor streaked across the sky, then the tsunami wave. After that was a man with milky-white, almost transparent skin (holiness), brown hair, glasses(focused vision), goatee, dark green sweater(true prosperity) and brown pants standing with his left hand on a fence. There was a directional arrow in the sky (with the letter E) pointing towards the horizon with light green colored grass. The horizon itself was blackened with gloomy clouds in the sky. There was smoke rising from two locations in the northern part of the scene. The Lord spoke (trident missile failure), then every thing was pitch black. I saw the muslim moon&star with an iron cross coming over the top of it. Then a bright, white light in the shape of a half moon. In the center stood a pitch black person with red eyes (anti-messiah).

Melissa S. Van DuserBack in early Jan of 2009 I had a dream I seen a missile launched (out our own nation) it flew from the north part of the US from N and S Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa area. (I live in Missouri) It didn’t show what state it came from just that it came from that direction and it was heading to the south east area towards Florida around in there. And then the south east sent a missile back to the north and I was walking in town when I seen this happening. The dream was in a amber sand like color at first. As I was walking home there where a lot of people standing watching this and out of the north were the missile went a huge sand storm was coming in fast and I was walking fast to get home. The sand storm was right at my heels when I got in and closed the door. As I was in the home it was like nothing was going on outside. It was quite and peaceful. I went to my room and the room was were I grew up in when I was a young girl and it was getting dark out. I didn’t turn on my light but I started to pack like I was getting ready to leave to a place where it would be very cold like Alaska up north. I packed a lot of quilts, afghans and a pair of boots. I was also trying to figure out what to bring and what not to bring and they were none important stuff. I then looked out a small window where it was night out and then I seen trees that were cut and the stumps were the only thing left and the stumps and the grass was burnt and there were small patches of fire still burning and I said in a sigh tone “Obama!” Then I woke up. Not sure what that all meant but it was interesting. 

Kim Fox-Cross I had a vision that I shared with my sister…I was lifted in the dream up into the sky…when I looked down I saw a map layed out flat I saw a great crack appear to the west and a great wall of water coming towards a massive city…the map also had fire erupting from a volcano and the people were like ants running everywhere...the only thing left visible through the smoke was the tops of the mountains…but few people made it there. It seemed the ones who did were already there waiting before these events occured because they had large backpacks on their backs and suitcases with them. I also saw a terrible event take place on the east coast there were fires breaking out every where in several cities ..thousands of ppl were burning money and filling the streets...i saw massive planes dropping soldiers from the sky and another large one carrying the president and very rich and powerful people but they were leaving the U.S. I was then on the ground in a grocery store that was empty. I tried to call my family to tell them but woke up when someone answered. This is just one of a few dreams that I have had about tsunami’s..

Jamie Tucker Most of my dreams involved nuclear weapons striking major cities in the US. I’ve also had dreams of hurricanes hitting the East Coast from Florida all the way up to Maine.

Debra Walker Pratt Two nights ago, I dreamt of a large black cloud approaching at a high rate of speed, as if it was a pyroclastic plume from a volcano. It was enormous and so fast that there was no escape! I had only enough time to tie a cloth around my nose and mouth, warn others to do likewise, and proclaim “Jesus Christ is Lord.” This is the second dream of a dark, inescapable cloud coming. I had the impression that the first dream was in the Dallas area.

Israel Wendy I was standing outside some kind of installation. I could see razor wire. I could see very high fences meant to keep people in and very dangerous spikes so that you couldn’t touch the fence and as I was focusing on the fence the distance was blurry. But I could see tents and I could see people walking about. It came to my mind that this was the FEMA camp. All of a sudden I saw a nuclear bomb a small local one dropped on the camp then two others followed. Then I was flying above the camp and I saw the wave of radiation just incinerate every man woman and child. I was from a distance but I was horrified. 3 nuclear bombs dropped on purpose on innocent people.

Tony C. Cabrera I too saw visions in 2004 of gigantic tsunamis, famine after nuclear aftermath and lots of aircraft warfare for 3 consecutive nights.

