Michelle Walcott’s Dreams Of American Concentration Camps, Martial Law, Chinese Troops And The West Coast Tsunami Disaster

Michelle WalcottMichelle Walcott has seen a number of significant dreams of future events including martial law, the concentration camps, a presence of Chinese troops on American soil, and the coming tsunami many believers have seen hitting the east and west coast.

In 1974 she heard the voice of the Lord say to her:

“Go to the end of the book and read”. “Go to the end of the book and read”. She heard the Lord tell this to her twice.  “This is the day you are living in“. The Book is Revelation.

In 1989 She heard a command from the Lord: ”

Go, Go and tell the people that I am coming to judge. The end of the second day is coming and I will begin to pour out judgement”.

Her dreams and visions are listed below.

Vision-Tsunami Newport

  Oregon 1989

While I was driving down Coast Hwy towards Yaquina Bay bridge, I was at a red light. All of a sudden I saw a huge wall of water to my right and it must have been 100 feet or more tall. It happened so suddenly that I ducked and then realized it was a Vision of a Tsunami.

I sat there shaken for what seemed to be a long while and I hear a voice tell me that there would be a Tsunami hit the West Coast and it would be so large that it would move inland for several miles. I am not sure how far it would go. I just know it was told it would be huge.

Dream in 1989 of Persecution

 Concentration Camps 

I was with a group of Christians who had been taken prisoner for our faith and we were brought to a small building with bleachers on each side of the room. There were about 5-6 bleachers on each side as I remember. There must have been about 20-30 of us maybe not sure.

We were there because we had not given in to the “New Government” so they had placed us in some sort of prison or prison camp not sure that part was vague.

The dream seem to start really where they marched us into this building.

The Soldiers were dressed like Roman soldiers. Their uniforms looked just like that of ancient Rome although I believe that was symbolic of the One World Government now in place. Oh by the way,the Rapture hadn’t happened yet and many were offended and fell away from the faith.

I remember knowing we had to be careful who we trusted almost like the early Church when they had to go into hiding.

The ones who fell away would be rewarded if they turned in any Christians and they would get credits added to their account. There wasn’t any paper money any longer or credit cards.One by one these Soldiers dressed in Roman gear would ask us if we would renounce Christ and follow the New World Government and bow down to the New Leader.

The answer repeatedly was No, I will follow Jesus Christ my Lord and only him will I bow down to, it made them angry and they began to torture each one. By braking fingers or bashing knee caps. The dream was so vivid and so real I could hear the bones,each one being broken.

When one didn’t cry out in pain they would get more angry and more vile and tortuous. This went on it seemed like forever. I remember in the dream praying the whole time asking the Lord.

Please give me strength,strengthen me to be able to stand and not fear what they will do to my body. Let yourself be glorified in me. Don’t let me fear Lord please,I pleaded with him.

Next they came to me and asked me if I would deny Christ and follow the New World Leader, The Worlds Messiah. I looked at them,there were 2 or 3 standing there but 1 right in front of me. I stood silent and they screamed at me in my face and ordered me to deny Christ.

I remained silent I did not move or speak. Then all of a sudden a song broke out from my mouth, a Song so powerful with words of worship and adoration for my Lord Jesus, then all of a sudden they knocked me down and the next thing I remember myself along with the others were being marched out to a courtyard of some sort.

There were guillotines lined up 3 or 4 can’t remember.They marched us up one by one and gave each person one final chance to deny Christ and submit to the New World Government, no one gave in. When they started to march me up and asked me the same question, I looked at the man who would pull the lever then I looked up and said Lord, after they cut my head off let it roll over and speak “Jesus is Lord”. Then I woke up.

Heard a voice in my spirit about the new jail/prison to be built 1989

While driving in Newport,Oregon on my way to the Apple Peddler Restaurant I was on west Olive street and passing a couple of old houses I turned and looked to the right and looked at a house.

I heard a voice tell me this is where the new Jail/prison would be built. I didn’t think anything of it and kept going on my way.

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Dream Of Being Arrested And Imprisoned-Persecuted For My Faith-1989

About a week or less after I heard the voice tell me about the New Prison or Jail to be built in Newport Oregon, I had a dream. In the dream myself and about 4 or 5 others were walking down NW Coast ST in Newport.

We were talking about the Lord and all that was taking place in the World.We seemed to not be concerned about anything and started singing praises as we walked rejoicing in the Lord.

