A Great Hidden Remnant Is Coming Out Of Hiding And Will Operate In The Power Of God – Mark Chirona


Today everyone was talking about the passing of Billy Graham.  Some see it as a sign of something to come, others simply admire a great evangelist who went home today.

Two prophecies by Maurice Sklar mentioned a turning point which would occur upon Graham’s passing.  You can read those here:

Another video circulated around facebook that also mentioned Billy Graham’s passing by Benny Hinn.

I couldn’t figure out who the person in the video was who gave the first part of the prophecy. James Bailey identified him as Mark Chirona.

James Bailey put together this impressive article below on this video regarding Billy Graham’s death.

This video had been making its way around facebook this morning, and I thought for sure that people were mistaking Benny Hinn’s mention of Billy Graham as Maurice Sklar’s prophecy.  In other words I thought that Benny Hinn was simply siting a 2005 Maurice Sklar prophecy.

Yet, if you look closely in the wording, he does mentions that HE – (Benny ) was told this from God.  In one prophecy we see the call of the greatest revival to take place, and another a final warning for incredibly hard times ahead.

When Oral Roberts and Billy Graham go home, it will be the key, it will be the sign of the beginning of the greatest revival. Benny Hinn (Video Release in 2012)

“When you see me take Billy Graham and Oral Roberts home, you will know that America and the West have received their last call “ – Maurice Sklar 2005


James Bailey z3news.com

Evangelist Billy Graham died today at the age of 99. Just as his life had great significance for God’s kingdom, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions around the world, his death also has great significance, fulfilling a powerful prophecy given by Prophet Mark Chirona and Evangelist Benny Hinn.

In the 3-minute video shown below, Mark Chirona delivered this prophecy in 2012 while appearing as a guest on the Trinity broadcasting network. Mark Chironna is uniquely gifted to train, mobilize, and ignite transformation in God’s people. Here is the transcript from the video.

We are coming into perhaps the most significant day in church history. There are a number of things that are going to begin to converge. We talked about (the book of) Luke and the signs. There is going to be a convergence of the signs. With it there is going to be an acceleration and they are all going to overlap. When that happens, there is a company of people that have been hidden in God for a season but they are coming out of hiding and they are going to stand in the courts of Pharaoh. Like Moses did (Exodus 7-12) and Elijah did (1 Kings 18:20-40), they are going to challenge the spirits. They are going to challenge the powers of Egypt.

The earth is going to see a 21st century manifestation of the demonstration of the Spirit, not from one or two, but from a many membered body. God is going to have the church of His dreams. All of the institutionalizing that we have done to the church, all the things we have done to try to make it our thing instead of God’s thing, God has had the church under wraps for 2,000 years. Maybe that’s why there are 2,000 cubits between where this generation is and the ark because God wants a church that has been in hiding and prepared for power by severe testing, severe trial, severe tribulation in every single season and they feel like they are not going to be used and it is too late and it is all over. That is the company that is prepared for power.

They’ve been like John the Baptist in the wilderness eating locusts and wild honey, strange food. They have had to learn to glean from the word when they were just getting little pious platitudes from preachers all around the country. They are being weaned away from everything that is contradictory to the powerful truth of the word of God. That company is coming out of hiding. They are going to cross Jordan. They are going to move into a manifestation of power where there will not just be power on one or two, but there is going to be power on multiplied thousands and thousands.

As soon as Mark Chirona finished delivering that word, Evangelist Benny Hinn added this prophesy,

“The sign will be Billy Graham’s death. You are talking about a people in hiding, just like Elijah was in hiding, but when he came out, he challenged the prophets of Baal. And the Lord said to me in 1989, when Oral Roberts and Billy Graham go home, it will be the key, it will be the sign of the beginning of the greatest revival. Oral is home and Billy is about to go home, and when he does, I’m telling you, the whole Church, get ready.”

Can the two prophecies, one pronouncing judgment, and one signaling a great revival pair together?

I believe yes. Several prophetic voices see that the coming revival is not going to take place in good times, but rather in the most challenging times in human history.  This testing will will cause so many to reach out to God, and fall to their knees in worship.  Where food and water do not exist, God will provide supernaturally.

Two prophetic words that caught my attention some time ago were one from Maurice Sklar, and

There is a new generation of prophets about to emerge. They will operate in the miraculous to such an extent that they will confound the unbelieving and smash the idols of this modern age. They will release both supernatural blessings upon My bride as well as unleashing my judgment upon the earth. No one will be able to ignore them. They will emerge both from the church and out of the remnant of faithful, believing Jews. I have begun already to release the mantles of the Endtime ministry of Elijah for the church age.

I will release the ministry of creative miracles and the raising of the dead. No disease shall be able to stand in the presence of My last-day prophets. I will cause such a display of My supernatural healing power in revival meetings that the major news networks shall broadcast ‘live’ as limbs grow out, the dead are raised, deformed children, the incurably insane and ‘water-head’ babies are instantly healed.