 Carleton  “I dreamt this dream on (1/24/16,I was watching this take place in the dream/Terrorists, one night were doing home invasions simultaneously around the country, killing people in their houses,but,not robbing them.They were like coordinated attacks.Then i was shown that terrorists had a list of about seven seven different categories of people on a hit list that they were killing that Day.This seemed like One day of coordinated attacks all over the USA.One of the categories on the list was law enforcement officers,and another group were people that work in the utilities/power industries”

Jean-Jacques Emily Molenaer In the dream I was in my bedroom asleep just as I really was. I awoke ( in the dream) to a newscast on TV. In reality, we don’t have a TV in our bedroom,so I was puzzled about the TV in the BR. While my head was still on the pillow, I looked over at the window and sensed an eerie calm outside. The window shade was pulled down and I could see from a gap in the side, where the window met the shade, that it was snowing outside. Now, I was really puzzled, because it was (in reality) August 7. Then I turned my attention to the TV on my dresser……the TV screen was not facing me, as the TV was turned to the side, but I could see the news anchor at his desk. As he was reporting what was happening somewhere in the US, there was live film behind him of what was occurring. I saw people running for their lives, through the streets, screaming in a panic, like they were desperately trying to get away from something. Something was raining down on them and some people were naked. As I listened to his reporting, I knew this was affecting me and my family. I’ve never felt fear like that before nor since…..it was as though something had gripped me in my chest and I awoke suddenly praying loudly in a foreign tongue. The prayer was almost violent and I couldn’t stop it unless I closed my mouth. The Lord erased from my memory everything the news anchor said. Since this was 25 years ago, I don’t recall if it was then or a couple of days later, while in deep prayer, that the Lord said my whole family was wiped out…..but what I do recall with clarity, is that when he said this, a total peace enveloped me and a smile came over my face because I was relieved…..my spirit understood this, but my mind didn’t.
One of my nephews, had a dream while away at college–3 years ago. It disturbed him, so he called his mother, my sister, to relay it to her, and she then called me. In the dream, he was home with his family. Their finished basement is where their family room is located and is a walk-out into their backyard. He and his Dad were in the FR when they heard a big booming sound. They walked out the sliding glass doors into their yard and saw in the distance — south of them, in the direction of NYC — a huge mushroom cloud, what appeared to be a nuclear bomb explosion. They quickly ran back into the house and he awoke from the dream.

James ClarkThis word is coming from many different sources, …many I doubt that even know of each other. I had an extremely vivid dream just a few months back that ties into this message also. In summary:

I was back in the marines. We were on a secure base, but under alert. We knew we had a Muslim enemy close by. It was just a matter of time before they made their move to invade our compound.
Two buses came to evacuate a small number of us. The first bus came, and it filled extremely fast. Those people were already, ready to go….there was no hesitation of its filling and departure. I sensed that was the dead in Christ that were taken.
The second bus came not long after the first. I was to board that bus. In order to get to it, I had to overcome some strenuous obstacles that I normally wouldn’t have had the strength to complete. The closer toward the end of it, it just kept getting more difficult and more strenuous. The only way I was able to find the strength was to pray the whole way through it….but because of those prayers, I found the strength, and never missed a step.
When I came to the end of the obstacle, (a long narrow path with much resistance) I had to kneel down very low and exit the compound through a low, narrow hatchway. There at the end of the obstacle, a marine DI stood. I believe he represented Jesus in this dream…..he told me I had done a good job.I then proceeded to the second bus that was awaiting me. Others were already in the bus and waiting. The bus didn’t have all that many people in it though. Many would be left behind and would have to face the soon to come invasion.I had been carrying a brown leather bag, with all of my most valuable earthly possessions in it , through that obstacle I had just completed. As I was about to board the bus however, I looked and realized it was now somehow gone. For a brief moment I considered whether or not I should ask the driver of the bus to wait on me so that I could return and try to find it. Immediately however, I thought…NO…leave it. I won’t need it anyway. I then turned to board the bus. I was between the rear wheel and the door, and then woke up.

That was maybe three months ago now….and I was being shown that I was between the rear bus wheel and the bus door. I feel like we are closer than that now. I feel like, …before the invasion order comes, that second bus will leave with its few passengers.
Terri Close I dreamt of war in USA
Donna Semnisky I have been dreaming of Asians attacking
Lissette Torres I was thinking yesterday about this. I dreamed I saw my husband in military gear about 2 months ago. I wondered why I dreamed that because my husband served in the military years ago and is disabled. I think God is telling us to get ready to fight on our knees and live for him!
Teresa Douglas About a week or so ago I had a vision of seeing a newscaster on TV and behind him a large bear was about to attack him by surprise! He had no idea!!! Then on another occasion I heard this in the night, “4 BEARS!” I believe that the US has 4 enemys that are working together to bring us down! Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea! Since this I have been seeing bears everywhere! On the internet, TV, and even while being out and about! I believe that all this is a warning about what is about to happen!!! A SURPRISE ATTACK AND WAR!
Misty Irvin Gosser I dreamt I was in a classroom and sirens started going off and all these military men started running out onto the soil due to some type of war in America. We were put in lockdown within the building.I dreamt about 3 weeks ago that God told me to look up and there was this huge war in the heavens up above me and then all of a sudden complete darkness covered the earth. I said,” I can’t believe I’m alive to see this complete darkness covering all the Earth.
Chinese Invasion