Then all of a sudden a car pulled up a police car? or some sort of police wagon? Not sure didn’t see any markings.

They told us to stop that we were to come with them. We didn’t say anything or even ask why.

It was as if we knew why. They loaded us all in and began to drive in the same direction we were walking. Then all of a sudden they turned down a familiar street, West Olive street. There was a huge building there it had several floors and some sort of catwalk way up high.

I turn my head to the right and looked and I saw as it were in the basement or very bottom floor small windows with bars. They looked to be about a foot long maybe and about 5-6 in width. I thought that was strange to see but since I wasn’t familiar with Jails or prisons (which is where we somehow knew they were taking us) I just kept silent.

They next thing I remember in my dream is that they put us in separate cells.
It was as though they were afraid to let us be in the same cell for fear of what we could do, not sure but they were afraid,they didn’t want us together, in fact they made sure we were not only locked up in separate cells but that we or at least I was shackled at my ankles and my hands were handcuffed behind my back.

I remember thinking in my dream, that these people were afraid because they knew that we were Christians and we didn’t fear what they could do to our body and that we were sold out to Christ to the very end.

I began to sing praises and worship to the Lord and the others joined me. We did not know that there were armed guards outside our cells yelling at us and telling us to shut up because we were so caught up in worship. The next thing I knew I was knocked up side of my head and fell to the ground on my knees. I didn’t feel the pain and I kept singing. The man that stuck me was outraged and kept yelling at me and kicking me.He was hitting me with his weapon but I kept on.

This went on for all of us.It kept on until I passed out. Then I woke up from my dream and I rejoiced when I woke up and prayed and asked God to let me be counted worthy to suffer.

Not long after this dream there was a news article about the new jail to be built in Newport. Not surprised but waiting to see what it would look like when finished.
After a time, can’t remember how long but it was completed and while driving by one day I turned and looked. Near the bottom of the building there were small windows just like I had seen in my dream when looking out of my cells well as the catwalk.

NOTE: I googled this about a week ago August 2015. Google Earth…you can zoom right up close and see the Jail/Prison. You can see what I saw in my dream, It looks exactly as the Lord showed me it would look like. God is Amazing!

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Update March 2017

A Warning from The Lord- West Coast-1989

In 1989 I lived in Newport Oregon and have lived in a couple different places during the 4 years I was there.

I always lived very near if not right at the beach with an Ocean view which I loved so much. One day I was reading Scripture and was meditating on the Lord.

I Was thinking about the World events that should take place prior to His return. I heard in my Spirit a voice tell me that there was going to be an Earthquake off of the West Coast and it was going to be a big one. It wouldn’t be from the San Andreas fault line but a fault line out in the ocean.

At that time I knew nothing about any fault lines out in the ocean off of the West Coast so I had no idea what the name of it was and the Holy Spirit didn’t tell me the name.

I was told that it would be so big that it would trigger other earthquakes because of the tremendous pressure that was built up. I was not clear on what that meant but trusted what I had heard because of the clarity and authority of the voice since I had no knowledge of what the fault line was.

It would reshape the entire west coast by the shaking and the wall of water it would cause.

I am not sure if this was to happen all at once or over some time, maybe days..not sure.I kept it in my heart and waited for confirmation before I said anything to others except a small group I had been in fellowship with.

About 1 or 2 weeks went by and I was on my way home from work. I stopped in at my Bank to cash my check.There were signs posted up at the counter where the teller windows were. As I walked up to cash my check I looked down at one of the signs. It had a picture of a man holding a sign.  He was wearing a robe like a sort of prophet (picture was like a cartoon character) His sign said “There’s an Earthquake in your future”. I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things or if the poster was really there, so I asked the teller when they put these up. She told me that had only been up a few days.

The City Government wanted to subtly let people know without causing any panic. I had my confirmation but it didn’t stop there. God is so Awesome!! Within a few days the local paper came out and on the front page I believe it was (used to have a copy) there was an article about this “Earthquake in our future” It had a picture of the West Coast line and all the Bay inlets.

There was a fault line off of the coast about 50 miles out from the coast line.
The Cascadia subduction zone. This picture showed finger like fault lines leading from the Bay inlets out to this fault line. So I am guessing when the Cascadia fault goes and is big enough to trigger these ( fingerlets) that would cause a shaking both directions.I can’t even imagine the damage that would cause or how the Ocean waves might respond so such jolting, only God knows.I can’t find any pictures or anything online that shows these fingerlets but there was a picture in the Newport News back then.