Here, this prophecy mentions that both a supernatural operation of miracles will work in believers, but also during a time where judgement will be seen on the earth.  Revival meetings will show the sheer power of God.

A very similar, prophecy was given by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj at the Prophets Speak gathering which is held at Jim Bakkers ministry.

He also mentions a power that is called Creative supernatural workings which will operate within believers in the last days.  Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj also prophecies that challenging times are ahead.  Yet we see that within those desperate times, God shows His mighty power by providing for our needs by His will only.

” Now one of the powers is called Creative Supernatural Working. I saw a group of people especially young people they’re all in hiding.  They have nothing to eat.  I saw a youth and he appeared like a youth leader, he was leading a group of youths and they were all hungry. He just pointed his finger at the ground and he commanded food to grow.  And it grew!!  Like food hidden in the ground.  It grew then it came out they took and the ate” 

TD Hale also had a prophecy that talked about Billy Graham in 2011 :

Thus saith the LORD:

“The grace of peace is about to be removed from the nations.

The grace of financial security and stability is about to be removed from the wealthy nations that have hoarded their money and resources from the poor of My people.
I will remove the shields of protection and allow the enemies of the West to bring destruction through acts of terror.

War is coming in Israel, the Middle East and to the West. Once the Red Horse of War is loosed, it will not cease on the earth for seven years until I return to set up My Kingdom upon the earth. The time of Tribulation is almost upon you, O earth, earth, earth – hear the Word of the LORD!

Look to when I take my servant Billy Graham home. When I do, it shall be a prophetic sign that the Age of grace will end soon after.

Wake up and be ready for My appearing in this Midnight Hour, O backslidden church – I am coming for My Bride who has made herself ready.

“Repent and prepare to meet thy God. For soon My wrath will be upon the wicked of the earth who have hardened their hearts against Me.”


Notice how this word given to TD Hale also mentions War with Israel, and hardship coming after Billy Graham’s death.

Some additional comments on Z3news.com mentioned that Neville Johnson also mentioned Billy Graham:

EldonFebruary 21, ” A few years back Neville Johnson shared that when Billy dies there will be a coming together of his mantle and that of TL Osborne resulting in mighty miracles with integrity. For those who aren’t familiar with TL I remember two events, both back in the 70’s. A photograph of the face of Jesus in the clouds which the people saw for 4 days as he held a mass crusade.”
Diana– “Neville Johnson prophesied recently and said that Billy Graham was going home this year.He also said that when he died that Billy Grahams mantle and T.L Osborns would be combined for the greatest evangelical and healing ministry poured out ….Shalom.”

In a prophetic word given to Byron Searle on January 18, 2018, a mighty harvest is mentioned coupled with great destruction:

“My son, I told you before that when the judgments start, it will be too late, for the events will occur one after another. So great the destruction will be, that the whole world laments for America. But all is not lost, for during this time My Spirit will pour out across this once great land for a mighty harvest! Many people will come to me and be saved. This nation will burn with the fire of the Holy Spirit, then I will get my bride. Great will be the Word in America! Young people will lead the masses to victory! My Remnant will be strong! What a glorious time! My son, even though death and destruction will be everywhere, so will My Spirit and so will My Bride, washed in the the fire of revival and My Blood! Be ready, My Bride, for perilous times are upon you!”

In an Open Vision seen by Ken Roman, he saw a future event where great lines of people who whose legs and arms were missing were created in an instant.

“In 1983 I was in a church service being held on the ORU campus and then while standing during the worship I saw a city like any major US City but it was such that there were no cars or any vehicles and there was no activity on the street or in the buildings that were there at all. What I saw was a line of people along the curb and they were missing legs, arms, eyes, feet, hands, and more. The next thing I saw was someone going down the line and praying for them and instantly there were now legs, arms, eyes, feet, hands, and other body deformities that were no more. What amazed me was the speed of this. I could not detect anything but a touch by the person and it was literally like Bing, Bing, Bing, that quickly! Then as the vision ended the Word of the Lord came to me and He said : “The Church started in the street and will end in the street”

In June 2004, Maurice Skylar was given a word involving America being invaded, and a coming revival in America.

In the midst of this, God’s last and greatest REVIVAL is coming! Many hundreds of millions will be brought to the Lord. America will hit her knees at the first of these shakings. With each calamity will come a greater and greater outpouring of glory and grace that will harvest many. America will then be judged by fire from God directly or from nuclear devastation. In a vision in 1985, I saw America completely incinerated from coast to coast. If this was a true vision from God, then it will come to pass before the coming Messianic Kingdom.

Here we have another prophecy that couples a revival with utter judgment that is released on the United States.  Read more of this prophecy here.