New Madrid

Dean Odle Sees Explosions In Cities

“You fast forward in November of 2012, I had a dream where I was standing looking down the east coast line and I saw a massive explosion destroy a city. I don’t know what city it was, but I knew I was looking north up the eastern coast line. I saw a city destroyed, and in the dream for some reason it was my job to coordinate our governments response. I have never worked for the United States Government, and don’t plan on it, but in the dream I had a direct line to President Obama. In the dream, as soon as the detonation happened, and I was just beyond the blast radius and there were fires burning, and I called, and I had a direct line, understand I had a direct ……had each others cell phones or whatever…..I don’t know, it was almost like a radio and I was talking to him what was going to be our response. He stopped talking to me, and would not talk. Ummm…so I said the radios must have went out, so I knew where he was. I ran across through the city. And I ran to where President Obama was, and for some reason it was a huge like cafeteria with these round tables and massive amount of people and was sitting at a table as far as you and me brother and I was yelling at him…..what is our response? In the dream I knew that our response was going to determine whether we survived this or not. What I mean “survived” was we kept any resemblance of normalcy. Anyway, he would not even lift his head up, he was looking down at his plate of food and it was then I knew he will do nothing, that he was going to let this happen”

” The second dream in the last twelve months, I was driving on interstate 85, I am in Auburn Alabama, so I was was on interstate 85 heading towards Montgomery, which is south west. And I was heading there, and I had a clear straight shot, a long… I could see a long way off. In the dream I said, I bet I will see a mushroom cloud in just a few minutes, or in just a moment. It wasn’t until 5 seconds later and BOOM…the flash, the cloud, I watched the whole thing go up and roll over. I don’t know where it was, I am not quite sure, but I know I was looking west”

David Herzog Paul Keith Davis

David Herzog Reveals Inside Information About A Planned Nuclear Attack On America

David Herzog was on the Paul Keith Davis show doing a webinar April of 2013 where he David was recounting an experience with a top official in Russia, while he was there on a ministry outreach.

Here is what he reported:

” First of all, we had a lot of harvest, we had a crusade, tv, signs and wonders… I go to the hotel, and the Lord told me it was going to be unusual when you get there. I get there and Madonna is on the floor above me, I am standing next to Steven Seagal trying to take the elevator, and I am talking to Colin Farrell, another actor, – All these actors ….what is going on here?, ….The Lord said I am bringing my glory to high places, and you need to touch them. I open my window and there is the Kremlin across the street from the hotel. All these spys,….It was like a James Bond movie. And then the guy who picks me up, he’s a pastor, and also works in the Kremlin…. I cannot say his name, he would get in trouble…but he is a position high up, he works directly with the top guy that we all know. I asked him some questions and he warned me of some stuff that is coming to the USA. And he said to me, ‘the questions you are asking me are scary for me, ….because you know something…..and the only other people who ask me those questions are the CIA or FBI agents’ So I asked him… ‘whats coming, and what are you guys doing with the economy, working with China, North Korea, Iran, I know your governments working ‘ …. He is a believer, but he works there. He advises people in the military. He said, there is a planned crash of your economy, with several big nations, and it is coming .… (now this is last August)…. he said it is coming March or April, but it could be delayed….a little delay…We are seeing that with Cyprus unraveling, we are seeing that with the hacking with Chase bank. Two weeks, I checked my account, and saw all zeros, and then a few hours later they said it was all a glitch. That happened in Cyprus right before …. So that was the first thing. I tell people, don’t put a lot of savings in your bank account, put it in silver or gold or keep some cash at home. Keep just enough in your savings or your account to pay your bills. If you have mutual funds, stock market,..from what I am hearing – prophets and high level economists, 90% of what you have in the stock market could be lost in the next crash even though it looks good now. Number 2, this guy is working in government, that a nuclear attack is planned for the west coast of the United States, after the crash. So the crash, there will be riots and all that. There will be nuclear attack. I am looking at this thing with North Korea, I know North Korea works with China and Russia so they could be the scapegoat. I am saying “could be”. The things I am seeing now were not occuring last August when he told me these things. Third thing, he said their was foreign troops already on our soil…Russian and Chinese…hundreds of thousands of them. I researched it…they are here, at the invitation of our military and our government to help enforce Martial Law. So, that’s the bad news, but the good news is that when these things happen, the harvest will be greater, the glory is going to be greater, and I think there is cities of refuge and there states. If they press in now, they will see God’s grace. Create a buffer… “as for me and my city, and my state, these things won’t happen” Like Red Dawn, some of these movies are prophetic”
Chicago Destroyed -Augusto Perez
Augusto Perez Sees The City Of Chicago Suffer A Terrorist Attack