Additional Articles:

In 1989 one night I was given a dream while living in Newport ,Oregon. Something had happened but I was not sure what in my dream. I was suddenly in a building that was being constructed a Mall perhaps or something like that.

It was a couple of stories because I remember going up some escalators looking for the women’s bathroom.

It was an eerie feeling I had, an uneasiness but in the dream I couldn’t figure out why.

All of a sudden I looked up and saw a couple of men dressed all in black with a strange looking sort of hat on their head, like a Beret’ I suppose but that wasn’t so clear. What was clear is that these were not our Military but some sort of group that was there because Martial law had been declared in the USA. I didn’t know why in the dream but I knew in my spirit in the dream that we were now under Martial law.

I became a little frightened when I saw them but they looked at me as we passed each other. They were going down and I was going up. They seemed to look right through me or as if they didn’t even see me, not sure why.

I did feel like they were against Christians for some reason but in this particular dream I had no idea why because I wasn’t sure what had happened to bring us under martial law.

I found the women’s bathroom and it was unfinished but I needed to use it so I did as quickly as possible. Then I woke up. I couldn’t tell if this building was to be built in Newport although I sensed in the dream that was where I was.

I haven’t lived there since the last part of 1990 and I never saw a building like that. The only building I am thinking now it could be was the Aquarium that was built and I believe it opened in 1992 but not sure or if it was even the building in my dream. The building being under construction could be symbolic.

Vision Of A Huge

Ball Of Fire -1989

I was in my living room visiting with a sister in the Lord. She had a dream the night before and she was talking to me about it. It had something to do with the Woman in Revelation Chapter 12.

She said she felt I was somehow connected to that. I had no idea what she was talking about but I was listening and all of a sudden I was caught up in the spirit to a high place and I was looking down on what looked like a prophet.

The man had his back to me.He was wearing a long robe with a rope like belt tied around his waist. He was standing on what looked like the very top of a mountain with the peak having just enough room for his feet and not much to spare.

He was looking up to his right and with his left arm up pointing with his index finger he slowly brought his arm down toward his left at an angle as if to give direction to someone or something.

Then all of a sudden I saw a huge ball of fire.I don’t know if it was an asteroid or not.

The size was huge and I knew it because it looked like it was the size of a small planet but it was on fire. It followed the path of his command and below that mountain it hit somewhere on the earth and I saw a huge bright explosion.

Then all of a sudden I could hear my friend talking to me saying, what did you just see?

I looked at her kind of stunned and said what? , she asked again ,what did you see?
I responded, what makes you think I saw something? she told me, because all of a sudden your face changed, there was a sort of trance like expression on your face as if you were not here but you were somewhere else seeing something. Then your countenance changed. I watched you as I was talking and when I saw you change I stopped talking.

Can you tell me what you saw? I looked at her and said I was taken up to a high place
and I was looking down on a mountain top. I saw a man give a command and a huge fireball came down to earth and exploded but I don’t know where.

Dream: Tidal Wave On East Coast 1997

I had a very brief dream 1997 while living in Franklin,Tennessee where I currently reside. The dream was one where I was watching a conversation take place up in a very tall building. There were several men in this room in a tall building somewhere on the East Coast but not for certain what city/state it was in. All I could see was the President of the USA with his back facing me.

Not sure who it was or even the year it was supposed to be, just some future event. I never overheard their conversations. It was as if I was just supposed to look and see.

All of a sudden a huge 100 ft or more wave was headed straight for them. It seemed to me in the dream that either they thought they would be safe up that high from what was coming or they were not aware. This dream was very different than the others because so much was left in question.

It may have been symbolic, the tidal wave that is. Note: I now know this is not symbolic.

This was is one dream in segments. It just went from scene to scene.

1990 Dream of Invasions :

( China )

There was unrest in our country and we were caught off guard. Our focus was completely on all the goings on around the country.

I don’t know if it was civil unrest or what the issues were.

I just know that we didn’t see our enemies coming so we couldn’t defend ourselves.I don’t know if we were under martial at this time but even our military was caught off guard. I am not sure how that happens.

People were growing food in their homes/basements because it was not safe to do so outside, not sure why. Perhaps the food could be stolen or poisoned?

I visited a friend in this part of the dream who I used to work with. He took me in his basement and he had rows of garden tables with veggies under lights.  He had the juiciest looking tomatoes.He told me it wasn’t safe to grow them outside but he didn’t say why.

