The 9 Harbingers Of Ancient Israel Apply To America Today- Phyllis Cheslock


Phyllis Cheslock gives us further insight into the 9 Harbingers that took place in Ancient Israel. What she sees is America being judged in the exact same way that Ancient Israel faced her judgement.

In this vision she describes the faces in the water. That vision can be found here:

4 Levels Of Judgement Issued For United States – A Vision Given To Phyllis Cheslock

The “1948 Vision” she talks about can be found here:

Phyllis Cheslock’s 1948 Prophetic Vision Of ( ISIS ) Pointing Weapons At Believers

The Almighty Yahweh judges His Nations and His people the same way through out time.  As you can see below, the judgement that is coming to America will be swift and severe.

Read more about Phyllis Cheslock at the end of the post.  Included are her notes below:

Insight to Harbinger Phyllis Cheslock Page 2