In 1981, Augusto Perez was called to salvation by a series of dreams, visions and personal experiences. He was a pastor of a church for seven years. He has had 44 dreams and visions dealing with end time events. He saw visions of the great shaking, the coming famine, the coming attack on the US and so much more.

” I was in the City of Chicago when I felt a big earthquake. All the people were very scared and panicked at what was happening. Then I heard in the background the song “The Night Chicago Died”. I have had this vision twice”

” Interpretation: The City of Chicago will suffer a terrorist attack, an earthquake or both causing much devastation in the city. We need to pray for that city and be ready to assist them when this happens, and preach the gospel to those that are there now.

” I also saw the Great Lake in Chicago, the water level started to go down very fast. I was standing right next to a big rock which I had to lay hold of, so I wouldn’t fall”

Stephen Hansen

Stephen Hanson Sees New York, California, Chicago, And Florida Seeing Massive Future Judgement
Visions given to Stephen Hanson in “Divisions Leading To The Internal Revolution” through the Prophecy Club
At 18:53 in the video he talks about California being swept into the ocean. He saw the state of California, and it appeared to be fractured around the edge, broke off, and sank and then he saw a huge tsunami of waves. Then the water from the ocean rushed in upon the land and it was separated and sank into the ocean.
At 25:11 “ The nation will be divided in so many ways. Civil unrest will be the norm. Military factionswill be spread across the land. Violence will erupt in the streets. You will see fires and explosions break-out in such cities as Chicago. Phoenix, Arizona will have chaos and dissent. Woe to those who put their faith in guns and armory. Woe to those who sit in high places, for you once thought you were the land of the free and the home of the brave.”
At 20:39-“Woe to those of you who live in large metropolitan areas, for you will be hit the hardest. Woe to those of you who put your strength in man. For your nation will be brought to it’s knees. You will be rocked back and forth. You will taste the fury of my anger. Woe to different cities in your nation. Woe to New York City, Woe to Chicago, Woe to Phoenix, Woe to the city of sinners Las Vegas for your judgment will come swifter than most “
At 50:59: I Will Come To Destroy The Wicked “ I tell you that this earth has gone through many changes over the course of its creation, but over the next few years it will be changed for good. Woe those who live on the coastlines, for there will be an earthquake not like man has known. For it will split asunder the coastline of California. For a wall of water will separate it. Gone will be all the luxurious homes. Gone will be the movie industry. In the space of about an hour or so, all of this will occur”
At 51:24” Woe to those who live in New York City. For you have faced one onslaught, but the next one coming will be for your devastation. You will be invaded by an outside force, the electrical system and the communication network will be down. There will be no way for you to communicate with those around you, but I will provide a way out. You will be warned ahead of time. Some will listen, others will not”
At 52:56 ” I tell you, beware of those of you who live in the southern tip of Florida, for yours is to be met by a sudden and swift destruction. You may say, ‘Why will these things come?’ I tell you that your nation has reached the peak of its sinfulness. I do not glory in wiping out man because of these things, but the stench of these things have gone on and on. You will ask ‘ When will these things happen’ within the space of three to four years, the destruction will begin. But I also tell you that places of safety will be established. For I will always provide a way out for those who will trust me ”
At 54:46 “There is a place that you can run to and hide when the storms come upon this world. There is a place that you will be sheltered from the storms. I tell you that you can run to Me when the storms of this life rage upon you. For there are great storms coming. They will be unequaled since the time of this world. I tell you that in the coming months and years the United States map will change. For the map of the United States will be changed because of catastrophic events. This will be because of various earthquakes and nuclear attacks. ”
“The Lord showed me a picture of the state of Florida. I was looking at it and then the shape of it was then transformed into the shape of a gun. It was as if the panhandle section was then the barrel of a gun. It then seemed that the state itself had become broken in half. The Lord then showed me a picture of the United States. I was shown the state of Texas and it was broken in a piece where the bottom half of it was now submerged. It had broken off from about where the panhandle section was in the state. The gulf of Mexico had come into most of it and had totally changed it. Then I looked at the rest of the continent, and saw that the northeastern section of the America was being curled up like a paper. The continent was rolled up along the northeastern edges, and along the coastlines down to Florida, some 200 or miles inland. This was also on the western half of America as
Ali Winters Confirms An EMP Attack On America
Ali Winters , ( A Watchman on the Wall)