I saw an army of youth wearing red/white (China) holding aerosol cans and spraying them at people.

I didn’t see how it was affecting anyone. I just knew that it was deadly.I believe this was symbolic of China using chemical or biological weapons on us.

Russia invades us not sure how but I knew they were here to take spoils. They were everywhere. I saw men wearing all black uniforms not sure who they were but I knew in the dream they were foreign.

These were coming up out of the ocean and walking on to shore.They started shooting everyone they saw.It was total terror & chaos, people just being gunned down. Then I woke up.

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Dream: November 2001

I had a dream one night in November 2001. I didn’t write down the exact date but I know it was then.

I was in a place outside somewhere with many others. It was like a mountain area with different hills.There was a group of us who were poor, some were poorer than others. We were all dressed in filthy ragged clothing.

We were trying to see & hear Jesus. There were others that were close to Him or at least close enough to see and hear Him. Those of us who were poor were trying desperately to get close to Him.

We were trying to climb up the side of this wall or hill. There were 2 women of different nationalities & a rope was hanging over the side of the wall. I tried to climb up and when I got to the top they would shake the rope and I would fall back down. This went on for a while. Myself and others kept trying because we wanted so desperately to see & hear the Lord. The 2 women were mocking us.

I was jumping up and down as if to get the attention of the Lord which didn’t work. Then all of a sudden a voice told me to begin to Worship & Praise Him.

I knew it was the Holy Spirit so I opened my mouth and started to sing. The most beautiful words came out of my mouth.

I remember thinking in my dream I must remember these words.

As I continued to praise Jesus & worship he looked over in our direction.

He started towards us. The 2 women couldn’t stop Him.I felt so relieved knowing we would soon see Him.

2014: Dream

( Feast Of Trumpets, The Catching Up / Rapture? )

I was in my kitchen making brownies, peanut butter filled brownies ( I have never made these) I love to cook and bake although I don’t have time to do baking so much any more.

So I made these brownies and wanted my husband John to try one. He was in what we call his music room or man cave.He is a musician but he is also a business owner here in our town. He was sitting on the floor playing his mandolin. It looked like we had majorly downsized, which we are starting to do now.

I held the brownie out for him to take a bite. He got all the peanut butter out and left the rest of the brownie.I know, I know what does all that have to do with anything…I don’t know!

I started to tease him about it and said take another bite so he did and he liked it

I went back into the kitchen and I was at my kitchen sink washing a dish I heard a loud noise coming from outside so I went to the room John was in and I said what is that? he said I don’t know.

So I stepped out on the front porch (which looked like a different front porch than ours) I heard this long loud deep blast. It kept going…it sounded like a trumpet I thought,like a shofar maybe?

I have hear them before and this was unusual because it was long and steady and loud.Some people were out in the street, some heard it, some didn’t. I looked up and said “it’s Jesus“. Just then an extremely bright light appeared. I had to look away from it because of the brightness.

As the trumpet continued to sound, I then raised my hands and began to worship and sing a song in a different language and it was beautiful ( I can’t sing) I kept saying Jesus, Jesus it’s you! Then I woke up. (darn!)

The trumpet sound was long and deep sounding. I felt like He was telling me we are very close.

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Dream: 2014

I had a dream about several different colored airplanes. John and I were outside, it was a beautiful sunny day so there were a lot of people outside doing yard work etc. All of a sudden from right to left the sky was filled with different colored planes. They were small planes like private planes.

They were red, blue green, yellow, purple ect just a variety of colors. I said wow, that’s really different and kind of cool.They were flying in a group and were very close to one another.All of a sudden over a loud speaker a voice came.

We have tornado sirens in town so I think this is where the voice was coming from. The voice said. “If you were outside when the colored planes flew over, immediately report to the court house for your vaccine. They sprayed a deadly toxic substance and you will die without the vaccine.”

John and I went in to the house and others were with us. We went upstairs. (we don’t have an upstairs) and we were looking out the window and there were people still outside looking up.

I told John we shouldn’t go get the vaccine, I was very sure this was some sort of trap.All of a sudden people started dying that were still outside, it’s as though they became paralyzed by what they voice said and they didn’t know what to do.

Some started praying and all of a sudden those that were praying started to rise up and they disappeared. Those that were in the house with us started to float up to the ceiling and disappeared through the roof.

We started crying out to the Lord to save us and to take us too. We started to go up then I woke up.

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