Here are some of the comments that Maurice Sklar mentioned from a Youtube video, which was recorded from Tribulation Now Radio, dated 24 March 2014

Provisions For Christians In The End Days “I believe the last outpouring will not happen in a time of prosperity, but great horror.  People will cry out to God, and He will bring them to their knees.  I saw these big outdoor meetings, where God had risen up these end times prophets and apostles, and there was amazing miracles of food and water.  What struck me was there was NO FOOD AND WATER.  People were starving.  People would get to these refuge places …..big fields, and they would see awesome miracles, healings and creative things.  I just knew that millions would be pouring out all over the world. He was pouring out his Spirit, and harvest and people were crying out, and there was great martyrs and heroic things”

Alison Pound is another prophetic voice who has stated that God is moving His people in a different direction in the days ahead.  Not one of comfort, but one of testing.  People won’t be living a life that we are seeing today, with the comforts and amenities, but rather in the wilderness where we will have to depend on Him

Another prophetic voice saw judgment coupled with tremendous creative miracles.  Holly L Moody saw a very interesting vision that took place in the wilderness. 

“What are these two groups of people?” I asked the Lord. “One group will speak forth My blessings to the obedient of the world,” the Lord replied. “The other group will speak forth My judgments on the disobedient.” The Lord then went and stood before the two groups of people. “The time has fully come,” He said to them. The Lord then spoke to the group of people who held in their hands items of farming, building and/or construction tools. “I send you forth to preach repentance and to heal those who are in need of healings,” He said to them. “You will confirm My covenant of peace and blessings to the obedient who are weary, discouraged and in need of strengthening. Remind them of My mercy.”The Lord then turned to the group of people who appeared to be holding weapons of warfare in their hands. “I send you forth to declare My words of judgment against the ungodly who refuse to turn from their wicked ways,” the Lord said to them.

End Time Messengers Who Will Send Out Supernatural Provision And Judgement – A Prophetic Vision To Hollie L. Moody

This outpouring of God also reminded me of this post.  Where just reciting the word of God produces healings.  Knowing Gods word well, and being able to lay claim to what is promised also works with incredible faith to pronounce something that was promised, and expecting the result to come forth.  Knowing the word well is one of the best ways we can prepare now.

Lastly, the prophecy that was originally discussed with Mark Chirona , and Benny Hinn, a couple things leaped out at me, but the return of Israel was one that caught my eye.

The prophecy that the Northern Kingdom “Israel”, and the southern kingdom known as the “Judah, or Jews” are returning home.  This prophecy in the scripture in my opinion is overlooked.  The reason for this, is I believe most people believe it is just the Jews going home, but actually, the Northern Kingdom who knows Yeshua will be heading back as well.

“That company is coming out of hiding. They are going to cross Jordan.”-Mark Chirona

So we are going to have a time of great testing, but coupled with explosive, incredible miracles of provision, a remnant that also returns home, – while great horrors are leashed on the earth.

The Regathering Of The 10 Lost Tribes Of Israel

In this DVD, Michael Snyder talks about some amazing Bible prophecies that very few churches and very few Bible prophecy teachers ever touch.

The Bible has some amazing things to say about what God is going to do even in the midst of all the chaos that is coming.

In this DVD he talks about what the Bible has to say about the Remnant of the last days, and about the incredible things that are going to happen as this Remnant is gathered from around the nations.

For centuries prior to 1948, most Christians churches taught that the notion that the Jewish people would literally be restored to their land was outrageous and preposterous. Even though the Bible clearly stated that it would happen, most Christian denominations taught that those promises were not to be taken literally.

But it did happen – just like the Bible said for thousands of years in advance. The nation of Israel is a miracle, and the Scriptures told us that it would exist in the last days.

Sadly, for most Christian denominations the story ends there. They simply do not realize that there is more to the story and that it could be talking about them. Micheal explains how Judah and Ephraim will be united again, and how you too can be involved in this movement.

  • Just who is Ephraim today?
  • How can we identify them today?
  • Is God calling Ephraim from the 4 corners of the earth to be reunited to his brother Judah?
  • Are you amongst those people who God is calling?

The Bible says that this must happen in the last days, and no matter what anyone does or says, it will most assuredly happen.

The greatest move of God and the greatest harvest of souls that the world has ever seen are coming. But this coming move of God is going to look very different from the way that we “play church” today. The era of the “Christian superstar” is ending, and God is going to restore things to the way that they worked during the early church.

In this next move of God, we aren’t going to put “Christian superstars” up on a pedestal and rely on them to do all the ministering. Instead, it is the people that are going to be doing the ministering and the one that is going to get put up on a pedestal is Jesus Christ. Yes, dark days are coming. In Matthew 24, Jesus says that the times just before His return will be the worst times in all of human history.

Just because America is heading for a fall doesn’t mean that life has to be over for you and your family. In the middle of all the chaos, God is going to do some things that are going to utterly shock the entire planet, and you and your family can be on the cutting edge of what God is doing.