“The only hope for your nation is through My Son. Only through Him will wrongs become right and evil turn to good. But like faithless Israel you have said ‘No, we will not change. No, we will neither listen nor accept godly counsel.’”

“My people love the world more than they love Me. You have become accustomed, even comfortable with evil, considering it normal. So thus says the LORD, because you have chosen to walk in unrighteous rebellion and hatred of My will and My ways, I allow disaster to come upon your nation. America will experience an EMP attack, small in strength but a prelude to what will follow.”

“Watch as your empire falls – little by little. Like Israel you too have played the harlot, following, embracing all gods but Me. I AM wearied of your rebellious ways. Two will fall together.”

“A small crack will become a fissure, bringing destruction to many. Your heart will break at all you will see, but fear not, neither be dismayed. Continue to speak My truth at every opportunity. Doors will begin to close, then slam shut. Be vigilant (watchful, guarded) with the time remaining. So many remain committed to the world. Pray for spiritual eyes and lift the fallen in prayer. Time is quickly slipping away.”

Brett Creamer Sees A Terrorist Attack In Washington DC

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Washington D.C. Terrorist Attack – My very first vision took place on 9/11/01.  I had just moved from Washington DC area to Fort Lauderdale for a job I was offered.  I was staying with my cousin until I could find a decent apartment.   Since I had not officially moved to Florida yet, all my furniture was still in my apartment in Arlington, VA.

As I pulled up to the office, someone came running out saying a plane had his the Trade Towers in NY.  My first thought was, “It must have been a small commuter plane as the big planes don’t fly near the city.”  When I got inside, I realized the scope of the event.  As we watched the event on TV, we saw the second plane hit the 2nd tower.  Now we realized that we were under attack.  Within no time, we watched as a plane flew into the Pentagon.  This rocked me, because I had been in there several times due to my position as a contractor for the government.  It was also pretty scary because the Pentagon was only 1 mile from my house in Arlington, VA.

My first thought was, how deep will this attack go?  I walked back to my desk to call my brother to discuss the events that were unfolding and as soon as I sat down to call, I suddenly found myself floating above the City of Washington D.C.  Imagine my shock as I am hovering above the city when only moments ago I was sitting at a desk.  As I hovered there, it was like my eyes zoomed in to man standing in front of the White House.  He was a dark skinned Middle Eastern looking young man around 18-24 years old.  He was wearing a gray hoodie with a black and white striped shirt underneath.  He had a large black backpack on his back.  He took off the backpack, then he pulled out something that looked like a wire cord and then I saw a blinding flash.  I am assuming that it was a dirty bomb.  I zoomed back to where I was floating in the sky and I saw a small mushroom cloud in the center of DC.  I could see all my friends who worked in DC and they were killed.  Instantly, I was sitting back at my desk holding my phone in my hand that I was about to call my brother on.  I immediately teared up and felt like I was going to throw up.  I grabbed my trash can and held my head over it for a few minutes until I felt better.

This was the first time I had ever experienced something like this.  Besides being given a vision, I had seen friends of mine dying right in front of me.  I was so sick and scared.  When I regained my composure, I called my brother and my friends that I had seen in the vision and told them what happened.  They were all in route to go home anyway, and they dismissed my story as my imagination.  I ended up getting saved about 5 months later.

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A vision about an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico was also given to Brittany (last name unavailable) on July 30, 2010.

“All of a sudden I was above the West Coast of the US looking eastward. It was a quick vision. First my attention was drawn to a fiery cloud of smoke rising above the ocean over the Gulf of Mexico. My first thought was that it looked like volcanic ash, but I can’t be sure. Next my focus zoomed in close to the earth and I saw a man standing by the Mississippi river. He raised and spread his hands dramatically and said”, “This Earthquake! This Big Gigantic Earthquake!” Brittany includes a map of where the man was standing and also where she saw the explosion in the Gulf in her youtube video, My Vision, Warning of Gulf Explosion and Earthquake. http://www.youtube.com

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